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Yanks, Damon would be better together

Posted on: January 27, 2010 6:17 pm
First Nick Johnson, now Randy Winn.

The Yankees really don't want Johnny Damon, do they?

They turned away from Damon once in December, giving Johnson $5.75 million and telling everyone he could have Damon's second spot in the lineup. They turned away from Damon again today, giving Winn $2 million to be the outfielder they needed to add, and giving him a roster spot that could have gone to Damon.

Johnson has nice on-base numbers, and also a well-earned reputation for getting hurt all the time. Winn is a decent extra outfielder.

Neither one is Damon, who at 36 is no longer a good outfielder but was still a key offensive contributor to a championship team in 2009.

The Yankees and Damon were a match that worked, and should have worked for another year. The breakup isn't all on the Yankees -- as I wrote after the Johnson deal in December, we've learned that he didn't want to be a Yankee as much as he claimed, just as we've learned that they didn't want him as much as they claimed.

But we all know how the Yankees react when a player is important to them. They get a deal done.

They gave Damon chances to stay. They were reportedly willing to do $14 million for two years at one point in December, and they were apparently willing to sign Damon to some sort of contract this week (for a lot closer to the $2 million Winn took than to the $13 million Damon made last year).

But the Yankees also let it be known that keeping their payroll under $200 million (for now) matters more to them than Johnny Damon did.

Damon and agent Scott Boras sure don't seem to have played this winter's market well. Even if Damon eventually gets more money elsewhere, it's hard to see how he'll fit as well as he did with the Yankees.

It's hard to see how the Yankees are a better team with Johnson and Winn instead of Damon.

This was a marriage that worked, and from the outside, the breakup is always going to be a little hard to understand. At some point, though, we're just going to have to accept that these two have broken up.

First Nick Johnson. Now Randy Winn.

It's time to accept reality.

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

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Yanks, Damon would be better together

I agree, it seems like Damon and the Yankees were a perfect fit. Hard to believe he is most likely gone.

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Posted on: January 29, 2010 6:13 pm

Yanks, Damon would be better together

Absolutely not.  He isn't the player he was.  Players go down quickly.  Damon is smart.  Damon has been a player's player.  He has made Jeter a better player.  This is in the past. 

Someone said cutting salary today sets up next year.  Watch out for big move for Mauer.  Catching is the biggest yankee weakness.  Last year (if he squeezes through) for Posada.  Need some space.  Team hs gotten significantly younger.  Gardner starting in left.  Swisher needs help in right but he is ok.  Better swtart looking for Jeter replacement.  Will need very soon.  SS next problem but not today.

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