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Bobcats '08-'09 = 41-41

Posted on: June 27, 2008 5:02 pm

Starting Lineup :  Felton, Richardson, Wallace, Okafor, Mohammed

Bench: Augustin, Carroll, Morrison, Dudley, Ajinca, Davidson

It was disappointing to watch us avoid any instant help as far as our starting lineup is concerned.  I understand Augustin will be a better player than felton eventually, but Charlotte needs a winner now to develop some fan base...and a starting center such as Brook Lopez would have been a better start in my opinion.  Give Ajinca some time and he might play 20mins a game, but he has a lot more Johnathan Bender potential than Dwight Howard potential.  I read that he has played some 2-guard in France.....and i thought we were looking for inside help!? 

But all hope is not lost, now we just have to put priority on re-signing Okafor, and signing another big to provide a capable backup to Mohammed (because neither Jermareo Davidson or Ajinca will be that this year).  I am holding out hope may will have a healthy year and back okafor up. 

Besides our lack of depth at the 5 position, i feel really good about how our backcourt is going to look.  Having mcginnis and boykins as our backup PG's was a disaster last year, and led to Felton having to play way too many minutes, and his FG% suffered because of it.  With augustin, ironically, i will expect an increase in Felton's numbers, as he will be more fresh to run with Wallace and Richardson or kick it out to Carroll or Morrison to pop a trey. 

Although the draft was not one of the best in the league, the Bobcats are coming back with the whole team + 2 injured 1st round picks + 2 current 1st round picks and a legendary coach.  Things are looking up.

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