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Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

Posted on: October 13, 2008 4:33 am

After the World Series is over, the Sportswriters will release the winners of the league MVPs, Cy Young Winners and the Manager of the Year.   Many on the CBS boards that post are pretty darned knowlegable about baseball as well and I think our opinions are just as important.  So I thought I'd do my own end of the season awards poll.   Simply give me your votes for the following...


AL Cy Young

AL Rookie of the Year

AL Manager of the Year


NL Cy Young

NL Rookie of the Year

NL Manager of the Year

There is one rule to the voting that must be adhered to strictly.  Only regular season accomplishments can be considered.  Post season successes and failures cannot be part of your consideration for your vote.   I'll leave this open for voting until the end of the World Series and post the winners at that time.


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Posted on: October 21, 2008 11:09 am

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

AL MVP - Justin Morneau (MIN) This guy was huge again for a team that wasn't supposed to go anywhere. They lose Santana, Hunter and Garza and were supposed to plummet into a quick rebuild. Morneau wanted nothing to do with that and it showed.

AL Cy Young - Cliff Lee (CLE) Love the Jays so going against Halladay was hard, but Lee's numbers almost made it easy.

AL Rookie of the Year - Evan Longoria (TB) Just too important to the team and too good of numbers to lose.

AL Manager of the Year - Joe Maddon (TB) Is there really any doubt who gets ALL the first place votes?

NL MVP - Albert Pujols (STL) They may have missed the playoffs but really, his numbers are just insane. High time he got an MVP award people thought he didn't deserve since Bonds got 2 of his in the past from years Pujols should've had them.

NL Cy Young - Tim Lincecum (SF) Outstanding numbers on what would of been the worst team in baseball without him.

NL Rookie of the Year - Geovany Soto (CHC) Could have sworn he was a crafty veteran the way he played this year.

NL Manager of the Year - Charlie Manuel (PHI) For me, i thought the Phillies were thrown together with a few extra hands and guys like Lidge who had a terrible few years. Really saw them missing out to the Mets and maybe the Marlins.

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Posted on: October 20, 2008 7:33 pm

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY


Yes I did do an end of season report card on all the Royals players and pitchers.  They were were my two previous entries to this one. Just scroll over to the right hand margin    You should be able to get the links to them.

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Posted on: October 20, 2008 5:34 pm

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

     Oh yeah, Kiddude, you did a mid-season report card on the Royals.  Are you planning a final grade for the 2008 season, or did I miss it?

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Posted on: October 20, 2008 5:30 pm

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

     I have to ask Powdrblue why he picked Tony LaRussa as N.L. manager of the year?  Is it because he had a winning record with a pitching staff that spent most of the year in shambles?

     IF that's the reason, give my vote to Charlie Manuel, who made it to the World Series with a less than stellar pitching staff.

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Posted on: October 18, 2008 12:27 pm

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

Thanks to all of you who have posted and voted.  I'm still taking votes until the end of the World Series.  I see some votes are really close and there's also a few runaways.  I thought I'd go ahead and post the current tallies as of 11:25 CST on Saturday the 18th.

AL MVP  -  Dustin Pedroia - 4, Frankie Rodriguez - 2, Justin Morneau - 1,  Kevin Youkilis - 1, Josh Hamilton - 1, Carlos Pena - 1, Carlos Quentin - 1

AL Cy Young  -  Cliff Lee - 10, Roy Halladay - 1

AL Rookie of the Year  -  Evan Longoria - 10, Alexei Ramirez - 1

AL Manager of the Year - Joe Maddon - 10, Mike Scioscia - 1

NL MVP -  Albert Pujols - 6, Ryan Howard - 5

NL Cy Young -  Tim Lincecum - 7, Brandon Webb - 3, CC Sabathia - 1

NL Rookie of the Year -  Geovany Soto - 11 (catching a shutout so far)

NL Manager of the Year  -  Joe Torre - 4, Charlie Manuel - 3, Tony LaRussa - 1, Lou Piniella 2, Freddie Gonzalez - 1


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Posted on: October 18, 2008 10:21 am

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

AL MVP:  Carlos Quentin - this was the hardest one of all by far.  Dustin Pedroia's Red Sox made the playoffs by an easy margin, and his numbers weren't that great, though they were quite good.  Josh Hamilton had an excellent season, but not much damage in the 2nd half and his team was well out of contention.  Justin Morneau was good, but Quentin's stats were as good even though he missed a month of the season.  Once Quentin went down, the White Sox offense was just far less dangerous, and they never would have made the playoffs without him.  He was on the league leaderboard in most stats despite missing a month, and he was absolutely key to his team making the psotseason, so I give it to him.  What an idiot for breaking his own bone though.
NL MVP:  Albert Pujols - his stats just obliterate everyone else's, and his team was in contention down to the wire

AL Cy Young:  Cliff Lee - easiest of all
NL Cy Young:  Brandon Webb - I give it to Webb over Lincecum for a couple reasons.  Webb pitched in one of the best hitting parks in baseball, and Lincecum in one of the best pitching parks.  Once park factors are considered, Webb's stats are comparable or even better than Lincecum's (except for the Ks), and his win total is head and shoulders above, to boot.  They received about the same run support too, so that's a fair comparison.

AL ROY:  Evan Longoria - he had by far the biggest impact among rookies, and he's amazing on both offense and defense
NL ROY:  Geovany Soto - this was closer than a lot of people realize.  Joey Votto actually had better stats in most of the major categories, despite playing for the very weak Reds offense, and hitting 7th most of the year in Dusty Baker's retarded lineups, whereas Soto played on the best offensive team in the NL.  He's also younger than Soto if that counts for anything.  People don't talk about him because he played for the horrid Reds, but he deseves some recognition.  I still give it to Soto though, because his contrbutions as a catcher make up the difference.

AL MOY:  Joe Maddon - easy
NL MOY:  there aren't really any good candidates for this one, but I will go with Fredi Gonzalez.  He took the smallest payroll in baseball and overachieved all year.  The Marlins scared the Mets and Phillies for a good chunk of the year, and no one wanted to face them.  So the state of Florida has a monopoly on Manager of the Year awards.

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Posted on: October 17, 2008 8:46 pm

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

I have to disagree with your MVP selection of Frankie Rodriguez, TrueBlue.  That save record he got was a product of opportunities offered by his team.  As far as total effectiveness for closers, Mariano Rivera, Joakim Soria, Joe Nathan and Jonathan Papelbon all had better ERAs, WHIP and save percentages than did K-Rod.  I'm not discounting K-Rod as a closer, he's one of the elite, but how can you give him league MVP when there are 4 more effective closers in the league?   

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Posted on: October 17, 2008 7:15 pm

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

AL MVP: Franki Rodriguez-Season Save Record can't be overlooked

AL CY: Cliff Lee-Hands Down no one Close

AL ROY: Evan Longoria-Am I wrong, isn't he a Rookie

AL Manager: Mike Scioscia-100 wins and many injuries to deal with

NL MVP: Albert Puljos-D Howard is unimpressive from the 7 inning on(batting .115) and too many strikeouts

NL CY: Brandon Webb-Slight edge over Lincecum

NL ROY: Geovany Soto-Hands Down no one Close

NL Manager: Joe Torre-Dealt with the most injuries and won his Division

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Posted on: October 17, 2008 5:50 pm

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

Some of these are really, really hard and some are equally easy

AL Cy Young - Cliff Lee (easy pick)

AL MVP - Lil Dusty Pedroia (not easy at all)  good arguments as well for C. Lee, Youk, Josh Hamilton, Evan Longoria and had Carlos Quentin not lost the last month to injury he may have been my first pick

AL ROY - Evan Longoria (pretty easy actually)  Plays like a veteran, good glove, power, middle of the order for the AL East champion.  Alexie fell a bit short in my book and Aviles only played 2/3 of the season.  That kid that pitches relief for the A's Zeigler, he was phenomenal. 

AL MOY - Joe Maddon (looks like he's getting a unanimous vote)  Worst to first, what can I say?

NL Cy Young - Tim Lincecum - Just a two horse race here with Webb.  Lincecum beat Webb in most categories except Ws and IP.

NL MVP - Ryan Howard (toughest of all)  Had it not been for Howard's red hot hitting in September, the Phillies would probably be playing golf this month and not in the World Series.   I know his batting average really sucked for an MVP vote, but he still lead the league in the other two triple crown categories.  Honorable mention to Albert  Pujols, Ryan Braun and David Wright (no relation).

NL ROY - Geovany Soto - Can't think of a close second here.

NL MOY - Joe Torre (another tough one)  Of the divisional winners, Torre's team was the only one who had to erase a deficit in September to win his division.  Only other reason is I'd like to see him win just to piss off the Yankees fans. 

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Posted on: October 17, 2008 12:04 am

Board Members Choices AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and MOY

Bastyd.. I came damn near to pick Mike Aviles as AL ROY..but he didnt play the whole season, thats the ONLY reason I didnt vote for him. If he would have played the whole year his numbers might have been better than Evan Longoria's and Alexi Ramirez's. No Love for Manny Ramirez because I didnt feel right to voting a guy that played two months in a league the MVP of that league.

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