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Now is The Time of Pastner

Posted on: April 7, 2009 4:20 am
Edited on: April 7, 2009 4:32 am

Just to answer the question no one seems to know here, there were other coaches and there were better coaches but these Memphis tigers end up with fresh meat, a noob, the rookie, or as some may say the man …Josh Pastner as their head coach. With John Calipari gone to another team of blue color it is time to rebuild.


Though the thought of rebuilding for one of the nations top programs is sad, it is just some peoples opinion. Most people who claim close ties with the Memphis Tigers and Pastner have been praising him and his abilities, as well as this some former tigers though not just transfers, some commits as well are excited about the possibilities. He has no college head coaching experience but, plenty of AAU curcuit experience and this kid really seems to understand the player psyche and could help with Willie Kemp for one. Only time will tell with this one here is to hoping those Memphis Tigers do not have to hire a new coach in 2 years.


If you needed to be filled in on whose who of the college basketball coaching association you can find a history lesson on this here device you are reading this but, just as a teaser here is what a real list of basketball coaches looks like.(With Josh Pastner used as the lowest possible choice.)


These are in no real order at all.


Darrin Horn

Randy Bennett

Bill Grier

Jim Boylen

Reggie Wayne Theus

Fran McCaffery

Rick Stansbury

Brad Stevens

Stephen Todd Alford

Billy Clyde Gillispie

Mike Brey

Jeffrey Allen Jones

Brian Gregory

Lorenzo Romar

Todd Bozeman

Edward Richard DeChellis

Paul Harrington Hewitt


Coaches who can build and retire while passing his program to an assistant


Ernie Kent

Ben Braun

Lon Kruger

Stew Morrill

Mike Montgomery

Coaches that where considering until Memphis let graf and Johnson screw things up


Ken Bone

Felton Jeff Capel III

Leonard Hamilton

Bruce Pearl

Scott Drew – the AD liked drew but the Memphis faithful did not.

Tony Bennett

Orlando "Tubby" Smith

Sean Miller

Tim Floyd

Anthony Grant

Mark Fox


Coaches that make people say “wow” no matter if it is good or bad


Lawrence Harvey "Larry" Brown

Avery Johnson

Kelvin Sampson

Nolan Richardson

Bobby Knight

Hubbie Brown

Jeff Van Gundy


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Posted on: April 7, 2009 10:39 pm

Now is The Time of Pastner

The main idea behind most of the names in the first two list was to suggest coaches who would help develop talent and are more fundamental oriented coaches something our old coach tended to let the individual work it out on his own, he was more of a skill and conditioning coach. Also most of the coaches in the first two list Memphis could have hired as well as some like Josh Pastner to recruit for him for a cheap price.

Now is the time of Pastner and from todays press conference he does have people atleast talking about our program in a mostly positive light. About the coaches in the first two list I believe I could argue for them if you think I am wrong.

Hey Pastner if you get three of our former recruits back then I will have your back.


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Posted on: April 7, 2009 6:24 pm

Now is The Time of Pastner

From listening to Josh today, he seemed posed and got the room excited about next year. I hope he can bring the team and the community together just as Calipari did. Time will only tell if this was a stroke of genius or last man standing hire. As a Memphis fan, I’m 100% behind him. Josh sounds like he has been groomed to take on a task like Memphis. Memphis will dip next year due to Anderson, Dozier, Evans and maybe Taggart leaving. Let’s see what talent he can bring to Memphis as a head coach.

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Posted on: April 7, 2009 5:50 pm

Now is The Time of Pastner

      Most of the guys on these lists are garbage. There may be a few you can argue about but, almost NONE of them would have done anything special at Memphis. Memphis did go after some big names and they were turned down every time. Pasnter may fail but, he has the potential to create a BUZZ within the program and recruit top notch players. I think the potential is worth taking a chance on. If it doesnt work out then the program isnt in any worse shape than they were allready in anyway. He is worth a shot.  

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Posted on: April 7, 2009 11:43 am

Now is The Time of Pastner

Sorry, but I disagree with a lot of your list.  I think Pastner is a reach, and a huge gamble that may or may not pay off (basically the same gamble Kansas made with Roy Williams once Larry Brown left). 

The first part of your list contains some good names...albeit mostly unknown and about as awe-inspiring as Pastner.  Theus didn't seem interested, Gillespie should have gotten more attention, and Romar probably wouldn't have come here.

The second part of your list is garbage.  I wouldn't support a single one of those as potential coaches.  They're washed up and need to be put out to pasture (coaching wise).  They're placeholders, at best, and you would have to question their dedication.

The third part of your list is the most interesting, because it shows where we screwed the pooch.  Bone...blah.  Capel...pipe dream.  Leonard Hamilton...a mistake I'm glad we didn't make.  Bruce Pearl...we blew that one, apparently because the information was leaked prematurely.  Drew...see Hamilton.  Bennett...that was a done deal with UVa before Cal to UK was done.  Tubby...I don't think that was ever a real possibility.  Miller, the one thing we had to offer him was money.  Other than that, it would be a lateral move.  Floyd...don't know what happened there, but I wasn't sold on him.  Grant...that was a done deal (to Alabama) before our search started.  Fox...who?  Oh, he took over the Georgia job...not exactly the "WOW" you're going for.

The last part of your list contains a lot of names that wouldn't have considered the job (both Browns, AJ, JVG), or just such blatently horrible picks (Sampson, Richardson).  Knight may have come here, but the game has passed him by...he'd never be able to recruit in this day and age with his reputation and style.

I guess what I'm ultimately saying, is that I understand discontent over the gamble of hiring Pastner, but let's not kid ourselves and think there was a plethora of viable candidates for the job.  At least not ones with a proven ability to coach AND recruit.

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