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Greatest TE(s) and FB in Colts History.

Posted on: July 7, 2008 2:03 pm

alright, well here are the results for special teamers:  k - Adam Vinatieri, mike vanderjagt, and dean biasucci each with 1 vote, p - rohn stark (2), and david lee (1), KR - jim duncan, terrance wilkins, clarence verdin each with 1 also.  therefore, we need tiebreakers for K and KR, but rohn stark is the winner for P's.


Adam Vinatieri:  2 seasons with the colts, 48 out of 57 FG's (84.2%), 87 out of 89 XP's (97.8%), 2 time probowler (althought neither time with the colts), one of greatest clutch kickers in NFL history, although admitedly not during his time with the colts.

Mike Vanderjagt:  8 seasons with the colts, 217 out of 248 FG's (87.5%), 344 out of 346 XP's (99.4%), 1 time probowler, colt's franchise all-time leading scorer (995 pts, next closest is 783), but is also an outspoken douchebag who was aweful once he left the colts

Dean Biasucci:  11 seasons with the colts, 176 out of 250 FG's (70.4%), 255 out of 261 XP's (97.7%), 1 time probowler, second in colts history in points and FG's made (both to vaderjagt))

putting aside my hatred of the man himself and going only on the numbers, i have to go with Mike Vanderjagt for K...


Terrance Wilkins:  7 seasons with the colts, 4017 KR yards (22.8 average, 97 yard long), 1 KR TD, 1065 PR yards (8.9 average, 82 yard long), 3 PR TD's

Clarence Verdin:  6 seasons with the colts, 3420 KR yards (20.2 average, 88 yard long), 1 KR TD, 1537 PR yards (9.9 average, 84 yard long), 4 PR TD's

Jim Duncan:  3 seasons with the colts, 1369 KR yards (32.6 yard average, 99 yard long), 2 KR TD's, PR stats either unavailable or he didn't return punts...

as much as i love his 32.6 yard average, duncan's 1369 total yards and only 3 years with the colts just dont cut it, meaning it is down to terrance wilkins and clarence verdin.  based on the numbers, verdin was the better PR of the two, but wilkins was the better KR.  total yardage-wise, wilkins has 5082, verdin has 4957.  the numbers are so so so close it is really a hard descision.  verdin has 4 TD's to wilkins' 3, but wilkins has the longest at 97 yards.  however, the biggest factor in my choice was that the numbers were so close with verdin spending one less season with the colts, meaning that per year, he was more valuable to the colts.  plus the extra TD helped too.  so KR is clarence verdin by a fingernail.

so the winners for special teams are K - Mike Vanderjagt, P - Rohn Stark, KR - Clarence Verdin

this week, i think its time to round out our recieving corps with the TE's.  pick 1 TE for sure, and the second spot is your choice between another TE and a FB.  HOF players at these positions include TE John Mackey and FB Joe Perry, as well as the current wave of talent we have had at TE over the past decade (Marcus Pollard, Dalls Clark, etc...)

happy voting!

RULES: The way it works is that every Monday, we will vote for the Greatest Colts player at a certain position. The following Monday, I will tally the votes and mark the winner(s) on the below list. In the event of a tie, I will break it using my own humble opinion, because this is my blog and I make the rules haha. Rate players based only on their time with the Colts. For instance, when voting for RB, ignore Marshall Faulk's years in St. Louis, or Edgerrin James's time in Arizona. Feel free/encouraged to look all the way back to the Baltimore Colts. Debate is also encouraged, and if you are changing you vote later in the week, be sure to note this.

All Time Colts Team:
QB -
RB -
WR - Marvin Harrison
WR - Raymond Barry
TE - ?
TE/FB - ?

RT - Jim Parker
RG - Alex Sandusky
C - Ray Donaldson
LG - Robert Pratt
LT - Tarik Glenn

DE - Dwight Freeney
DT - Art Donovan
DT - Tony Siragusa
DE - Gino Marchetti
CB - Eugene Daniel
CB - Bobby Boyd
S - Bob Sanders
S - Rick Volk

K - Mike Vanderjagt
P - Rohn Stark
KR - Clarence Verdin

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Posted on: July 8, 2008 10:45 pm

Greatest TE(s) and FB in Colts History.

Indy Colts only as always-

TE - Marcus Pollard

TE/FB - Ken Dilger

I went with 2 tight ends because the Colts have never had a fullback that was worth a damn in the Indy era. 

I thought about Dallas Clark, but Clark hasn't been here too long yet, and has been injured some.  Plus, last year statiscally, was his only great year.  I am sure Dallas will become the greatest Colts TE, but as of right now, these two get my vote.

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Posted on: July 8, 2008 6:58 pm

Greatest TE(s) and FB in Colts History.


I get the point on the next wave of votes....and I wanna give myself time to think about it. I just wanted to chime in real quick and let you know that I'll be voting by Monday.

'Til then......

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Posted on: July 7, 2008 2:07 pm

Greatest TE(s) and FB in Colts History.

votes already cast by "strange" from the first post:  TE - John Mackey, FB - Joe Perry (although he only played for the Colts for 2 seasons...)

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