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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

Posted on: October 20, 2008 4:17 am

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- My predictions started out so well this postseason.

I knew the Dodgers would beat the Cubs. I had the Phillies over the Brewers, and the Rays over the White Sox (OK, so those last two were gimmes, but still, I got 'em right).

Since then? Nothing. I had the Angels over the Red Sox (and the Angels winning it all, actually). I had the Dodgers and the Red Sox meeting in the all-Manny, all-the-time World Series. Oh well.

That's three straight I got right, and then three straight I got wrong. Which, by my figuring, means I'm due to be right with this World Series pick:

Rays in 5.

Why? Simple. The American League is a lot better than the National League, and the Rays are the deserved AL champs. The Phillies are the deserved champs of an inferior league.

Yes, I know that the Phils' bullpen is better. They actually have a closer (and a good one, in Brad Lidge). They have a setup man who was unbelievable against the Dodgers (Ryan Madson, who was so good that one scout jokingly suggested he ought to be drug-tested right now).

That would be key if I thought this series would come down to the bullpens. It won't, because there's also a big difference at the start of games. The Rays' rotation is that much better, especially once you get past Cole Hamels.

Yes, I know the Phillies have had time to set up their rotation, but that also means they've had a week to stop their momentum. And if you've watched this Phillies team, you know it has an offense that tends to shut off every now and then. And one time it shut off -- no surprise -- is when the Phillies played their interleague games.

In a six-game homestand against the Red Sox and Angels, the Phils got one win from Hamels and then lost five straight.

That sounds about right, except now they can't lose five in a row. But they can lose in five, and I'm saying they will.

(Don't) take my word for it.


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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

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The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

Dear Mr. Knobler,

you and all of these band wagon ray fans can choke on a knob when this series is over. come to philly and see just how passionate we are about our teams. garza wont know what hit him when he steps onto citizens bank field when he looks around and sees a sea of red waving white towels. 50,000 passionate and crazy fans will be waiting for him. you saw how jimmy rollins was welcomed after all the front runner better believe garza will receive it 10 times worse. i guess you cant afford a hair piece on your paycheck but we'll make sure to sign you up for hair club for men next time your in town. phils in 6!

sincerely yours,


a passionate philly fan


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Posted on: October 22, 2008 12:53 am

The Rays will win, (don't) take my word for it

Thanks again for another thought provoking post. Sometimes I have difficulty telling if what you say is suppose to be serious or facetious. I think that the World Series will go 7 games. The Phillies are actually a very good team when they are hitting and pitching well in the same game. Cole Hamels will win a few games while Brad Lidge will rack up 3 saves. Never underestimate the Phillies. The city of Philadelphia will finally experience the joy of winning a championship. Go Phillies!

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