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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

Posted on: April 25, 2010 10:03 pm
Edited on: April 25, 2010 10:13 pm
This is the week you really wish you could tweak a couple of pitching rotations.

This is the week the Mariners play the Royals -- but 2009 Cy Young rivals Felix Hernandez (pitching Monday) and Zack Greinke (pitching Tuesday) miss each other by a day.

This is the week the Phillies play the Giants -- but possible 2010 Cy Young rivals Roy Halladay (pitching Monday) and Tim Lincecum (pitching Wednesday) miss each other by two days.

That's fine, because this is also the week the Tigers and Twins get together for the first time this season. So, with no power to change rotations, we'll stick with the American League Central rivals to lead off this week's 3 to watch:

1. The Twins never led the division by more than one game last year -- and they didn't even hold that lead until two days after the regular season was scheduled to end. The Twins already lead by three games this year, and one scout who saw them recently declared, "If they had a legitimate closer, they'd be one of the top three teams in baseball." We're not sure about that, but we are sure that the Twins and Tigers played the best single game we saw all last season. Their first meeting since comes this week, in Twins at Tigers, Tuesday night (7:05 EDT) at Comerica Park . Justin Verlander, who finished third in last year's Cy Young voting, faces Francisco Liriano, who is off to the kind of start that could get him into this year's Cy race.

2. Not everyone predicted that the Twins would be this good. Believe it or not, someone (that would be me) picked the White Sox to win the AL Central. Hey, it still could happen, especially if the White Sox keep up this weekend's one game-winning homer a day pace -- or if Jake Peavy (7.66) and Gavin Floyd (8.38) recover to have two of the best ERAs in the AL, instead of two of the worst. Peavy, Floyd and the Sox get another chance this week, with Peavy starting in White Sox at Rangers, Wednesday night (8:05 EDT) at Rangers Ballpark .

3. It's not Halladay vs. Lincecum, as we hoped for. But it is Lincecum against the two-time NL champs, and we'll take that. Over the last two years, Lincecum's ERA against the Phillies: 1.24. The Phillies' run total in the other 338 (regular-season) games they played: 5.07. Lincecum starts against Cole Hamels, in Phillies at Giants, Wednesday afternoon (3:45 EDT) at AT&T Park .


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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

The nightmare for CBS sports and television would be the Twins against the Rays in the American League Championship! How I hope that happens! I'm not sure either team has a legitimate closer, but both seem to have pretty good starting pitching and play excellent defense. Because of the proximity of their traing camps each team has somewhat of a feel for the other. When the Twins came to Port Charlotte neither Mauer or Morneau made the trip. The Twins have the advantage in experience, both teams play excellent defense, but the Rays may have the better pitching overall.

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3 to watch: The almost Cy vs. Cy edition

It's so true. The Twins rarely get respect from the Yankee loving press. But to be considered they are going to have to beat the yanks. They should've taken them in the playoffs. They've got it all this year, let's see if Rauch can get real gritty and finally (well probably not) get some respect from the Ylp.

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