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Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

Posted on: December 22, 2010 12:00 pm
Edited on: December 22, 2010 12:02 pm
Before any of you Giants fans write to me again, you should know that I had nothing to do with naming the Giants winning the World Series as the 10th biggest sports story of the year.

Of course not. If it was my choice, the Giants wouldn't have made the list at all.

Just kidding.

No, I'd have put the Giants higher on the list, if only to avoid overtaxing my e-mail box with more nasty comments from Giants fans.

They already hate me because I didn't pick the Giants to beat the Rangers. Believe me, they haven't forgotten.

Just look.

From Gregg:

"I can't believe CBS pays you. 'Rangers in 5.' Remember that? Evan Brunell is much better at breaking down baseball. You and Daniel Snyder think alike. I will not be reading CBS anymore, until they can present some first-class baseball columnist."

But then you'll miss everything Evan has to say. And he won't like that. Me, I'll do without you.

From Lamb:

"Not only are you ugly, but your East Coast bias makes you idiotic as well. The media just can't handle that the Giants won the World Series. Get over it and face the facts. The Giants beat the Phillies, and they are the best team until they get knocked out of the playoffs in 2011."

See, you're already admitting they're not going to win it all again.

From Leftcoastlove:

"If the Phillies were the best team at the end of 2010, they would be holding the trophy. Let's look back at the reason they lost to the Giants. It wasn't their pitching. Good luck with that pitching, Philly. It looks good on paper, then again [Ryan] Howard looks good on paper, too, until a runner is in scoring position. Then whiff!!"

Are you telling me the Giants won the World Series? Are you sure?

From Brad:

"This is bogus. Who cares about Cliff Lee? The Giants pounded him twice in the World Series. He was responsible for two wins for us. Also, we beat Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt. East Coast haters. Lincecum is better than Halladay. Cain is better than Lee. Sanchez is better than Hamels. Bumgardner [he spelled it that way, not me] is better than Oswalt."

Really, the Giants won?

From Geoff:

"You can say anything you want about the Phillies. The only reason they look so good is they play in the NL. If either the Red Sox or the Yankees were to trade places with the Phillies, they'd be the team with the clear path to the World Series. The Red Sox are considerably better than the Phillies and the Yankees may also be better."

Maybe the Giants didn't win the World Series. Either that, or maybe Geoff is about to get a ton of e-mails from Giants fans.

From Mark:

"Phils the best? Looks like you're blind-sided by their pitching staff. Did you compare their lineup to the Red Sox? Sox 4, Phils 2 in the World Series this year."

What, did Mark forget about the Giants, too? Good, now I don't feel so bad.

Oh, and Giants fans, Happy Holidays to all of you.

And this time, I mean it.

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 7:14 am

Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

Since: Dec 2, 2011
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Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

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Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

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Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

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Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

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Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

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Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

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Posted on: January 21, 2011 7:05 am

Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

Settle down FRANCIS !!!

While credit is certainly do to the Giants, that Ballpark you called a crackerjack park let up less runs in the NLCS then spacious AT&T.. If Halladay had half his starts in that Canyon thruout his career Lincecum wlda never won a CY let alone 2... So while you can state you are the Def WS Champs ( again, I will give the Giants full credit, they beat us, and buzzed thru the Rangers, they were the last team standing, something no one can never take away from them...

The Giants played better defense, and executed routine plays while maintaining great pitching.. Anyone who watches Baseball on the regular knew after game 4 w a 3-1 lead the Giants werent losing, I picked them in 6 vs the Rangers because they dismantled us... But un;like the Rangers series, I can literally point out 2 plays ( 1 in game 1 and 1 in game 6) that the Phillies failing to execute allowed the Giants to win, but that is baseball, sometimes balls bounce your way ( like they did for us in 2008 ) and sometimes other teams just beat you like the Giants did in 2010....

BTW the 2 plays are Raul Ibanez doing a piroet into the LF Wall and jumping when he clearly had a routine fly, giving Burrell a Dbl ( still have no idea how that wasnt scored an error, it wasnt over his head and he clearly misplayed the ball) dropping the ball allowed the Giants to tie, extending the inning on what shld have been an out and then I think Ross may have an rbi single to drive in Burrell, tomake it 3-2 Giants....

Game 6 Manuel has NEVER PITCHED MADSON for 2 innings in the last 3 seasons EVER... Leaving him in 1 batter too long, Juan Uribe check swing,( watch the video, he was surprised as I was as well as entire stadium) when the ball went into the RF Seats...

I knew we were gonna blow it when we allowed the Giants to hang around ( again, just using lingo,possibly ur side is the Giants fought to hang in) but when Sanchez walked Utley and he yelled something to him clearing both benches, 1 out w bases loaded, and we cldnt get any runs, in years past the blood was in the water, the fans did their job and got the starter out early for the 2nd time in his 2nd consecutive start, Sanchez Folded like a LOUNGE CHAIR under the pressure while Lincecum and Cain thrived in it....Anyhow that is when deep down i knew they ( Giants ) had more fightin them then the Phillies did this year...

What makes MLB Great is we get to do it all over in like 80 days.....

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Posted on: December 31, 2010 4:58 pm

Giants No. 10? Don't blame me

Oh my god you Giants fans are so annoying. You think the world should revolve around you now because the giants won the world series. LOL no one cares about the Giants and the Giants are not even close to the best team in baseball. The best team in baseball doesnt always win. Just because the giants won doesnt make them better then the Phillies. the Phillies just werent on their game last year. But the Phillies are OBviously the better team and now evenmore so with Cliff Lee being back.

Quit whining Giants fans save it for when your team doesnt even make the playoffs this year...

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