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Gas Prices..

Posted on: November 26, 2008 5:18 pm
It's amazing...

You drive three miles down a street here in Louisville Metro and you'll find gas at prices like $1.69, or $1.66 a gallon, but if you were to tell somebody six months ago that the price gas would drop a total of $3, I'm sure that they would look at you like you were crazy; or maybe even give an "I wish..".

Now, we focus on other things, like the auto industry, and buying American-made.  The local car retailers, especially Ford (simply because of one of the largest Ford plants in the USA is here in Louisville), are encouraging everyone to go out and buy a new American car.  I've counted seeing as many as 15 commercials for these auto lots in an hours time of watching local television stations.

Anybody else have an opinion they'd like to share?


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Posted on: February 15, 2009 11:23 am

Gas Prices..

Prices In Las Vegas are still over $2.00 we will see where gas price go I still feel they could bust out..

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Posted on: December 16, 2008 10:45 am

Gas Prices..

Over here in Jersey, I just Filled up on Mid Grade - 1.73G. Cost me 23.50 for my Acura TSX.

Its just amazing how they can drop the price so quickly....

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Posted on: December 8, 2008 9:07 am

Gas Prices..

I find it completely amazing that the gas prices have decreased so drastically. I guess the oil barrons finally realized that if the US was not buying gas, and seeing their sales volume and profits decrease; they realized that they would not be able to have their lavish lifestyle.

I got a really good one for everyone. Sunday morning I was watching Meet the Press, where Tom Brokaw was interviewing Barack Obama. There was one thing that seriously caught my attention and infuriated me. They were talking about the Auto industry collapsing and the bailout/loan (whichever you want to call it) that would be used to help. Brokaw was asking about how the government was going to come up with the cash flow to support the bailout. Then Brokaw mentioned that US citizens were recently paying $4 a gallon for gas, and that we were becoming accustomed to the new gas prices. Then the next words out of his mouth completely shocked me. Brokaw asked if the government has ever thought of imposing a gas tax that would raise the price back up to the $4 a gallon range. He suggested that the revenue from the tax could help to pay for the bailout and possibly lower the deficit.

At that point I seriously wanted to stand up and SLAP Brokaw in the face.

Thank God that Barack did not support this, he said that in this time of recession the people cannot afford to pay extra taxes, when many are not able to afford their house payments.



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Posted on: November 27, 2008 11:51 am

Gas Prices..

The Hummer is a great example; glad you mentioned it!

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Posted on: November 26, 2008 6:47 pm

Gas Prices..

Prices aren't quite that low up here in PA, but it is much better than the $4.29 I was paying 6 months ago. As far as buying American, I have a Chrysler and a Subaru, and right now if I were to buy a new vehicle it probably wouldn't be from one of the big 3. While Toyota was spending money developing the non-gas guzzling Prius, our car makers were coming up with a new bigger suv that got even crappier gas mileage than the current ones. Look at the Hummer for pete's sake.

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