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Answering White Sox fans

Posted on: June 19, 2008 2:30 pm
Edited on: June 19, 2008 2:44 pm

White Sox fans are sensitive, and never more so than when their team is about to play the Cubs on back-to-back weekends. So sure enough, I heard from plenty of those fans when I wrote that they'd rather see their team sweep the Cubs twice than make it to the playoffs.

From RedHeadPaleHoser: "Do me a favor; unless you ACTUALLY get a quote from a Sox fan saying we'd prefer a sweep of the Cubs over a playoff berth, don't write it. Don't post it. Don't theorize it."

From Mark: "Your line about Sox fans prefering a sweep to making the playoffs is preposterous. I don't believe that for a second."

From Charles: WHO SAYS THAT? Is that a quote from an actual fan? Can you provide the name of whomever you interviewed for this piece? I don't know ANY White Sox fan who would rather see a lousy six wins against the Cubs over another chance at a World Series championship."

Yes, Charles, I'll tell you exactly who I interviewed. It was Paul Konerko, and here's exactly what he told me: "I've seen polls where our fans would rather sweep them in both series than make the playoffs. That shows you how much our fans care about it."

So there. Still got a problem?

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Answering White Sox fans

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Answering White Sox fans

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Answering White Sox fans

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Answering White Sox fans

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Answering White Sox fans

Still got a problem?  Why yes, I do.  Like Peter Gammons, Scott Miller, Jay Mariotti and ESPN, you seem to hate the White Sox.   EVERY White Sox player, manager, employee and fan would rather have a playoff berth.  Are you kidding? NO ONE thinks that.  I think we enjoyed the 2005 World Series win A LOT more then sweeping the Cubs a few weeks ago.  Get real.

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Posted on: July 6, 2008 5:31 pm

Answering White Sox fans

Yes. He has "seen polls"? Now we start to question the definition of what a "true fan" actually is. The media fuels this fire and a story like this where there is no actual source or proof allows the media to put things in there own context. With the Cubs/Sox series upcoming I could see a lot of true fans voting on a meaningless poll or saying something like sweeping the Cubs would mean more to them, but if they were true fans, they would never mean it. These are the people who root for the same football, basketball and hockey teams, work together, go out on the weekends together, even live together. What a terrible and meaningless story that has been misconstrued and twisted to get a reaction. Well you got one and I hope anyone who had respect for you has lost some of it.

And challenging people with:  "So there. Still got a problem?" is total crap, like this story.


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I don't like you.

that is all.  can we have rob neyer please?

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