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A walking contridiction...The Raider nation? Al D

Posted on: September 30, 2008 6:35 pm

Just when I thought the Cincinnati Bengals couldn't be more pathetic, I give you the press confrence from Al Davis. WOW! Have you ever asked a small child if he or she ate the last cookie? Knowing full well that he ate the cookie, you have to ask anyway. Al Davis sat at that podium today with crumbs all over his face. He was asked if Lane was fired for personal reasons, stating the personality conflicts between the two, Al answered " it's not personality conflicts, it's flat out lying". Later in the press conference Al Davis actually called Lane a liar and was very defensive about how he felt about Lane Kiffin. Al actually hoped that " someone would grab him by the throat and tell him he is doing the wrong thing". But there is no personality conflict? OK. My only question is not to Al Davis but to the next potential Raiders coach...Who's next?

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