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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

Posted on: June 17, 2011 7:48 pm
NEW YORK -- Mike Scioscia always says he doesn't look at the standings.

That's too bad, because right now the standings are the best thing the Angels have going for them.

They're not hitting. They're not scoring. They're not winning.

But they're also not falling out of the American League West race.

Over the last 11 days, heading into Friday night's series opener against the Mets, the Angels went 3-6 -- and gained 1 1/2 games on first-place Texas.

"How about that?" Torii Hunter said. "We've struggled so much, and we're still three [games] back. We're still in it.

"That's giving us faith, giving us that edge again. We're kind of shocked that we're only three games back, but now we can smell blood."

Hunter is hitting just .225. Vernon Wells is hitting .193. And they were batting third and fourth in the order Friday night.

The Angels have been shut out nine times, the most in the American League. They've been shut out only once in the last 14 games, but they've been held to three runs or less in 11 of those 14 games.

"I don't know if we've ever gone through a stretch like this," Scioscia said. "The last three weeks were really painful for us. We need to create more offense."

Scioscia mentioned Kendrys Morales, whose inability to come back from an ankle injury left a big hole in the Angels' batting order. Pitcher Jered Weaver said the team was "deflated" after finding out that Morales would need a second surgery and wouldn't return this season.

But all the Angels need is a look at the standings to re-inflate.

"It's amazing we are still in it," Weaver admitted. "We could have been 10 games out by now."

But they're not.

"We still know we're a playoff contender," Weaver said.

Some people have wondered whether the Angels could turn into sellers, and Ken Rosenthal of speculated last week that they might even consider trading Weaver, a Cy Young contender with an 8-4 record and 2.06 ERA who will be a free agent at the end of next season.

Angels people suggest that's highly unlikely, and it's hard to imagine the ultra-competitive Scioscia and owner Arte Moreno giving up on a season that easily.

But there's no reason for them to give up on this season, not with the Rangers failing to take a stronger grip on first place.

If the Angels need encouragement, they need only look at the standings -- whether Scioscia wants to or not.

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

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Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

I'm sorry...I must have missed the part about the Mariners currently ahead of the angels in the standings...we do score runs...that's why we have more wins...DUH!!!!!!!

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Posted on: June 18, 2011 6:21 pm

Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it

Angels 'painfully' bad -- but not out of it
Honestly, does Knobler every write anything worthwhile? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Attention to baldy...

Baseball is a marathon. It's only June 18. We are less than 70 games into a 162 game campaign. There are a precious few teams "out of it." You could write this article about 20 or so teams. Absolutely pathetic.

The Angels have 2 great pitchers in Weaver and Haren and if the other parts of their rotation fall in place, they could beat anyone. They also have a great rookie closer who could even be slid to set-up man if the Angels decide to get a veteran(Rodriguez?). Their offense may be inconsistent, but with a tweak here and there and possible big bat added at the deadline could be a real threat.

The Angels have hands down the best manager in MLB. No one does more with less. He'll keep them prepared and on an even keel. That's a huge advantage in a division where no one seems able to break away.

Personally, I think they will win the division because the Rangers rotation scares no one and while Texas has great offensive talent, I think the Angels can take care of them head-to-head. When you have Weaver and Haren in a series, you have 2 wins staring you in the face. Texas without Lee has no one you can truly say that about. The Mariners have one with Pineda looking good, but their offense in putrid and their pen is shaky. The A's have talent, but injuries and doubt have crept in. I'll take Scoscia here to pull this out.

I expect another hate filled anti-Mets article if the Angles beat the Mets tonight. There is where baldy gets his kicks. With the Mets playing well of late, his bile has been building. Just let it go Knobler. You have nothing else.

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