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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

Posted on: December 23, 2008 4:17 pm
Edited on: December 23, 2008 4:38 pm

After all that, Mark Teixeira is going to be a Yankee.

Two weeks after signing CC Sabathia, who was their top winter target, the Yankees have agreed to terms with Teixeira, the Red Sox's top winter target. Teixeira will sign an eight-year, $180 million deal, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations.

Teixeira's contract will include a full no-trade clause, but it will not include the opt-out clause that the Yankees used to lure Sabathia.

While the Yankees told everyone how much they wanted Sabathia, they kept their pursuit of Teixeira a lot quieter. As late as Tuesday morning, the Red Sox believed that Teixeira was choosing between them and the Nationals.

The Sox were also offering an eight-year deal, which sources say was for about $170 million.

But it turned out the Yankees were never out of it, and given a chance to sign the player regarded as the top position player available on the market, the Yankees pounced.

By mid-afternoon, the Yankees had a deal. Because the deal is subject to a physical, the Yankees aren't expected to announce it for several days.

Teixeira's decision to go to New York is a stunning blow to the Red Sox. Not only did they believe that Teixeira was the perfect player to add to the middle of their lineup -- in effect replacing Manny Ramirez and protecting David Ortiz -- but they never really had a viable backup plan. No other position player available, either as a free agent or on the trade market, can give the Sox what Teixeira would have.

Well, one guy could, but we all know there's no chance of Ramirez returning to Boston.

According to sources familiar with the Red Sox's plans, the Sox aren't likely to react to the Teixeira news by stepping up their pursuit of Derek Lowe or any other top starting pitcher. The Red Sox never regarded the Teixeira pursuit as having an effect on their interest in Lowe.

One player who could potentially be affected is catcher Jason Varitek. Now that the Red Sox weren't able to add Teixeira, they may try even harder to get more offense out of the catcher spot.

As for Ramirez, it's not clear where Teixeira's decision leaves him. The Angels have been telling people that they're not interested, and it's unclear how much money Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is willing to spend.

Would Ramirez, who has always played on winning teams, be willing to go to Washington?

Or how about the Yankees? Could they sign Ramirez, too?

No, they won't. That one, we should be able to count them out of.


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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

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Yanks sign Teixeira for 8 years, $180 million

A salary cap in baseball will NEVER happen. I hate as much as anyone how rediculous it is that some teams can sign anyone they want, and some just cannot afford it.

However. A salary cap is out of the question. There is no TV revenue sharing like in the NFL, where every team gets an equal cut of the TV money. If the Yankees make 250 million on their tv/radio conracts (just tossing numbers out there) and the Royals make only 25 million -- well -- tough luck.

Lets forget the Yankees and Royals for now.. I've been a Phillies fan for as long as I can remember. They are one of many mid to upper level franchises as far as revenue. The problem here, this years Championship notwithstanding, is that our owners are a collective bunch of cheap bastards. Who cried and cried for years about how they needed a new stadium to compete with the big boys. Now, they've got the stadium, ticket sales have skyrocketed, and yet, they still are nowhere to be found when it comes time to step up, and go get the one guy who could be  real difference maker.

Before you hate the Yankees, or feel sorry for the Royals, lets take a closer look at some of the owners in this league, who arent about winning, they only care about the bottom line

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