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Santana could make the difference

Posted on: September 6, 2008 1:34 pm

Mets manager Jerry Manuel is 0-for-2 this weekend. His team lost 3-0 to the Phillies on Friday night, and his prediction that Saturday's game would be played as scheduled turned out to be way off the mark. With Tropical Storm Hanna on the way, the Mets called the game 4 1/2 hours before gametime, and they'll now play a Sunday day-night doubleheader.

So are Manuel and the Mets in trouble? Not if Johan Santana is the dominating September pitcher he can be.

As Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins said after Friday's game, the Phillies can only put the 2007 collapse into the Mets minds with a three-game sweep this weekend. Otherwise, the Mets exit the weekend with a minimum two-game lead, and with no head-to-head meetings remaining.

That's where Santana comes in, because he faces Cole Hamels in the final game of the series on Sunday night.

Santana wasn't great in September 2007, but the Twins weren't really in the division race then. But check out what he did in the three Septembers before that:

2006: 3-1, 1.78

2005: 3-1, 1.67

2004: 5-0, 0.45

The Mets have won Santana's last six starts, but the next one is the biggest.


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Santana could make the difference

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Santana could make the difference

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Santana could make the difference

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Santana could make the difference

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Santana could make the difference

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Santana could make the difference

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Santana could make the difference

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Santana could make the difference

Knobler, I could be way off base with this, but you seem to have a thing against the Mets.  Since when is Jerry Manuel supposed to be a meteorologist, anyway?  Man, the Mets lost the first game of a three game series AND Manuel couldn't get the weather right?!  Get your torches, boys, we have a witch to hunt!

Really, though, maybe it's not that you have a thing aginst the Mets, but rather Jerry Manuel instead.  After all, you say Johan Santana can keep them from Jerry's poor judgement calls--you even specifically name Manuel when implying the Mets may be in trouble.  Though, maybe you have a point.  Maybe Manuel is going to lead this team into ruin, with horrible judgement calls.  Like all those calls he points at the skys to ward off the rain, only to have his guys mistake it for the sign to steal second.  Man, I hate when that happens!

I'm sorry, Knobler, I really have been trying to give you a shot since you arrived, but you're reaching deep on this one.  Look at the Mets season, and look what Jerry Manuel has done for them.  You're basically implying that his inability to predict the weather makes him a rotten manager, and the team's only hope this weekend is Santana.  Yes, I understand your broader point is that the Phillies will more than likely still be in second place by the end of today because of X Y Z, but the delivery is way off.

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Posted on: September 6, 2008 10:58 pm

Santana could make the difference do you forward such excellent insight to the uninformed? 

Here's a few future headlines that I hope to see:

L.T. could make a difference for the Chargers

Tom Brady could make a difference.

Manny Ramirez could make a difference.

How 'bout, Kevin Garnett could make a difference?  Oh yeah, that already happend. 

Great read.  Glad I stopped by.





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