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The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: September 16, 2008 12:14 pm
The most anticipated position. The college game is very different then the pro game, there are different kinds of offenses. To accommodate the uniqueness of the college game, we will vote for two (2) QBs...a duel threat and a passer.

Pocket QB-
Duel Threat QB-

RB1- Hershel Walker (Georgia) (14 Votes)
RB2- Tony Dorsett (Pittsburgh) (8 Votes)
RB3- (Tie) Earl Campbell (Texas) (Both With 6 Votes)
                   Barry Sanders (Oklahoma State)

WR1- Tim Brown (Notre Dame) (9 Votes)
WR2- Anthony Carter (Michigan) (9 Votes)
WR3- Larry Fitzgerald (Pittsburgh) (6 Votes)

TE- Keith Jackson (Oklahoma) (8 Votes)

OT1- Orlando Pace (Ohio State) (13 Votes)
OT2- Anthony Munoz (USC) (10 Votes)

OG1- John Hannah (Alabama) (13 Votes)
OG2- Dean Steinkuhler (Nebraska) (5 Votes)

C- Dave Rimington (Nebraska) (12 Votes)

Lee Roy Selmon (Oklahoma) (14 Votes)
DT2- (Tie) Bruce Smith (Virginia Tech) (Both With 6 Votes)
                   Randy White (Maryland)

DE1- Hugh Green (Pittsburgh) (12 Votes)
DE2- Julius Peppers (North Carolina) (5 Votes)

OLB1- Jerry Robinson (UCLA) (7 Votes)
OLB2- (Tie) Lavar Arrington (Penn State) (All With 3 Votes)
                      Derrick Johnson (Texas)
                      Junior Seau (USC)

ILB1- Brian Bosworth (Oklahoma) (8 Votes)
ILB2- Mike Singletary (Baylor) (5 Votes)

CB1- Deion Sanders (Florida State) (11 Votes)
CB2- Charles Woodson (Michigan) (9 Votes)
CB3- Tommy Casanova (LSU) (4 Votes)

FS- Kenny Easley (UCLA) (10 Votes)

SS- Ronnie Lott (USC) (6 Votes)

P- Ray Guy (Southern Miss) (10 Votes)

K- Kevin Butler (Georgia) (6 Votes)

Returner 1- Raghib "Rocket" Ismael (Notre Dame) (8 Votes)
Returner 2- Johnny Rodgers (Nebraska) (6 Votes)


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Posted on: September 16, 2008 7:00 pm
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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:55 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dual QB- There are many who come to mind, Tommie Frazier, Eric Crouch and Steve Young to name a few but I believe that Vince Young is probably the best but that is probably because he is the freshest in my mind.

Pocket Passer QB- Again a tough call but I would have to go with Peyton Manning from Tennessee over Detmer from BYU because of what Peyton did not only in college but in the NFL.

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:53 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Passer: Ty Detmer

Roger Staubach

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:46 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Passer = Danny Weurffel

Dual = Tim Tebow

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:41 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staubach, Elway.

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 6:15 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Passer Ty Detemer

Runner Vince Young

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 5:39 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad that you opened this up to 2 QBs so I will submit my 2 and then do a Top 2 for each school with top tier QB talent as an HM list. This may take a while so please be patient. I love NCAA football...

  1. Ty Detmer (BYU Cougars) - won the Heisman Trophy in 1991. Won the Davey O'Brien Trophy in 1990 and 1991. 1991 All American. The best pure passer I have ever seen in person. Perhaps he was too short to make it in the NFL, but he lit up opposing defenses with a minimal running game. In other words they knew what was coming and still couldn't stop it.
  2. Tommie Frazier (Nebraska Cornhuskers) - 1995 Johnny Unitas Award winner, he was a dual threat before it really became popular. I had a really tough time picking between Vince Young, Eric Crouch, Steve Young, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, and Michael Vick. I was really torn, but I decided to go with the old school pick. 2 time NC.

Now for the HM list (2 for each school) -

  • BYU - Steve Young & Jim McMahon
  • WSU - Ryan Leaf & Drew Bledsoe
  • USC - Matt Leinart & Carson Palmer
  • Texas - Vince Young & Major Applewhite
  • Oklahoma - Jason White & Josh Huepel
  • Florida - Tim Tebow & Rex Grossman
  • LSU - JaMarcus Russell & Bert Jones
  • BC - Doug Flutie & Matt Ryan
  • Miami - Vinny Testaverde & Bernie Kosar
  • Pitt - Dan Marino & Matt Cavanaugh
  • Iowa - Chuck Long & Brad Banks
  • FSU - Charlie Ward & Chris Weinke
  • Tennessee - Peyton Manning & Tee Martin
  • Stanford - Jim Plunkett & John Elway
  • UW - Mark Brunell & Warren Moon
  • Syracuse - Donovan McNabb & Don McPherson
  • Michigan - Jim Harbaugh & Brian Greise
  • Purdue - Jim Everett & Drew Brees
  • Notre Dame - Brady Quinn & Joe Montana
  • Penn State - Kerry Collins & Todd Blackledge
  • Nebraska - Eric Crouch & Turner Gill
  • Louisville - Chris Redman & Brian Brohm
  • West Virginia - Pat White & Major Harris
  • Oregon - Dan Fouts & Joey Harrington
  • Houston - Andre Ware & David Klingler
  • Hawaii - Colt Brennan & Timmy Chang
  • UCLA - Cade McNown & Troy Aikman
  • Utah - Alex Smith & Scott Mitchell
  • Kentucky - Tim Couch & Andre Woodson
  • California - Steve Bartkowski & Aaron Rodgers
  • San Jose State - Jeff Garcia & Steve DeBerg
  • ASU - Andrew Walter & Jake Plummer
  • OSU Beavers - Matt Moore & Derek Anderson
  • OSU Buckeyes - Troy Smith & Joe Germaine
  • Auburn - Jason Campbell & Pat Sullivan
  • Georgia - Eric Zeier & David Greene
  • Ole Miss - Eli Manning & Archie Manning
  • Mich State - Tony Banks & Brad Van Pelt
  • Colorado - Kordell Stewart & Darian Hagan
  • Fresno State - David Carr & Trent Dilfer

One QB Schools

  • UNLV - Randall Cunningham
  • ECU - Jeff Blake
  • Maryland - Boomer Esiason
  • VT - Michael Vick
  • Iowa State - Senecca Wallace
  • SDSU - Dan McGwire
  • Alabama - John Parker Wilson
  • Vanderbilt - Jay Cutler
  • KSU - Michael Bishop
  • Kansas - Todd Reesing
  • Missouri - Chase Daniel
  • Illinois - Juice Williams
  • NC State - Phillip Rivers
  • UCF - Dante Culpepper
  • Southern Miss - Brett Favre
  • Ga Tech - Joe Hamilton
  • TT - Graham Harrell

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 5:08 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pocket QB-Peyton Manning
Duel Threat QB-Vince Young
Nice blog man.

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 4:38 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!


John Elway (Stanford)

Steve Young (BYU)

Both quarterbacks could pass and run, and DID!

I can't see picking a wishbone QB or a passing system QB (ex: Texas Tech). Why? Many wishbone QB's are "running backs" that have some passing ability. Last week the Air Force QB ran for a hundred-plus yards and went 0 for 7 passing. That's not playing the QB position, IMHO. Yes, there were some great QB's at Nebraska and Oklahoma. However, they just don't match-up with the two I've chosen.

Vince Young was an instinctive runner that had a few great games in his senior year, primarily. He was very average early on and nearly lost his starting job several times. One game doesn't make greatness. I live in Vince's hometown, Houston. Other than the NCG against USC, Major Applewhite is considered a better Texas QB. That's coming from his hometown.

Honorable Mention (no particular order):  Joe Montana (Notre Dame); Roger Staubach (Navy); Carson Palmer (USC); Troy Aikman (UCLA); Steve Bartkowski (California); Peyton Manning (Tennessee); and Dan Marino (Pitt).

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 1:47 pm

The Greatest College Team Needs 2 QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who is going to run this team...

Pocket Passer --- he was jilted in the draft and came back to haunt a great many teams, I will go with Dan Marino... quickest release ever seen... he was a machine while at Pitt... a shaky reputation led to his dropping like a rock in the draft, but the Dolphins were very happy with what they got...

Scrambler --- this is a tougher call for me as I am not enamored with this type of quarterback (stay in the pocket and throw the ball)... I will go with Michael... no Tommie... no Randall... no Vince Young... yup that is it Vince Young... maybe because it it the freshest in my mind, but he dominated so many games while at Texas all the way to the National Championship...

There are soooo many QB's that were amazing in college... it is awful hard to decide on just two... I will not even list an honorable mention as it might sway me to change my votes...

Thanks for bringing back so good memories... and for that matter some bad ones...

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