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2008 Olympic Men's Basketball

Posted on: July 9, 2008 1:28 am
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Tracking 2008 Olympic Men's Basketball


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2008 Olympic Men's Basketball

OFFICIAL TEAM ROSTERS (NBA Players in bold; notable foreign players italicized)

Group A


Name, Position, Height, Place Of Birth, Current Club
Dzhon-Robert KHOLDEN, G, 6'1", Pittsburgh USA,  CSKA Moscow (RUS) 
Nikita MORGUNOV, PF/C, 6'11", Novokuznetsk RUS, Khimki Moscow (RUS) 
Zakhar PASHUTIN, SG, 6'5", Sochi RUS,  CSKA Moscow (RUS) 
Victor KHRYAPA, SF/PF, 6'9", Kiev UKR, CSKA Moscow / drafted but unsigned Chicago Bulls (RUS / USA) 
Sergey MONYA, SF, 6'8", Saratov RUS,    Dynamo Moscow (RUS) 
Andrei KIRILENKO, SF/PF, 6'9", Izhevsk RUS, Utah Jazz, NBA (USA) 
Petr SAMOYLENKO, PG, 6'1", Uchquduq UZB, Dynamo Moscow (RUS) 
Alexei SAVRASENKO, C, 7'1", Krasnodar RUS, CSKA Moscow (RUS) 
Sergei BYKOV, SG, 6'0", Novodvinsk RUS, Dynamo Moscow (RUS) 
Vitaly FRIDZON, SG, 6'5", Klintsy RUS, Khimki Moscow (RUS) 
Victor KEYRU, G, 6'7", - RUS, UNICS KAZAN (RUS) 
Average height: 6'6"   

Head Coach : David BLATT (USA)
Assistant Coach: Daniel GUTT (Israel)
Assistant Coach: Evgeniy PASHUTTIN


Name, Position, Height, Place Of Birth, Current Club
Hamed AFAGH, SG, 6'4", Mashhad IRI, Saba Battery (IRI) 
Amir AMINI, PG, 6'3", ShahreRey IRI, Kaveh (IRI) 
Javad DAVARI, PG, 6'1", Isfahan IRI, Petrochimi Imam Harbour (IRI) 
Saeid DAVARPANAH, SG, 6'3", Tehran IRI, Kaveh Tehran (IRI) 
Ali DORAGHI, PF, 6'11", Ahwaz IRI, Petrochimi Imam Harbour (IRI) 
Hamed EHADADI, C, 7'2", Iran IRI, Saba Battery (IRI) 
Mahdi KAMRANI, G, 5'11", Shahre Rey IRI, Mahram (IRI) 
Moosa NABIPOUR, C, 6'11", Behashar IRI, Kaveh Tehran (IRI) 
Mohammadsamad NIKKHAH, F, 6'3", Tehran IRI, Mahram Tehran (IRI) 
Oshin SAHAKIAN, F, 6'5", Isfahan IRI, Zob Ahan Esfahan (IRI) 
Hamed SOHRABNEJAD, PF, 6'9", Sanandaj IRI, Mahram (IRI) 
Iman ZANDI, SG, 6'2", Isfahan IRI, BEEM (IRI) 
Average height: 6'6"   

Head Coach:  Rajko Toroman


Name, Position, Height, Place Of Birth, Current Club
Antonio PORTA, G, 6'3", ARG, Spartak, St Petersburg (RUS) 
Emanuel GINOBILI, G, 6'6", Bahia Blanca ARG, San Antonio Spurs, NBA (USA) 
Roman GONZALEZ, C, 6'11", Punta Alta ARG, Penarol (ARG) 
Fabricio OBERTO, C, 6'10", Las Varillas ARG, San Antonio Spurs, NBA (USA) 
Leonardo GUTIERREZ, F/G, 6'8", Marcos Juarez ARG, Granada (ESP) 
Luis SCOLA, F, 6'9", Buenos Aires ARG,  Houston Rockets, NBA (USA) 
Juan GUTIERREZ, C, 6'9", -  ARG, CB Granada (ESP) 
Andrés NOCIONI, F, 6'8", Santa Fe ARG, Chicago Bulls, NBA (USA) 
Paolo QUINTEROS, G, 6'1", - ARG, Zaragoza (ESP) 
Carlos DELFINO, G, 6'6", Santa Fe ARG, Khimki (RUS) (left Orlando Magic to play for Russia) 
Frederico KAMMERICHS, F, 6'9", Goya ARG, Regatas Corrientes (ARG) 
Pablo PRIGIONI, G, 6'3", Rio Tercero ARG, Tau Vitoria (ESP) 
Average height:  6'7"   

Head Coach : Sergio HERNANDEZ
Assistant Coach: Julio LAMAS
Assistant Coach: Gonzalo GARCIA


Name, Position, Height, Place Of Birth, Current Club
Andrew BOGUT, C, 7'0",  Melbourne AUS, South Dragons (AUS) 
Chris ANSTEY, C, 7'0", Melbourne, Victoria AUS, Melbourne Tigers (AUS) 
C.J. BRUTON, G, 6'2", Perth USA, New Zealand Breakers (NZL) 
Glen SAVILLE, F, 6'6", Bendigo AUS, Wollongong (AUS) 
David ANDERSEN, F/C, 6'11", Carlton, Victoria AUS, BC, Barcelona (ESP) 
Matt NIELSEN, F, 6'10", Penrith AUS, Lietuvos Rytas  (LTU) 
David BARLOW, G, 6'9", Sandringham AUS, Melbourne Tigers (AUS) 
Joe INGLES, F, 6'8", Happy Valley AUS, South Dragons (AUS) 
Patrick MILLS, G, 5'11", Monash AUS, St. Mary’s College Gaels, NCAA (USA) 
Brad NEWLEY, G, 6'6", Adelaide AUS, Panionios (GRE) 
Shawn REDHAGE, F, 6'8", Nebraska USA, Perth Wildcats (AUS) 
Mark WORTHINGTON, F, 6'8", Australind AUS, South Dragons (AUS) 
Average height: 6'8"   

Head Coach : Brian GOORJIAN
Assistant Coach: Gordon McLEOD
Assistant Coach: Brendan JOYCE


Name, Position, Height, Place Of Birth, Current Club
Ramunas SISKAUSKAS, G, 6'6", -   LTU, CSKA MOSCOW (RUS) 
Marius PREKEVICIUS, G, 6'5", -  LTU, Siaulai (LTU) 
Simas JASAITIS, F, 6'7", Vilnius LTU, Tau Ceramica (ESP) 
Robertas JAVTOKAS, C, 6'11", Siauliai LTU, DYNAMO MOSCOW (RUS) 
Linas KLEIZA, F, 6'8", Kaunas LTU, Denver Nuggets, NBA (USA) 
Darius LAVRINOVIC, F/C, 6'11", Vilnius LTU, Unix Kazan (RUS) 
Average height: 6'7"   

Head Coach : Ramunas BUTAUTAS
Assistant Coach: Robertas KUNCAITIS
Assistant Coach: Rimas KURTINAITIS


Name, Position, Height, Place Of Birth, Current Club
Nikola PRKÁCIN, C, 6'10", Dubrovnik CRO, Cibona Zagreb (CRO) 
Sandro NICEVIC, F, 6'11", - CRO, Beshiktash Istanbul (TUR) 
Marko BANIC, C, 6'8", Zadar CRO, Bilbao Basket (ESP) 
Davor KUS, G, 6'3", Rijeka CRO, UNICAJA MALAGA (ESP) 
Kresimir LONCAR, C, 6'11", - CRO, Dinamo Kijev (UKR) 
Zoran PLANINIC, G, 6'6", Mostar BIH, CSKA Moscow (RUS) (left NBA to play for Russia) 
Damjan RUDEZ, F, 6'9", - CRO, Bilbao Basket (ESP) 
Marko TOMAS, F, 6'7", Koprivnica CRO,  Real Madrid (ESP) 
Roko-Leni UKIC, C, 6'5", Split CRO, Toronto Raptors, NBA (USA) 
Average height: 6'8"   

Head Coach : Jasmin REPESA
Assistant Coach: Luka MILANOVIC
Assistant Coach: Drazen ANZULOVIC

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Posted on: August 10, 2008 4:29 am

2008 Olympic Men's Basketball


How each team qualified:

1. CHINA (Host Country)
2. SPAIN (2006 FIBA World Champion)
3. ANGOLA (FIBA Africa Zone Champion)
4. USA (FIBA Americas Zone Champion)
5. ARGENTINA (FIBA Americas Zone Runner-up)
6. IRAN (FIBA Asia Zone Champion)
7. RUSSIA (FIBA Europe Zone Champion)
8. LITHUANIA (FIBA Europe Third Place Finisher)
9. AUSTRALIA (FIBA Oceania Zone Champion)
10. CROATIA (2008 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament Co-Champion)
11. GREECE 2008 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament Co-Champion)
12. GERMANY 2008 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament Third Place Finisher

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 12:42 pm

2008 Olympic Men's Basketball


Getting the Olympic men's basketball rosters has been like trying to get state secrets!  I contacted FIBA to find out why other countries' rosters still exceed the 12 player limit and why the rosters posted change and don't match the press releases from a country's Olympic committee.

According to this morning's email from FIBA, rosters do not have to be finalized until the DAY BEFORE THE FIRST OLYMPIC BASKETBALL GAME (August 10 begins official play so roster must be set by August 9).

Team USA has had a final roster for quite some time.  Only one reserve, Tyson Chandler, has even been allowed to practice with the team. 

Other countries are still playing anywhere from 13 to17 guys during the "friendlies"--the term used for exhibition and scrimmage games used to fine tune play before the Olympic games begin.  China's point guard,  Liu Wei, was injured in their last  game and taken to the hospital for an MRI.  He has bruised ribs, and he is expected to return to the team.  Yi Jianlian failed to score in a game against Austrailia (sorry, Nets fans).  Russia's Small Forward/Power Forward, Viktor Khryapa, has been injured so the Russian team is playing 13 players and holding a spot for Viktor if he can complete his recovery in time.  Greece's Guard, Nikos Zisis, is rehabbing a shoulder injury, and it is hoped he will play since he is a major contributor to their scoring.

At the same time, Kobe Bryant is playing with a finger that will need surgery after the Olympics; LeBron James has had a lower back strain and recently turned his ankle stepping on Kevin Durrant's foot during a practice; Dwayne Wade looks good after coming back from his season-ending injury; Dwight Howard is playing with a stress fracture to his sternum.

So why isn't Team USA playing 13 to 17 players like the other countries?  Why were reserves excluded from practice so soon?  Why is the team not traveling with and playing with extra players in preparation for the Olympics?  Once a roster is set and play begins officially, a player lost to injury cannot be replaced.  The team must finish the competition with a depleted roster.

If we are going to play a world game on a world stage, why are we not taking every advantage available like the other countries do in their preparation?  I leave you to speculate on the answers and on whether this will impact the "Redeem Team" and their chances for the gold medal.  I, for one, am not comfortable with how we are approaching the Olympics after watching how all the other countries are doing it.  We may be fielding the best players in the world, but if we aren't preparing for the injury factor during the "friendlies" then we put our gold medal chances on a very shaky line.

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Posted on: July 26, 2008 6:46 pm

2008 Olympic Men's Basketball

Thank you, jjoey, my dear friend!  Where would I be without God and basketball!!!  I follow international basketball as well as NBA/NCAA or else how would I know when the fans are right or wrong to boo draft picks?!! lol  We are about to see an exit from high school to pro international teams I think; half their rosters are our college kids who didn't make the NBA!  It's interesting and the game is going to change because of this.  USA has its work cut out for it just to get out of Group B in the Olympics!  Greece, Croatia, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, and Team USA--too many teams for just three medals!  USA, USA, USA--can't wait!  the 'friendly games' (scrimmages) start July 31 at 8 a.m. EST--get your TiVo's ready on the West Coast!

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2008 Olympic Men's Basketball

KIR, I must tell you you did an excellent job on this from the beginning, it is nice to go to one place and get more than all the info looked for.   I have learned that your attention to detail and ability to research is second to none.   May God bless you and reward you for all this hard work.   I know that I could never do the stuff I have you do on these boards.

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Posted on: July 23, 2008 2:51 pm

2008 Olympic Men's Basketball


The USA Select Team only exists to practice with Team USA and help them prepare for the Olympics.

48     LaM
arcus Aldridge, F/C, Portland Trail Blazers, Texas
41     Jerryd Bayless, G, Portland Trail Blazers,  Arizona
52     Kevin Durant, G, Oklahoma City Thunder, Texas
22     Jeff Green, F, Oklahoma City Thunder, Georgetown
23     Luther Head, G, Houston Rockets, Illinois
33     Al Horford, C, Atlanta Hawk, Florida
25     Andre Iguodala, F/G, Philadelphia 76ers,  Arizona
38     Robin Lopez , C, Phoenix Suns, Stanford
26     Kevin Love, C, Minnesota Timberwolves, UCLA
32     Kevin Martin, G, Sacramento Kings, Western Carolina
40    O.J. Mayo, G, Memphis Grizzlies, USC
31    Derrick Rose, G, Chicago Bulls, Memphis
44    Rodney Stuckey, G, Detroit Pistons, Eastern Washington

Head Coach: P.J. Carlesimo, Oklahoma City Thunder
Assistant Coach: Jay Triano, Toronto Raptors

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2008 Olympic Men's Basketball

The draw to determine the final composition of groups for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Basketball Tournament for Men has taken place in the OAKA Basketball Arena in Maroussi, Athens, just a few minutes after the Final of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Men. As a result of this draw, Croatia will be in Group A, while Germany and Greece will compete in Group B.

Listed below is the final composition of groups, as well as the complete event schedule for the Olympic Basketball Tournament for Men that will be played from 10th to 24th August 2008 in the brand new 18.000-seat Wukesong Indoor Stadium. Please note that all tip-off hours are local time in Beijing, China.

1. Composition of groups:
Group A: Argentina, Australia, Croatia, Iran, Lithuania and Russia
Group B: Angola, China, Germany, Greece, Spain and USA

2. Preliminary Round:
10th August 2008:
Game 7 (9:00 hours): Russia vs. Iran
Game 8 (11:15 hours): Germany vs. Angola
Game 9 (14:30 hours): Spain vs. Greece
Game 10 (16:45 hours): Lithuania vs. Argentina
Game 11 (20:00 hours): Australia vs. Croatia
Game 12 (22:15 hours): USA vs. China

12th August 2008:
Game 19 (9:00 hours): Iran vs. Lithuania
Game 20 (11:15 hours):  Croatia vs. Russia
Game 21 (14:30 hours): Greece vs. Germany
Game 22 (16:45 hours): China vs. Spain
Game 23 (20:00 hours): Angola vs. USA
Game 24 (22:15 hours): Argentina vs. Australia


14th August 2008:
Game 31 (9:00 hours): Germany vs. Spain
Game 32 (11:15 hours):  Australia vs. Iran
Game 33 (14:30 hours): Angola vs. China
Game 34 (16:45 hours): Lithuania vs. Russia
Game 35 (20:00 hours): USA vs. Greece
Game 36 (22:15 hours): Argentina vs. Croatia

16th August 2008:
Game 43 (9:00 hours): Greece vs. Angola
Game 44 (11:15 hours):  Russia vs. Australia
Game 45 (14:30 hours): Croatia vs. Lithuania
Game 46 (16:45 hours):  Iran vs. Argentina
Game 47 (20:00 hours): China vs. Germany
Game 48 (22:15 hours): Spain vs. USA

18th August 2008:
Game 55 (9:00 hours): Iran vs. Croatia
Game 56 (11:15 hours):  Australia vs. Lithuania
Game 57 (14:30 hours): Greece vs. China
Game 58 (16:45 hours):  Angola vs. Spain
Game 59 (20:00 hours): USA vs. Germany
Game 60 (22:15 hours): Argentina vs. Russia

3. Quarter-Finals:

The information below shows only who will be playing whom in accordance with the final standings after the Preliminary Round.

20th August 2008:
Game 65: B2 vs. A3
Game 66: A1 vs. B4
Game 67: A2 vs. B3
Game 68: B1 vs. A4

The exact game number and time for the four Quarter-Finals will be known at the latest on the evening of 18th August. The games of the Quarter-Finals will be played at 14:30, 16:45, 20:00 and 22:15 hours.

4. Semi-Finals:
22nd August 2008:
Game 71: Winner 65 vs. Winner 66
Game 72: Winner 67 vs. Winner 68

The exact game number and time for the two Semi-Finals will be known at the latest on the evening of 20th August. The games of the Semi-Finals will be played at 20:00 hours and 22:15 hours.

5. Finals:
24th August 2008:
Game 75 (12:00 hours): Loser 71 vs. Loser 72 (3 - 4)
Game 76 (14:30 hours): Winner 71 vs. Winner 72  (1 - 2)


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2008 FIBA/Olympic Basketball

Germany    &nbs
p;  96
Puerto Rico   82

Germany takes the final Olympic men's basketball berth!

Post game:
Germany beat Puerto Rico 96-82 on Sunday in the last game of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament to claim the final place on offer for the Beijing Games.  Dirk Nowitzki had 32 points and nine rebounds for the Germans, who also got a sensational effort from point guard Steffen Hamann.  The playmaker had 19 points, which included a two of three effort from three-point range, and four assists.  Puerto Rico, playing without Carlos Arroyo after he suffered a muscle tear in Saturday night's defeat to Greece, led by as many as five points in the first half but Germany battled back and then grabbed the upper hand with a 10-2 run at the end of the second quarter for a 48-39 advantage.  Nowitzki buried a three-ball and Chris Kaman followed with a basket inside before Nowitzki added a layup for the nine-point advantage - his team's biggest lead of the game.  Nowitzki scored 18 points in the first half while Kaman had 10 along with nine rebounds.  Hamann was also excellent for Germany with eight points, three assists and one steal.  Puerto Rico meanwhile, had nine from Jose Barea, eight from Peter John Ramos and seven from Carmelo Lee.  Germany only led 58-54 midway through the third quarter when four consecutive three-balls in a 12-0 surge - two shots from behind the arc from Robert Garret - saw them go in front 70-54.  Puerto Rico fought bravely with full-court press and a 9-1 run capped by a Jose Barea lay-up allowed them to close the gap to 86-77 with 2:15 remaining.  But Manolo Cintron's team got no closer.  Demond Greene, who hit four of seven shots from three-point range, said: "We were very confident going into the game. We won, that was our goal. We are going to Beijing, everyone is very happy."  When asked about his 15 points and the 19 scored by Hamann, Green added: "We had a good day and it is our job to have the shots and make the shots and take the weight off Dirk's shoulders."  Just how good can Germany be in China?  With Kaman, who had 10 points and 12 rebounds in 21 minutes, along with Nowitzki and the rest of a very confidence team, Germany can be very dangerous.  The fact that he only got his German passport at the start of July and joined the team shortly before the qualifying event wasn't lost on him.  "This is 12 days for me and it's 12 years for Dirk," he said. "I can't even imagine the emotions he is feeling right now."  Barea finished with a team-high 18 points for Puerto Rico, who also got 16 from center Peter John Ramos and 15 from Larry Ayuso.  Puerto Rico, who caused the biggest shock of the 2004 Olympics when they upset the United States on opening day, will now have to watch as six teams from Europe and only two from the FIBA Americas - Team USA and Argentina - go to Beijing.


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2008 FIBA/Olympic Basketball

July 20 Pregame Hype:  ATHENS (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament) – Puerto Rico coach Manolo Cintron has confirmed that Carlos Arroyo will not play on Sunday against Germany in the final game of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament.   The side that wins will advance to the Beijing Games while the losing team will go home for the  summer.   NBA star Arroyo, Puerto Rico’s leader and best-known player, tore a muscle in his left leg  during the second quarter of Saturday’s defeat to Greece.   "Carlos will not be able to play,” Cintron said to FIBA.Com.  He has a muscle tear but it’s a minor injury and should we qualify, he would be able to play at  the Olympics.” Arroyo had 16, 20 and 17 points in Puerto Rico’s first three games but failed to score in Greece’s 88-63 win over the Puerto Ricans on Saturday. 

ATHENS (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament) – Who is going to win the third ticket? Croatia and Greece have already packed for Beijing, and the question is, who will follow them on the Silk Road: Germany, or Puerto Rico? The Germans crave for this qualification, and don’t try to hide it. They long to dedicate it to Dirk Nowitzki as a gift for his contribution to the National Team, a gift that he will be cherishing for life. Thus this evening’s game seems to be a real mission for all players, with Pascal Roller stating: “We have a second chance to make the Olympic Games, and we will try to grab it.” The German team scores 85 points per game (on 41% for three points and 89% from the free throw line); nevertheless, the Croats trapped it and limited it to 70 points, thanks to their hard defense. Chris Kaman  never heated up (6-13 from the field), the Germans expected just about everything from Nowitzki (25 ppg, 56% shooting for two points, 91% in free throws) and that cost them dearly. As a result, Germany lost its semifinal, and now coach Dirk Bauermann’s wish will be fulfilled: “If the Olympic Qualifying Tournament were held in Puerto Rico, I would have liked to face Greece in the critical game; but it takes place in Athens, so I’ll go for Puerto Rico.” Puerto Rico is in fact standing on Germany’s way, as Manolo Cintron’s players are trying to lead their team to the Olympic Tournament for the tenth time in history.  Against Greece, they scored 13 points below their average (76), and saw all their offensive sets fail.   To add to their troubles, Carlos Arroyo  stayed on the floor for just nine minutes before limping off, and his participation tonight is highly doubtful.   The gap he left may have been partly filled by Jose Juan Barea, the squad’s other  guard playing in the NBA (Dallas Mavericks), but it can be expected as a certainty that Puerto Rico will have problems in attack without his “magician”, as the offensive game of Cintron’s team relies mainly on three-point shooting.   Before the Greece game, they shot 51% from behind the arc, and Arroyo himself was 56% accurate.   The game, among others, bears a special interest as far as the NBA, and namely Dallas, is concerned: On one hand, Barea v Nowitzki the Mavericks teammates, will face each other.  On the other, Kaman will at last find someone with his size and experience playing against him, as both Daniel Santiago and P.J. Ramos  have had spells in the NBA, with the Bucks and Wizards respectively.

Head to head:
This is the fifth encounter between the two teams in a FIBA major tournament, and wins are split, 2-2.

Year Tournament Result
1972 Olympic Games FRG v PUR 74-81
1986 World Championship FRG v PUR 69-81
1992 Olympic Games GER v PUR 96-86
1994 World Championship GER v PUR 81-74

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2008 FIBA/Olympic Basketball

Tracking NBA players/draftees through the tournament:

Chris Kamen, Germany (LA Clippers): 24 mins, 12 pts, 3 rebs,  0 assists, 2 turnovers, 1 steal, 0 blocks, 4 fouls, 46% shooting from 2-pt range, no 3-pt or free throws attempted
Dirk Nowitzki, Germany (Dallas Mavs): 37 mins (of 40), 30 pts, 13 rebs, 1 assist, 1 turnover, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 3 fouls, 20% from 3-pt range, 80% from 2-pt range, 90.5% free throw shooting
Jose Barea, Puerto Rico (Dallas Mavs): 22 mins, 16 pts, 3 rebs, 2 assists, 2 turnovers, 1 steal, 0 blocks, 2 fouls, 75% from 2-pt range, 20% from 3-pt range, 50% from free throw line
Carlos Arroyo, Puerto Rico (Orlando Magic): 9 mins before injury, 0 pts, 0 rebs, 3 assists, 1 turnover, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 0/1 from 2-pt range, 0/2 from 3-pt range, 0 free throws attempted


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