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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

Posted on: January 26, 2010 1:06 pm
Edited on: January 26, 2010 2:03 pm
The Cubs have a deal with free-agent outfielder Xavier Nady, has confirmed. The deal will pay him $3.3 million, plus incentives.

Nady, who missed almost all of last season after elbow surgery, fills the Cubs' need for a right-handed hitting outfielder. The 31-year-old Nady returns to the National League, where he spent most of his career before he was traded to the Yankees in the middle of the 2008 season. Nady played just seven games last year for the Yankees.

Nady's deal was reported earlier by and Yahoo! Sports.

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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

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Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

This needs to be Lee's last year in Chicago, if Hendry is smart. He has a great glove and still has 1-2 years left in him in the national league. However, we can't be naive to think this will last for another few years. I don't want him on our team when the wheels fall off the wagon. Why not trade his large contract before he's not worth anything? We should deal him at the deadline to a playoff contender for some prospects and open some cap room. I love D Lee and he's been great throughout his tenure here, but this is a business and we need to think about the future. He's perfect trade bait.

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Posted on: January 28, 2010 10:18 am

Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

Sambuka I think you are WAY off on just about everyone you said. 

Fukudome is the starter in RF, the whole point in getting a CF was to move him back to his better defensive position in RF.  He is likely going to hit 1 or 2 in the lineup, they are ok with him hitting .260ish as long as his OBP stays up there w/ his ability to draw walks.  Expect to see Nady start in RF only when a Lefty is starting which is maybe 1-2 times a week at most.  Fukudome will get 130+ starts in right and maybe another 10 in CF barring a major injury.

NO WAY that Hoff starts 40-50 games at 1B.  DLee is coming off the 2nd best year of his career after getting all the way healthy and getting some of his power back.  He is also in a contract year so expect 30+HRs & 100+ RBIs which will net him a 2-3 year extension at what I hope is a hometown discounted price.  Barring major injury DLee will start 140+ games which would leave at most 20+ starts for Hoff/Tracy/Nady.

Byrd was signed to be our everyday starting CF, barring injury he will start 140+ games.

Nady will get probably at most 70 starts all year in RF/LF/1B combined unless one of Soriano, Fukudome, Byrd, DLee go down with a major injury.  If we get 15-20 HR/65+ RBIs in 260-280 ABs I will be extremely happy.

Hoffpauir will be lucky to make the club out of ST (as will Fontenot in my opinion) because Chad Tracy can back up both corner infield positions and Nady can play both corner OF positions as well as 1B.  Blanco can back up both middle IF positions and Fuld is a better defender with better speed off the bench that can play all three OF positions.  Unless Hoff can play Catcher, Hill is the backup there so Hoff is SOL.

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Posted on: January 27, 2010 3:47 pm

Nady agrees to terms with Cubs

What this deal most likely signals is the end for Derrick Lee in Chicago. I foresee Micah Hoffpauir's role being increased this year. You need to see what you have in him. Most likely Hoffpauir will play 40-50 games at first base which is a good break for DLee. He will probably play another 40-50 games in Right field in rotation with Nady and Fukodome. That gives Hoffpauir 80-100 games started plus another 62 games to come off the bench to see if you really have Derrick Lee's replacement in the order and in the field.

Speaking of Nady, he most likely (provided he can stay healthy) will get the Lion's share of the time in RF I would say 80-100 games started there. That only leaves roughly 22 games for Fukodome to start in RF. However, Fukodome can get another 40 or so games started in place of Byrd in Center field. That gives Byrd roughly 122 games started there. Having an overstuffed outfield with experienced guys can lead to success in 2010 for the Cubs.

Getting back to Derrick I think he only has 1-2 years left on his current contract, with options after that. So I believe the Cubs need to find out if Hoffpauir will be the heir apparent at first base this year.

One quick note...If Sweet Lou has already decided Hoffpauir is NOT the answer long term at first base, look for him to be the fuy headed out of town while he still has some of the big P word...potential.

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