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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

Posted on: July 13, 2009 10:37 am
When Manny Acta announced his own firing late Sunday night, he told ESPNDeportes, "It's normal for the manager to pay the price when the team is not doing well."

Very true, especially for a team that's happier with finding scapegoats than with finding a direction. suggested this morning that the Nationals considered firing Acta in late May, but decided they could get by with firing pitching coach Randy St. Claire instead. A couple of weeks later, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that Acta was about to be fired, a report that the team really never denied. Instead, the Nats let it hang out there, almost as if they planned to fire him but never got around to doing it.

Since Rosenthal's report, Acta's Nats have gone 10-17, which isn't great but is still better than the 16-43 they were at the time.

Would 11 wins have bought him another week? What about 12?

Look, the point isn't that Acta is baseball's best manager. Since his only big-league experience is with the barely big-league Nationals, it's too hard to know that.

No, the point is that the Nationals either think Acta is the right man for their job or they don't.

There are good reasons to fire a manager in midseason. If you have a contending club that's severely underachieving, sometimes a new voice can help. If you have a manager who has lost control of his clubhouse, sometimes a new leader is a necessity.

When you have a bad club, and you just want to throw someone overboard because it's normal to make a manager pay the price, that's not a good reason.
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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

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Acta out, Nationals still a mess

Yeah so when was the last time the sorryO's won anthing?  I believe you have the same problem (ownership) as DC.  I blam Bowden who was HORRIBLE as GM now that he's gone hopefully we can move forward.  Also doesn't look like too many people are making the trek out to Baltmore these days....guess that's why Angelos was very much opposed to DC getting a team.  He knew that he would lose all the people from Virginia and DC who filled your once full stands......

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Posted on: July 13, 2009 2:16 pm

Acta out, Nationals still a mess

Seriously, what's the point? The Nationals are not going anywhere this season no matter who is managing them.

I hate it when poor teams do this. It is one thing for the Mets to fire Willie Randolph when they are not playing well with a $100 million plus salary. But for a team that is loaded with young players, is it really beneficial to keep switching the management of the team every six months.

My point is that the Nationals had no expectations coming in to the 2009 season. Zero. Everyone expected them to only have about two dozen wins by the All-Star break. Since that is the case, and the Nationals are not falling short of their expectations, why fire Manny Acta?

Acta knew when he took this job that he was going to have a lot of loosing seasons. The players have a rapport with him and are growing under his system, even though they are still not good enough to compete against the powers of the N.L.

If someone from the Nationals should be fired, it is the general manager. Or better, Bud Selig should fire the owner and give the franchise to someone else who will do something with it (kidding - I know that's not how it works). Acta has a pitching staff that rivals most division II colleges. Did people really expect them to be better than 26-60 at the All-Star break?

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