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Phelps...excited? AT LAST.

Posted on: August 15, 2008 10:59 pm

I hope you watched. The 100 meter butterfly. It was the first time Phelps was tested throughout these games...and ...he WON. No pesrson ever thought he would lose, but, WOW, that was close(.01 a second, that is the difference We are witnessing the best  swimming, check that, ATHLETE in our spectrum of world competition.

Phelps is now tied for the record of "gold medals" won by an athelete in a single olympic appearance. It is 7.

Phelps has participated in 7 events, and

 has won ...7 events. Phelps will lean on his fellow teammates to complete his quest for 8 gold medals. I say that Michael has done all that he could. I cannot imagine a better group...check THAT... FAMILY, to help bring back the gold for number "8". We have the gold medal winner at 100 meter backstroke to start this "route".

Bottom line: Phelps......8 UP........8 WON.   spectacular. I hope you were watching.

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