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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

Posted on: October 29, 2009 11:24 pm
NEW YORK -- The night seemed to be all about Pedro Martinez, from the moment he started warming up, with “Who’s your daddy?” echoing around Yankee Stadium.

Pedro against the Yankees. Pedro back at Yankee Stadium.

What about A.J. Burnett?

If not for Burnett, who pitched long enough and capably enough to hand the ball over to Mariano Rivera, the Yankees might well be down two games to none in this World Series, heading to Philadelphia for Game 3. Instead, they’re even in the series after a 3-1 Game 2 win, because Burnett quietly outpitched the guy who was getting all the attention.

While Pedro was giving up three runs in six innings -- not great, not awful -- Burnett allowed one run on four hits in his seven innings, with nine strikeouts. He kept the Yankees in the game long enough for Mark Teixeira to tie it with a fourth-inning home run, and for Hideki Matsui to put the Yankees ahead with his home run off Martinez in the sixth.

The Yankees gave Burnett $82.5 million last winter, but he inspired as much concern as confidence heading into the postseason.

What if CC Sabathia loses in Game 1? What if Burnett holds the Yankees’ season in his hands in Game 2?

Well, Sabathia did lose in Game 1 of the World Series. Burnett did hold the season in his hands.

Not only that, but the middle of the bullpen looked more vulnerable than ever. Alex Rodriguez, so hot in the first two rounds of the playoffs, was going 0 for 8 with six strikeouts in the first two games of the World Series.

There was little margin for error, and Burnett delivered.

He had help from Jose Molina, his personal catcher, who picked off Jayson Werth at a key moment of the game in the fourth inning. But Burnett retired 11 of 12 batters from that point on, and he did what any Yankee starter hopes to do -- hand the ball directly to Rivera.

The great Rivera did have an eighth-inning scare, when a walk to Jimmy Rollins and a Shane Victorino single put two runners on base with one out. But Rivera got Game 1 hero Chase Utley to ground into an inning-ending double play.


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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

Asian players?  Asian players?  Why pick that point?  Why not say since MLB started letting in players from Aruba?  Since the first hispanic player began playing in the major leagues, the Yankees have won 26 Series.  Since Jackie Robinson - 16 Series.  After Robinson there was no issue with asian players playing in the major leagues.   There just weren't players that were believed to be talented enough.  Why bring the Giants into it?  The Eagles have won 3 NFL Championships - last one in 1960.  No Super Bowls, nada zilch, zero.  Over that same period, the Giants have won 6 NFL Championships - 3 since 1960 - all 3 Super Bowls.  Here's a stat - since an Eagles QB puked from the pressure on a playing field during a football game, the Giants have won 1 Super Bowl.   Another clever touch - the "fences were probably like 250 feet."  Yankee Stadium had a left center field fence that was 450 feet or deeper for most of its existence.  Its fences, as in many ball parks, have been drawn in recently.  Even Shibe Park (where the Phillies used to lose pretty consistently)had dead center in excess of 445 feet until the sixties.   What a meathead!  By the way - since Aruba has started supplying major league ball players, I believe the phillies have the lead in Series titles - 1-0.

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All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

Im not sure who you are. But a few words. If you gonna post. Post with some continutity. Whatever you wrote is like a bunch jibberish which only you and Marge Schott can interpret. Your thoughts are all over the place. Not even a Skitsophrenic can make out what your talking about. How do you go from the Yankees to the Giants when this Blog is about Pedro, Burnett, and Game 2 of the World Series?

Secondly no one cares about your Al Bundy Complex about how you were hitting 321 ft home runs in High School Batting practice. Which only leads me to think that while you barely scrape the fences, the rest of your game doesnt even merit a scout or an AAU team to deal with you.  

If your gonna sound like a bigot, At least come correct with the facts. Man up and speak on it instead of using the Yankees Organzation or Jeter or Jackson as a scapegoat. Talking like you know this franchise. You havent seen them since 1950. So sit down eat your CheeseSteak and enjoy the series. This aint the Tampa Bay Rays and they know this. Matter of fact ask "Your Phillies" team and the reason why they want this second one, is because they want the "Respect",  and to get that  they have to go through the most "Respected" team in Baseball, and its the Yankees. And you dont even have to be a Yankees fan to acknowledge that is a fact. Go ask the Atlanta Braves who were busy winning 14 straight divison titles in your division while the Phillies in that time span were the most losingest team of all MLB Franchises. I mean really??

And all of it means nothing because this blog is suppose to be about Game 2. So save your rants and tirades for the extremeists who are looking for a reason to hate and cant learn to love the game and competition for who they are and what they are. You aint ready for all that yet! Fall back a couple breathes and watch the game. Maybe your learn something about baseball you didnt catch in the last couple years since this rant you wrote looks like it started when the Giants upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl a couple years ago. I mean really???

Finally If you dont like Joe Girardi then say I dont like Joe Girardi, "He Sucks" All  that other stuff you yappin is extra. "Hes has no experience." Hes only coached 3 seasons. ???I mean really??? He's whatever your little infantile mind can conjure up to name call him. But let me fill you in a little something .. He and the team you love to HATE. Are playing in the Fall Classic. Yeah Pretty F'n Retarded if you ask me. Now hold on you may wanna tilt the Dunce Cap on your head a little to right to balance out what the left side of your brain clearly cant manage.

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Posted on: October 30, 2009 3:22 am

All about Pedro? Burnett wins Game 2 for Yanks

Calm down yankees fans. Both teams had terrible calls, but it doesn't matter the yankees suck. They only managed to put up 4 runs in 2 games at home. What do you think your going to do on the road. Absolutley nothing. Just like Jimmy said the phillies take the series in 5. The yankees are realy a sub-par team. A-roid sucks. Texierra cant hit in cold weather. A little boy could have hit the home run that matsui hit. 320 feet. Shit I was hitting that in high school batting practice lol!!!! The phillies are the world champs for a reason, because they are the best team in baseball and Now they are even better with Lee, Ibanez, and Pedro to there already amazing team. The yanks don't have heart. Your stadium is a bunch of phonies. How are you going to leave in the 7th inning. You paid 10 times more then what you would pay at the bank and you leave. You stuck up SOB"S. Leave baseball the the real baseball player, not the prety boys in NY. You only have 6 championships since baseball allowed black, hispanic and asian players in the league. 2 with reggie and 4 with jeter. Those days are over. the other 20 were before any of us were alive and back then it was alot easier the it is today. The fastest pitcher probably threw 80. The home run fences were probably like 250. Joe girradi is the stupidest move the yanks could ever have made. The guy doesn't have any experience. He looks so clueless. I love it when the giants and the yankees suck ass.

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