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Here Is the Greatest Of All Time Team

Posted on: October 15, 2008 12:27 pm
Wow its done. I'm sad I even waited an extra day to delay the eventual end. Thanks to everyone who participated!
I'm trying to come up with topics for my next series of blogs: The best and worst of college football. If you have any topics you would like us to vote on I'm looking for ideas. I will still update the blog every tuesday.

Here is our team:

Pocket QB- Peyton Manning (Tennessee) (15 Votes)
Dual Threat QB- Vince Young (Texas) (17 Votes)

RB1- Hershel Walker (Georgia) (14 Votes)
RB2- Tony Dorsett (Pittsburgh) (8 Votes)
RB3- (Tie) Earl Campbell (Texas) (Both With 6 Votes)
                   Barry Sanders (Oklahoma State)

WR1- Tim Brown (Notre Dame) (9 Votes)
WR2- Anthony Carter (Michigan) (9 Votes)
WR3- Larry Fitzgerald (Pittsburgh) (6 Votes)

TE- Keith Jackson (Oklahoma) (8 Votes)

OT1- Orlando Pace (Ohio State) (13 Votes)
OT2- Anthony Munoz (USC) (10 Votes)

OG1- John Hannah (Alabama) (13 Votes)
OG2- Dean Steinkuhler (Nebraska) (5 Votes)

C- Dave Rimington (Nebraska) (12 Votes)

Lee Roy Selmon (Oklahoma) (14 Votes)
DT2- (Tie) Bruce Smith (Virginia Tech) (Both With 6 Votes)
                   Randy White (Maryland)

DE1- Hugh Green (Pittsburgh) (12 Votes)
DE2- Julius Peppers (North Carolina) (5 Votes)

OLB1- Jerry Robinson (UCLA) (7 Votes)
OLB2- (Tie) Lavar Arrington (Penn State) (All With 3 Votes)
                      Derrick Johnson (Texas)
                      Junior Seau (USC)

ILB1- Brian Bosworth (Oklahoma) (8 Votes)
ILB2- Mike Singletary (Baylor) (5 Votes)

CB1- Deion Sanders (Florida State) (11 Votes)
CB2- Charles Woodson (Michigan) (9 Votes)
CB3- Tommy Casanova (LSU) (4 Votes)

FS- Kenny Easley (UCLA) (10 Votes)

SS- Ronnie Lott (USC) (6 Votes)

P- Ray Guy (Southern Miss) (10 Votes)

K- Kevin Butler (Georgia) (6 Votes)

Returner 1- Raghib "Rocket" Ismael (Notre Dame) (8 Votes)
Returner 2- Johnny Rodgers (Nebraska) (6 Votes)

Coach- Paul "Bear" Bryant (Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Alabama) (6 Votes)

Stadium- Memorial Stadium -- Lincoln, NE (Nebraska) (15 Votes)

Uniform- University of Michigan (4 Votes) (Worst is University of Oregon with 4 votes)

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Posted on: October 19, 2008 7:52 am

Here Is the Greatest Of All Time Team

Wow, that team could win the National Championship, unless of course Pete Carroll was coaching it and they had a road game at Oregon St.

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Posted on: October 18, 2008 10:49 pm

Here Is the Greatest Of All Time Team


Thanks for the fun... it has been a blast... before I forget, congrats on the win over my Sooners... good game, and the 1st half tonight versus Mizz... wow...

While I am sorry to see this end, I am happy to see the fruit of your labor... excellent team, a few surprises for me... and lastly, it must have been tough seeing Memorial Stadium... for us Big 12 guys, come on... Boomer Sooner

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Posted on: October 16, 2008 10:54 am

Here Is the Greatest Of All Time Team

Thanks for the love...for me and my Horns. That was a great game and Jcoug25 I agree Mizzu will be really tough. We still have a really hard schedule; we still have to play the #7, #9, #12, & #19 teams in The Greek's poll. I hope we make it undefeated but I would be happy making it out with just 1 loss; I think if we did that we could still go to the National championship.

I'll make sure we still have a new topic every Tuesday.

You Guys ROCK!!!

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Posted on: October 16, 2008 9:58 am

Here Is the Greatest Of All Time Team

Thankyou Livin' Large for such a great blog. I know it is alot of work. Don't think that those of us who have been here from the start don't realize how much work went into it on your part. Again a very big thankyou.

So far so good for your Longhorns. I know they have a tough road to travel to get to the BCS Title game, good luck to them. I hope Boise State does to them what they did to Oklahoma a few years back though!!!!!

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Posted on: October 15, 2008 4:40 pm

Here Is the Greatest Of All Time Team

Nice job on this. Good for your Longhorns that they beat Oklahoma in a shootout, which happens in Texas (for football and with real guns). Now, Lets hope my team, Michigan, can get half as many wins as Texas does this year. Maybe, you could do this all over again with players playing right now (except for things that are unchangable like Stadium and Uniform)> well, cant wait to see your new blog

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Posted on: October 15, 2008 2:53 pm

Here Is the Greatest Of All Time Team

Thanks Livin Large! I loved the blog. The problem now is what am I supposed to look forward to every Tuesday? Congrats on Texas beating Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry. That was an entertaining game. Missouri might be a trap game especially coming off of that loss to Oklahoma State. Are you concerned? Think your Longhorns will make it through the season undefeated?

Thanks Again!


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