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IF minnesota wins the lotery...

Posted on: January 28, 2010 5:32 pm
First off, this entire post is based off of assuming the Timberwolves win the lottery, with the Nets finishing second.  Who knows what happens, but hey, it's fun to pretend, right?

The first matter of business is for the Wolves to trade the draft rights to Ricky Rubio, along with their lowest first round pick (or a future first round pick) to New Jersey in exchange for the number 2 overall pick.  With the top 2 picks, the Wolves select John Wall and Evan Turner.

Wolves 2010-11 Lineup:

PG - John Wall, Jonny Flynn
SG - Evan Turner, Wayne Ellington
SF - Ryan Gomes, Corey Brewer
PF - Kevin Love
C - Al Jefferson, Nikola Pekovic

The Nets, now with Ricky Rubio in hand, look to trade Devin Harris.  Here is where things might get a little sticky.  Rubio may or may not come over to the NBA next year.  If he is still with the TWolves, I think he stays in Spain.  But in Brooklyn...?  Whether or not he stays in Europe, the Nets are clearly going to be big players in the 2010 free agent bonanza, having about $32 million in salary coming off the books in addition to the $15 million or so they are under the luxury tax threshold.  With the allure of Brook Lopez and Ricky Rubio, New Jersey will be an interesting destination for the NBA superstars.  The Nets certainly have the possibility to get at least 1 max contract player and one near max contract player this summer.  What people don't hear much about is the $7 million they have expiring the summer of 2011-2012.  This trade is based on the assumption that they Nets would like to add to that future cap space, allowing them BACK into the free agent market the summer after they are sure to make a big splash.

Nets trade Devin Harris, Keyon Dooling, and the Timberwolves late round pick to the Pacers for Troy Murphy and Indiana's mid to high lottery pick.

The Nets set their core with Rubio, Lopez, and whatever player they draft (Derrick Favors perhaps?) and go about luring the league's superstars to join this young team and revitalize the franchise.  Troy Murphy is there not only as an expiring contract, but as the starter for the year while Favors grows into the NBA.  The summer of 2011, his massive contract expires, giving the Nets around $15million in cap space once again.

The Pacers get the young PG they desperately need, but are still stuck with another few years of mediocrity due to poor management.  Still, a young core of Danny Granger, Harris, and Roy Hibbert is a pretty solid start.  They just need to wait for their bad contracts to run out in 2011.

Let's the name calling begin.
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Posted on: May 7, 2010 9:40 am

IF minnesota wins the lotery...

With the draft bungling over the last few years, the Wolves could screw up a one car funeral. Last years " WHAT THE F... WAS THAT" moment or  the Rubio fiasco is the perfect example of such foolishness and now we want to pick Wall.  Isn't this really admitting we made a mistake with Flynn.  So much for last years first round. Figure out your most pressing need whatever it is and fix it with this years picks.  Remember, there were 15 Gm's that passed on Kobe. Do your homework for once and get it right. Do we really want to be called the Clippers of the Midwest.

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Posted on: January 28, 2010 11:02 pm

IF minnesota wins the lotery...

If the wolves manage to win the lottery and get John Wall I would jump for joy.

I've heard rumors that if the Nets don't get the first pick they will try to trade it for something. Rights to Rubio, Utah first pick and Gomes for the second pick and Keyon Dooling.

That leaves the wolves with this.

John Wall, Flynn
Evan Turner, Wayne Ellington
Corey Brewer, player later in the draft.
Kevin Love, Pekovic
Al Jefferson, Hollins

I would love that lineup, Turner and Wall are both studs. Turner looks like Brandon Roy to me and John Wall is John Wall, no further explenation needed.

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