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Press Conference Notes

Posted on: February 1, 2009 1:43 am
Edited on: February 1, 2009 2:14 am

Sellout, gate of $4.3M.

Lyoto Machida said that he switched up his training some for the fight as far as nutrition and training partners, but didn't indicate there was a significant change in his approach to fighting.

Dana White said that he will wait for the Quinton Jackson vs. Keith Jardine fight before announcing the next title contender for Rashad Evans, so Lyoto Machida won't necessarily be getting a title shot in his next fight. Dana did say he will get one within the year, however.

BJ Penn was taken to the hospital and isn't at the press conference.

2 fights of the night: John Howard vs. Chris Wilson (odd choice, in my opinion) and Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida. Lyoto Machida wins KO of the night. No submission of the night, obviously, since there were no submissions. $65,000 were the rewards.

Dana said Kid Yamamoto has 2 fights left on his Dream contract and he would like to bring him in. Dana also indicated interest in Caol Uno and Ishii and going to Japan.

GSP said he knew he broke BJ Penn after the first round. He noted that BJ always comes out strong in the first round, and GSP wanted to wear him out.

GSP said his primary motivation for fighting is for himself: the satisfaction and challenge of winning. It's always important to find new challenges.

GSP notes that everything that goes up must come down, and thus he enjoys every moment of his career that he has this level of success. He said one day he'll come down too, but hopefully it will be under the terms he wants.

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Press Conference Notes






 is that what the cheater said.....

Subject: GSP,cornerman and outside staff cheated

please checkout the corner man after the 42 sec. count on clip... he pushes gsp back to the cage and the outside staff has a bottle of vaseline in his hands after the trainer on the right side of gsp told him something.

not to mention that nurse already had some on his hands for gsp...why would the staff have a bottle ???.. he did not have it at the end of the round !!!!! when gsp sat down, why would he need it.??? . nurse rubbed gsp neck and

shoulders...then pushes gsp back to the cage while rubbing gsp's back and that is when you see the open bottle of vaseline outside the cage. he then moves to the cage and that nurse guys, back of his hand went threw the cage to the


you folks should know that they were all involved... no one wipe anything off of gsp and it was the end of round 1.. if you recall BJ had 3 to 5 good attempts at a triangle, armbar, shoulder lock .but he slipped out and he could no longer

hold gsp in his guard he kept slipping out ,and threw it.... and took a beating after for it... so all i ask is to take a look at it & reply ....then if it's right all the fans of MMA... cause no one deserves a beating BJ took that someone cheating

i just watched the fight on my dvr again and i seen the same outside staff drop a tube of something in the ring when he jumped on the cage after the 3rd. and the nurse guy pick it up and put it in his pocket real fast.... why would he have

this in his hands???? and at the cage... to try again



also check out round after round GSP they corner gave him a new bottle of water he took a tiny sip and dumped the rest of the water on the back of his neck, what i see hear is the water was keeping his lower back damp, cause vaseline is a petroleum based water resistant product the means the water slid past his neck where they applyed it and down to the lower back..whats this do you ask when BJ was in gaurd his legs first went to his lower back thats was damp then BJ moved his legs up to the high gaurd or upper back and neck area thats was where the vaseline was rubbed in and that is a water resistant petroleum based product and creats a super slick surface.... no matter how much or how little you use it will be slick till you wash it off with soap... try it sometime put a little on arm then put under water see what happens, then wipe it off and see if it still is water resistane and slick... i bet it is....

as he stands to start each round.... with that water a long with vaseline no wonder BJ, his corner, the fans all saw or thought that there was something wrong...a fan all so pointed it out to the comision. every trainer in the world knows it can't be wiped off, you have to wash it off with soap its a petroleum based water resistant product....






i will also added 1 more clip from DANA WHITE talking to CHUCK LADELL then RASHARD

EVENS and another man, DANA told them that GSP is in trouble and that they was rubbing Vaseline on his back after the rounds. then said why would you do that,thats f-in stupid.. he was piss off and

repeated that more then once.... it starts at the 9 minute mark









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