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The race for the #1 pick

Posted on: September 24, 2008 11:51 pm
The race for the number one overall pick is heating up here beginning week 4 of the NFL season. There are three clear front runners at this point in the season.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

    Apparently nobody told the Bengals that offensive teams were supposed to play offense. We all know the Bengals defense is just impressive all around, but if Carson Palmer doesn't remember how his arm works and his offensive line doesn't remember they have to hit the guy in front of them, this team can easily steal the top pick. They do have a chance to move out of the running this week with the suddenly lowly Browns coming up. Carson Palmer and Derek Anderson will be competing to see who can have the lower passer rating.

4. Oakland Raiders
    Their leading receivers are Johnnie Lee Higgins and Ashley Lelie. JaMarcus Russell has looked adequate, though he still needs to throw more than two passes per quarter. They do have a bunch of running backs, if only Kansas City could come to town every week. Not to mention their coach is just waiting to be fired and Al Davis is still alive, they haven't done enough to move out of the rankings. They have legitimate talent at a few positions, their biggest problem is being the Oakland Raiders.

3. Detroit Lions

    Now we get down to the real three horse race. The Lions can't play defense, their quarterback is Jon Kitna, and Rudi Johnson is now their top running back. Detroit is awful, but they do have a few talented players, which is keeping them out of the front runners for the number one pick. They finally got rid of Matt Millen, now if they could just go back seven years in time and convince Barry Sanders to unretire they'll be all set.

2. St. Louis Rams

    Trent Green starting at quarterback gives them a big step forward towards the top pick. They have looked like the worst team so far, but right now Steven Jackson and Torry Holt and basically single(or double)handedly keeping this team afloat. They should just take their defense off the field and replace them with the cheerleaders because then people may at least be entertained, but this offense line will, at some point, block someone. The offense will pick it up and they may win just enough to not get a good draft pick.
1. Kansas City Chiefs

    Now this is a roster devoid of talent. Larry Johnson still has some ability but man this team is bad. Every team runs for a minimum of 150 yards against them, and they back that up by putting the ball in the hands of Tyler Thigpen. Until Kansas City find themselves a quarterback, a wide receiver other than Dwayne Bowe, an offensive line, a defense, and a new coach, they aren't going anywhere. They can't move the ball, they can't stop the ball, there's nothing I can even say about them. Let's just replace their team with a binched of trained monkeys. They would play about the same, but more people would watch the monkeys.
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