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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

Posted on: July 28, 2009 6:51 pm
NEW YORK -- For 29 teams, this is trade deadline week.

And then there are the Mets, where this has become Omar Minaya week. And where the general manager was unavailable to talk Tuesday, not because he's deep in trade talks but because he's deep in a self-created mess.

"He's really hurt by this," Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said. "He needs a day."

"This" is the disaster of a press conference Minaya held Monday, in which he began by announcing the firing of assistant Tony Bernazard, then viciously went on the attack against New York Daily News Mets beat writer Adam Rubin. "This" is what has engulfed Minaya and the Mets for more than 24 hours now, monopolizing the time on local sports-talk radio and even turning the firing of a little-known vice president of player development into a national story.

By Tuesday afternoon, the Mets were deep into damage control, with Wilpon appearing on the field before a game against the Rockies. He said that the organization apologized to Rubin, that Minaya made a big mistake, but also that he and his family stand behind their man.

"Omar's our general manager," Wilpon said. "Omar's going to be our general manager. If we can all give him a chance, he'll come back and make this organization proud."

Later, asked if Minaya had the rest of the year to prove he should keep his job, Wilpon responded: "Right now, the idea is that Omar is our general manager. Period."

Minaya was at work Tuesday, and he hosted a conference call with Mets scouts. But even that call, sources said, began with Minaya reading his apology to Rubin.

Meanwhile, the Mets have won three straight games for the first time since May. Yet everything they do is overwhelmed by the latest off-field mess.

Even in manager Jerry Manuel's pregame session with the media Tuesday, the Minaya situation was brought up -- by Manuel.

Asked if he wanted Minaya to make a trade this week, Manuel quipped: "I thought he made a deal yesterday. I walked in here [to the press conference room] and you all looked like you'd been hit by a truck."

In any other city, this is trade week.

In Metland, it's Minaya week. Or hit-by-a-truck week.

That might be the same thing.
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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

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Mets' Wilpon: 'Omar is our general manager'

Wilpon is on crack.  This is just absurd that Omar Minaya still has a job with the Mets. How come the Mets brass is the only group of people in the country that don't get it.  He has a long history of making bad decisions, over spending, getting overly emotional about issues that are best left with a professional smile and nod. 

The Mets have become the laughing stock of the MLB - and that's saying an awful lot when you have a team down there in DC with a .320 winning percentage.

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I like reading his articles, He's a good writer with good insight.  But please, PLEASE, for god's sake PLEASE put up a better picture of yourself!  You look lke you just rolled out of bed for cryin' out loud! 

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