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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

Posted on: January 22, 2010 12:03 pm
Edited on: January 22, 2010 12:12 pm
The Mets will acquire outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. from the Angels, has confirmed.

The Angels have agreed to pay the bulk of the $23 million remaining on the last two years of Matthews' contract. It's not known yet who the Mets will send the Angels in return, but it's not expected to be a very significant player.

Matthews gives the Mets some insurance in center field, since Carlos Beltran recently underwent surgery and is expected to miss at least the first few weeks of the season.

Even a small amount of salary relief is helpful to the Angels, who were about $4 million over budget after this week's Joel Pineiro signing.

Matthews' five-year, $50 million contract was a disaster for the Angels, who signed him as a free agent after the 2006 season. Even before he played his first game for the team, he was accused of acquiring human growth hormone. Matthews went on to have a subpar 2007 season, and after the Angels signed Torii Hunter the following winter, Matthews no longer had a full-time job.

Despite that, one scout who has watched him said he could be of help to the Mets, especially with Beltran out for the early part of the season.

"He can still play center field," the scout said. "You have to look past the contract."
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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

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Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

The debate about Cliff Lee/Roy Halladay is arguable. You are right- the two pitchers weren't traded for each other. The Phills gave up a bunch of prospects as well to the Mariners and toronto. Terrible trade! Remember, Halladay is a year older, and 200+ innings older- good luck!

 What is hilarious is that because of the recent "let downs" by the NY Mets the past few seasons, Phillies fans have developed a certain entitlement- as if they are a great franchise; as if they do not have the most losses out of any franchise in baseball.

From 2002-2008, Johan Santana has owned every major pitching category during those years-- not some or a few, every single one of them. When healthy, he is the most dominant pitcher in all of baseball, period!

Reyes is over rated as a hitter? He is turning 26 yrs old!He is approaching his prime now! Before his injury, he was arguably the best SS in baseball. What he brings to the field, can't be matched by any player in baseball- the excitement, power, speed, defense, love for the game, and drive to be great! Delgado is past his prime, but he can still hit the ball. He hit 37 hrs a year ago; his power is still there. It doesn't even look like he will be in a Mets uniform, anyway. Who cares about our catcher? Who is the Phills catcher? In fact, how many good catchers are there in baseball? 6? As long as he can manage the game for our pitchers, hitting will be "extra credit".

These Mediocre pitchers you are talking about are all young still. Pelfrey has been in the majors for 3 seasons, and is still only 23 yrs old. Two years ago, Maine and Ollie both won 15 games. Injuries have plagued this entire organization and has left a shadow over "our" heads. The truth is that most SPORTS FANS have a "what have you done for me lately" outlook on anything. They only remember what "they" did yesterday/or today, but forget what they did last week- this is an amateurish outlook!

The lack of HR's in Citi Field isn't due to lack of power, it is due to the product we were forced to put on the field- a AAA ball club. When healthy, the Mets power is there, will be there, and will take over. Citi Field was ranked in the middle of percentages of HRs in a stadium. I would much rather play in a pitchers ball park, than a "barn box" of a stadium- high pops are HRs...its a joke! And to put things into perspective for you: the mets line up consist of gap hitters. Dont you think a large ball park would be perfect for a line up like the Mets?

You are a biased Phills fan, from a city of Failure! You need to face reality, instead of living in a parallel universe.

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Posted on: February 12, 2010 3:23 pm

Mets to acquire Matthews from Angels

The Phillies have the most losses out of any franchise in MLB history. The truth is that we did DOMINATE the Phills head to head. What killed the METS are the terrible losses against the Marlins and Nationals.

In 2007 we choked; In 2008, the mets had 32 blown saves- yes, 32 BLOWN SAVES(Billy Wagner got hurt a  few weeks into the season); and 2009, the METS had the worst luck, concerning injuries, in MLB history...

All you Philly fans can continue to flap your gums, but in reality, the CORE of your team are all in your 30's, and the future seems dim. I will see you again in June.

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