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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

Posted on: January 13, 2011 2:27 pm
Edited on: January 13, 2011 3:08 pm
The Giants brought their World Series trophy to Sacramento, and they brought it to Stockton. They're bringing it to San Jose, and also Monterey.

And to New York.

Yeah, New York, the city they abandoned 60-something years back.

You think the Los Angeles Dodgers ever brought one of their trophies to Brooklyn? You think the A's took any of their four trophies to Kansas City, on the way back to Philadelphia?

You think the Indianapolis Colts celebrated in Baltimore?

Why is this different?

I'm not sure why, but it is. It is different.

It's different because for some reason, some New York Giants fans (and there weren't nearly enough of them at the end) have stayed with their team. It's different because instead of feeling abandoned and angry, they felt loyal.

That seems a little strange, but there's no doubt it's true.

"A lot of us never stopped rooting for the Giants after they moved," Bill Kent, president of the New York Baseball Giants Nostalgia Society, told the New York Times last October. "The Giants have a big fan base in New York, but you never hear about us."

The Giants heard.

They heard that 1,000 or so fans packed Finnerty's Bar for playoff games (and thus the trophy will make a stop at Finnerty's next week). They heard from fans who said they had never lived in California but were Giants fans because their fathers or mothers or grandfathers or grandmothers had been fans.

And when it came time to plan their trophy tour, general manager Brian Sabean was the one who suggested a stop in New York.

They scheduled it for next week, because Buster Posey will be in New York to accept his Rookie of the Year Award at the New York Baseball Writers' annual dinner.

I'm still not sure why the Giants can do this and have it feel right, but they can.

"That connection is important to us," Giants senior vice president Staci Slaughter said. "The organization has made it a priority to keep it. There was a connection with Willie Mays, and with his love affair with New York. There's a lot of San Francisco-New York connections."

Yeah, but there are plenty of Los Angeles-New York connections, too, and that never helped the Dodgers. And just as the Giants have always included their New York history, the Dodgers have honored their Brooklyn history.

With the Giants, though, it still seems to be a two-way street.

"It is unique," Slaughter agreed.

It's unique, but for some reason, it feels right.

By the way, the Giants have also scheduled a trip to Troy, N.Y. , later this year. The Giants were originally founded -- sort of -- as the Troy City Trojans (I'll bet a lot of Bay Area fans are glad they dropped that nickname!).


It's funny how franchise moves affect people.

There's a huge debate going on right now among supporters of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in England (and I count myself as a proud supporter). The club has considered taking over the London Olympic Stadium, which is seven miles from its current home at White Hart Lane, but is not in Tottenham.

Sometimes seven miles can mean everything. And sometimes, in the case of those Giants fans, 3,000 miles isn't too much.


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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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A return to New York (but not to Brooklyn)

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