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The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

Posted on: September 10, 2008 11:39 am
Sorry this is a day late, I was "Livin Large" in Hawaii & just got back.



WR1- Tim Brown (Notre Dame) (9 Votes)
WR2- Anthony Carter (Michigan) (9 Votes)
WR3- Larry Fitzgerald (Pittsburgh) (6 Votes)

TE- Keith Jackson (Oklahoma) (8 Votes)

OT1- Orlando Pace (Ohio State) (13 Votes)
OT2- Anthony Munoz (USC) (10 Votes)

OG1- John Hannah (Alabama) (13 Votes)
OG2- Dean Steinkuhler (Nebraska) (5 Votes)

C- Dave Rimington (Nebraska) (12 Votes)

Lee Roy Selmon (Oklahoma) (14 Votes)
DT2- (Tie) Bruce Smith (Virginia Tech) (Both With 6 Votes)
                   Randy White (Maryland)

DE1- Hugh Green (Pittsburgh) (12 Votes)
DE2- Julius Peppers (North Carolina) (5 Votes)

OLB1- Jerry Robinson (UCLA) (7 Votes)
OLB2- (Tie) Lavar Arrington (Penn State) (All With 3 Votes)
                      Derrick Johnson (Texas)
                      Junior Seau (USC)

ILB1- Brian Bosworth (Oklahoma) (8 Votes)
ILB2- Mike Singletary (Baylor) (5 Votes)

CB1- Deion Sanders (Florida State) (11 Votes)
CB2- Charles Woodson (Michigan) (9 Votes)
CB3- Tommy Casanova (LSU) (4 Votes)

FS- Kenny Easley (UCLA) (10 Votes)

SS- Ronnie Lott (USC) (6 Votes)

P- Ray Guy (Southern Miss) (10 Votes)

K- Kevin Butler (Georgia) (6 Votes)

Returner 1- Raghib "Rocket" Ismael (Notre Dame) (8 Votes)
Returner 2- Johnny Rodgers (Nebraska) (6 Votes)



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Posted on: September 10, 2008 4:12 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

King of Bling Great list. However Rodgers never played in the SEC. Cornell at the time of Marinaro was a division 1 team. Dartmouth won the Lambert Trophy the previous year and finished ranked 12th in the nation. I still get a chuckle out of Craig James saying he had no idea all the "stuff" was going on when he was there yet always complains about Miami being an outlaw school. You should have had Darrin Nelson on your HM list. I believe he was the first to run and receive for a thousand in the same season. I know I was nitpicking but a great list nonetheless.

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 3:50 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

I meant to list him in HM. I noticed after I posted.

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 3:21 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

Livin Large I like your list but no Barry Sanders even HM?

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 3:20 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!


Herschel Walker (Georgia) - '82 Heisman, HOF. Most yards rushing over 3 seasons.

Marcus Allen (USC) - '81 Heisman, HOF. Played FB and blocked for '79 H winner, Charles White. First RB to rush for 2,000+ yards in a season (2,342).

Bo Jackson (Auburn) - '85 Heisman, HOF.

Honorable mention (no particular order):  Barry Sanders (Oklahoma St.); Earl Campbell (Texas); Charles White (USC); Reggie Bush (USC); KiJana Carter (Penn St.); Marshall Faulk (SD St.); Eric Dickerson (SMU); Billy Sims (Oklahoma); Tony Dorsett (Pitt); Archie Griffin (Ohio St.); Greg Pruitt (Oklahoma); Ricky Bell (USC).

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 2:56 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

Herschell Walker, Barry Sanders and Tony Dorsett would be my three.

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 2:20 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

Livin that is the best reason for being a day late with this posting. Hope you had a great time.

I have been waiting for this position to be posted and have been thinking about if for awhile.

King great listing of many of the potential candidates as usual.

Hershel Walker  -   No offense to those of you who have not named him in your 3 but leaving him off is a disgrace. He is the best college football player I have ever seen. He could have and probably should have won the Heisman 3 times.

Tony Dorsett  -   The best word to describe his play was electric. Like Walker he basically was the only reason his team won the National Title when he was in school.

The third slot was not as easy to pick as the first 2 as many listed by the King got serious consideration from me.

Earl Campbell  -  The Tyler Rose was simply awesome, almost impossible to be taken down by a single tackler. He ran around or over you, and once past a tackler the big boy could run. Like Walker and Bo Jackson, who just missed making my picks, he could have carried some of the smaller backs being considered like they were a football.

Sorry Jcoug at this position there was no way I could list longshots.

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 2:14 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

I think I have sadi this a few times... but this is tough to do... limit the team to just 3 backs???

Here we go... with many waffling moments along the way...

#1 Tony Dorsett --- my going to Pitt might have jaded my view of this, but I have seen so many highights of what he did while at Pitt, he was unbelievable while in college... Heisman Trophy, remarkable, speed, power and vision... the only shame of it... he ended up on the Cowboys...

#2 Barry Sanders --- wow... and OU fan picking a Cowboy??? that is how good he was... elusiveness... he was there and then gone... he made tacklers look foolish as they dove at air...

#3 Hershel Walker --- this was the waffling pick... he was Bo Jackson before Bo Jackson... power... speed... became a blur after destroying the first attempt at a tackle...

Honorable Mention --- Bo Jackson, Billy Simms, O.J. Simpson, Franco Harris, Curtis Martin, Adrian Peterson, Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams, Reggie Bush, Tim Worley, Ron Dayne, Charles White, Marshall Faulk, Archie Griffin, George Rogers, Eric Dickerson, my personal favorite Craig 'Ironhead' Heyward (I was at his destruction of Miami)

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 1:43 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

This is my favorite position. Talk about deep, 100 names would be easy! However, I'll limit it to a top 20 so...

#1 - Herschel Walker (Georgia)
NFL-ready from day 1 according to Gil Brandt. He was a man among boys. In his 3-year career in Athens he won the Heisman, led Dawgs to 1980 National Title and did it all with class. A living legend.
#2 - Tony Dorsett (Pittsburgh) HOF. "TD" was a star from his first day at Pitt. A model of consistency, held all-time rushing mark for 23 years. Always a threat to go all the way. Owned ND, which is a hit with me! Won Heisman and led Pitt to 1976 National Title.
#3 - Bo Jackson (Auburn) 1985 Heisman winner. Was probably the best combination of size, speed , and power ever. He had the perfect body and was absolutely electric on the field. "Bo Knows Football"!
#4 - Earl Campbell (Texas) The most punishing runner ever! Had enough speed but brute power was his calling card. He looked like Bevo running the ball. Won Heisman in 1977. Officially named a Texas Legend by the legislature in Austin!
#5 - Ed Marinaro (Cornell) College HOF member. I am against voting for non-BCS guys because week-in and week-out, they don't play the top teams. this guy was amazing. He was a walking record book and was the single most dominant runner I have ever seen (even more than OJ) on the collegiate level.
#6 - Archie Griffin (Ohio State) HOF. Two Heisman Trophies!! He was in the right place at the right time, but he brought his A-game every down. Got more mileage out of his talent than any other college running back ever. Woody Hayes called him the "Greatest Football Player I ever coached".
#7 - Billy Sims (Oklahoma) HOF. 1978 Heisman winner. Finest runner in the storied history of Sooner football and that is saying something. The perfect wishbone pitch man, ran with great style and grace.
#8 - Anthony Davis (USC) How in the world is he not in the HOF? Offensive leader of the Greatest College Team ever, USC's 1972 National Champions. Had a flair for the dramatic. His 100-yard kickoff return to lead legendary comeback against Notre Dame stands as one of the Top-5 moments in college football history!
#9 - Rickey Williams (Texas) A flake, but man could he run. Won Heisman in 1998. Broke All-time rushing record with a long touchdown run versus the rival Aggiies to put an exclamation point on the record!
#10 -Charles White (USC) Won Heisman for 1979 Trojans National Title team. HOF. Was the toughest running back perhaps, to ever play. Went 100% every play and had a great attitude. John Robinson called him his all-time favorite football player.
#11 - Barry Sanders (Oklahoma State) Won Heisman in 1988. Collegiate career was really a one year wonder more than career but what a year: 7.6 avg, 2,628 yards rushing, 3,249 total yards, 39 TD's! He also had 222 yards rushing and scored 5 TD's in Holiday bowl not included in season stats!
#12 - Mike Rozier (Nebraska) The greatest Nebraska running back, won Heisman in 1983 on, what I consider, the 2nd best team not to win the National Title. Fast and tough, was a great option running back
#13 - Marcus Allen (USC) Was the consummate running back. Started out his Troy career as a fullback, blocked for Heisman winner Charles White. Went on to win his own trophy in 1981 setting all-time single season mark. Great runner, blocker, and receiver.
#14 - Greg Pruitt (Oklahoma) If not for Johnny Rodgers epic punt return in the "Game of the Century", Greg would have his own Heisman. HOF member. 1971 Oklahoma is the greatest team not to win the National championship.
#15 - Reggie Bush (USC) Heisman Winner  in 2005. The most explosive runner in the last 20 years. Was a threat to go all the way every time he touched the ball. Catching passes, returning kicks, busting a run outside, he was a joy to watch.
#16 - Darren McFadden (Arkansas) The finest college runner never to win the Heisman, placed 2nd twice. Was a freak with good size, blazing speed, tremendous vision, and great vision. The best combo since Bo. He even played QB in the 'Wild Hog" formation and threw for 4 TD's and zero picks.
#17 - Ron Dayne (Wisconsin) 1999 Heisman Winner. Woody Hayes would have loved this guy; The ultimate ball control power back. He was never spectacular but definitely brought the heat every down. A tireless runner who ended up setting the all-time collegiate rushing mark and also had the most carries.
#18 - George Rogers (South Carolina) Rose from relative obscurity in Columbia to win the 1980 Heisman Trophy. One of the finest runners in SEC history, he was a great combination of speed, size, and power.
#19 - Johnny Musso (Alabama) "The Italian Stallion" was Bear Bryant's all-time favorite running back.  Who can forget  Musso jumping over the pile for a TD or busting a pitch to the outside with his cut-off #22 jersey flailing in the wind?
#20 - Eric Dickerson/Craig James (SMU) Affectionately known as "The Pony Express" while in Dallas. These two would tag-team at tailback all four years in college taking hand-offs and pitches from Highland Park legend Lance McIlhenny. Their styles were as different as their skin color but each could bring it. They combined for over 8,000 yards and helped SMU temporarily climb back into national prominence.

Alphabetical HM: Ottis Anderson (Miami), Rickey Bell (USC), John Capaletti (Penn State), Warrick Dunn (Florida State),  Marshall Faulk (San Diego State), Eddie George (Ohio State), Lydell Mitchell (Penn State), Chuck Muncie (Cal), Darrin Nelson (Stanford), Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma), Emmitt Smith (Florida), Thurman Thomas (Oklahoma State), LaDanian Tomlinson (TCU), Curt Warner (Penn State), Joe Washington (Oklahoma), Lorenzo White (Michigan State)

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The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

So many great running backs have played it is tough to limit it to just three.

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The Greatest College Team Needs 3 Running Backs!

This is going to be wide open, considering all the great RB's. my picks are:

Marcus Allen--USC

Hershel Walker--Georgia

Barry Sanders--Oklahoma ST.

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