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Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

Posted on: July 27, 2009 5:31 pm
As we all wait to see how the Roy Halladay saga ends this week, here's one more thing to keep in mind:

Even though the Blue Jays say they don't have to trade Halladay, and even though general manager J.P. Ricciardi keeps dropping hints that Halladay won't be traded, it hardly seems to make financial sense for the Jays to keep him.

Hurt by the bad economy and a weakening Canadian dollar, the Jays dropped their payroll to about $80 million (in U.S. dollars) this year. They've suggested that they don't expect it to go much higher in 2010, and that in any case they don't see supporting a $100 million payroll in the near future.

Now look at the commitments the Jays already have for 2010. Counting the $15.75 they would owe Halladay, they have $81.7 million committed to just eight players. And that includes $12 million for B.J. Ryan, who obviously won't be on the roster since the Jays have already released him.

Even if the Jays trade Rolen (as reported earlier, they've continued to talk to the Reds about him), that would only take $11.625 million off the budget (and only if the Reds picked up the entire salary).

The Jays still wouldn't have much financial flexibility, particularly since some of their current players are either free agents or will be eligible for arbitration.

Maybe the Jays really will decide to keep Halladay. Maybe they'll keep him now and shop him in the winter.

Or maybe, by Friday's non-waiver deadline, they'll just accept the best deal they can get.
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Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

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Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

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Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

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Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

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Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

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Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

I agree with you Johnny that Buchholz's fastball is mid-90s but so is the fastball of many pitchers out there.  The problem with his fastball is that it has very little movement on it.  He can dominate the minors because he can throw it by the hitter...big league hitters catch up to that pitch.

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Posted on: July 29, 2009 12:30 am

Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

So true. It's foolish for us to trade him without getting a king's ransom. In my opinion, it's probably foolish to trade him anyway.

There is one way we can stop the Halladay rumors next year: Play the way we're supposed to. We do that, the media will be asking which prospects we're going to give up to try to win the East.

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 11:59 am

Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

I don't know why everybody is surprised that the Jays will only trade him if they get an amazing deal. JP and the Beeston have already stated that it would take a lot to get Halladay.  The media then assumes that he is out the door.  If a team wants him for two postseasons and to have the best shot at locking him up for the rest of his career they will have to make a sacrifice.   If not stop complaining - the price was set a long time ago.

Looks like he will be staying put (next year at this time we may hear the Halladay rumours again). They are not in a hurry to get rid of him and "rebuild".  Please note - the rebuilding process takes many many years (case in point - Tampa Bay).  Jays fans will not bite on this again.  They already have a decent nucleus, time to build on that via free agency and smart trades.  Trading your best player for a midlevel prospect is not a good idea.

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 11:34 am

Would keeping Halladay even make sense for Jays?

Well, I guess I stand corrected. If the Jays think that they can re-sign Halladay why is this even open for debate? Why did the GM even open his mouth to say that Halladay was tradeable? I know that from what I have read, the GM is on his way out, but wouldn't the rest of the brass have stepped in to say he wasn't on the trading block. I would assume that the GM has some bad contracts on their hand and a new "best pitcher" salary at the end of 2010 might financially strap the Jays for years to come. Again, thats my assumption, not telling it like it is or anything. I just think that, as he would be for the Phils, Yanks, Sox, Angels and Dodgers, Halladay is a luxury, not a necessity.
If the Jays can't bring in a big name because of Halladay's new contract, and other bad ones, I just think that it would be better for the Jays if they traded him now, and start the rebuilding process. I know its hard to see your star player go (Lindros, Iverson, Abreu, Dawkins in Philly) but some times you have to be honest with yourself and realize that while you superstar may be great, there might be another way to acheive your goal (e.g. World Series). I know its apples and oranges but look at what the Detroit Pistons did a few years superstars, just good talent and chemistry. I would never tell a fanbase what thier team should do (100 team seasons losing before last year for my hometown) but I think the Jays might not be as close to the top 3 teams in the East as they think. On top of that, the O's are starting turn things around. So do you rebuild or hold on to the hope of catching lightning in a bottle as people say? Good luck either way!

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