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2009 Super Bowl, brough to you by ?????

Posted on: December 24, 2008 7:36 am
Fed Ex today announced that due to the "recession" they are not going to advertise in the upcoming Super Bowl. This got me to thinking, I know that is dangerous, outside of beer and chip companies who is going to pay the outrageous sum to run their ads this time.
American auto companies should probably think twice considering they have just run to congress with their collective hands out begging for money just to stay afloat. Banking and investment firms are in the same boat only worse because of the question over did they or didn't they pay exhorbitant bonuses or take expensive junkets with the federal funds.
This leaves the likes of beer and chip makers which never made much sense to me because if you are at a Super Bowl Party then you already have those things and are unlikely to rush out and buy them. Not to mention that I am about sick of the Budweiser clydesdales. had the memorable commercials a couple of years ago, but have since started to take themselves too seriously.
To be quite honest, the quality of SB commercial has fallen off quite a bit over the last few years anyway. I cannot think of a single memorable one from last year. I do remember one with some guy playing an acoustic guitar and singing that was some contest winner, but can't tell you who it was for and what they were pimping. Is this what focus groups and PC thinking gets you?
Or is this a ploy to try to get the network to lower the price of advertisement during the game. Methinks this to be the more likely scenario. If there are few takers for the prime money slots then the game is going to be flooded with promos for the next big network flop or your local news and weather update both of which are really not interesting to watch.
Who do you think is going to advertise and why??
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