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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

Posted on: June 4, 2009 12:15 pm
Before trading for Nate McLouth, the Braves had serious trade discussions with the Marlins about outfielder Cody Ross.

The Marlins had made Ross available, major-league sources said, but later decided against making the trade with Atlanta. Some Braves officials favored the Ross deal over the eventual trade they made for McLouth, because the cost in prospects would have been considerably less.

The Braves believe they paid a fairly high price for McLouth. Outfielder Gorkys Hernandez and pitcher Jeff Locke were ranked fourth and seventh by Baseball America on the list of top Braves prospects, and pitcher Charlie Morton was 7-2 with a 2.51 ERA at Triple-A Gwinnett.

The Marlins have sent out mixed signals on their willingness to trade off their players, but rival officials believe that they're now open to dealing Ross and Jeremy Hermida, as well as the previously available Dan Uggla and Jorge Cantu.
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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

The Marlins equation is simple and straight forward. Build a team of young players, if they look like they have a shot to a title, add one or two big guns, and go for it. If you get the title, trade off your players coming up for free agency or those with big price tags and start the process all over again. They have done that twice with great success.
This particular Marlin team is not a divisional winner, hence why they are looking at making trades. The three Braves prospects are all good and quite highly rated any may end up being a part of a title team. Just look around the league and see how many previously Braves minor league players are playing for other teams, and its real clear---they have one of the better farm systems around. Cantu and Ross probably won't be around for the next Marlin title team, so why not get players that will be?
The real key here is that this current Marlins team has mediocre if not bad defense, particularly in the infield. Ramirez and Uggla are ugly on D, and they won't be trading Ramirez so Uggla is expendable. If they are going to get a shot at a title, they will need to revamp the defense considerably.

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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

Hermida, Ross and Uggla are all productive players who are only arb 2 eligible.  If the Marlins can't even keep players through the end of the reserve clause then they don't belong competing at the big league level.  Cantu is under team control for another year and will get a good raise, but the Marlins need to be able to make those raises.  This is not good for baseball to have a franchise developing talent then dumping them shortly after they reach the major league level. 

Thanks for the info on the minor leaguers in the deal Knobler.

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Posted on: June 4, 2009 7:25 pm

Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

Gorkys Hernandez, nor the other pitcher, I think losch or somthing, are not the marquis players here, of course knobbler mis stated it, the main person is Charlie Morton, he came up to the bigs last year, and did not fare so well, but he has done some good things in AAA this year (2.36 ERA I think) and last year, before he was called up, was keeping it under 2. He is potentially another young arm for the Bucs, he will be starting for the pirates within the year. He is a future big time #2 starter, if not #1.

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Braves talked to Marlins about Ross

The Marlins probably said no, because they wouldn't be getting dick in return. Gorkys Hernandez....sweet.  McLouth is no perenial All Star, but for the cheap deal he is signed to they should have at least gotten an impact prospect for him.

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