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The "Greatest Guitarist In History?" The"Winner"?

Posted on: August 3, 2008 10:53 am

-First of all, I wish to give a hearty THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has participated in this blog!!  You guys have been really great!  I'd kinda thought that I knew a thing or two about guitarists, but let me tell you, you guys have schooled me, especially in the preliminary round, which I reccomend that any guitar fan check out-  a wealth of info there- I know that I'll certainly be doing so!

-Eric Clapton gained the most votes in the prelimary round, with Jimi a close second, so I was rather surprised to see Jimmy Page (who had half the initial votes that EC had) wind up in the final round-  I'd expected it to be Eric vs. Jimi to the end, but there you go-  ya just never know...

-The result of the "Greatest Guitsrist In History?"  Well, here you have it...  Again, seedings are in parenthesis, and votes recieved are in square brackets-

Jimi Hendrix(2)[35] vs. Jimmy Page(6)[20]   -Like I'd said, I more or less expected Hendrix to be here.  He had the rare combo of technique, innovation, creativity, showmanship, natural talent, influence, and popular appeal that was going to be a tough match for anyone-  even though they might actually have been a better player  Jimi, tho, was a huge influence upon rock guitar, and there really is simply no understating it- you quite honestly could, in some ways, almost divide rock guitar into pre & post Jimi Hendrix, and there are very few others who come close to fitting that category in rock music guitar- with the possible exception of  a few other folks like Clapton, Page, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, and Pete Townsend who actually influnced him...

-Miles Davis, the great jazz trumpeter, and arguably one of the greatest jazz innovators of all time, loved Hendrix-  in fact, Hendrix could be said to be indirectly responsible for the jazz-fusion movement, as it inspired Davis to embrace electric instuments and incorporate rock elements into his music...  Pretty big stuff...

-So...  He was here a pretty dang short time, Jimi was, but are there any larger footprints in rock guitar?  It seems that his shoes were a tad too big for Jimmy Page, or any one else, for that matter,  to fill...

-Again, everyone, thank you all so much for making this thing such a pleasure to me to moderate & read-  in spite of all the work, y'all have made it very worth while, and I thank you for that!

-I'll close by first again apologizing for my uncharacteristically late responses recently, but I've just started two new jobs, and things around here have been kinda crazy lately...



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Posted on: August 3, 2008 2:43 pm

The "Greatest Guitarist In History?" The"Winner"?

Wonderful summation to a great blog Da Fan. Your analysis of Pre and Post Hendrix guitar playing is right on. Perhaps the only other single player that this could be said of is Les Paul, and that is as much because of his technical innovations in electronics as style(But he is one cat that can really play.) Thanks for all your efforts on this great blog.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 1:24 pm

The "Greatest Guitarist In History?" The"Winner"?

The Sportline community has spoken and I agree.

Well done, DF. I can only imagine the amount of effort it took for you to keep up with this project. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say Thank You! for putting this together. I'm just sorry to see it end. Oh well, football season is just around the corner.....   

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