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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Shameful

Posted on: October 19, 2008 8:51 pm
Okay, so I’m a little early for the Monday morning quarterbacking as it’s still Sunday night, but in light of a win for
the Silver and Black I really want to get some of this stuff off my chest while it’s fresh in my mind. 

The Good:
Congratulations to Tom Cable for getting his first win in the NFL.  It may not have been decisive or pretty, it was a win
and there were things to build on.  I liked the balance of play calling on offense (until the end of the 4th quarter) and
Rob Ryan’s willingness to stay aggressive later in the game.  I liked that J.R. seemed to have a LOT of time in the
pocket, which is a far cry from how things looked a couple years ago…….Just ask Andrew Walter.  I liked the cohesion I
saw on both sides of the ball today.  This was in my mind at least the first time I saw the team really gelled together. 
There was a good pass rush.  The secondary maintained good coverage deep.  The offense put together some good drives. 
All in all, a really good effort put up by the Raiders.  Which leads me to…….

The Bad:
For all the effort being displayed on the field, there was an equivalent lack of discipline being shown, especially
early.  14 penalties for 85 yards.  That’s a LOT of the 5 yard variety.  Not that I’d prefer the 15 yarders, but this
slew of 5 yard penalties is indicative of a lingering need to address the SIMPLE things.  There were a lot of little
things that put Oakland in less than enviable D&D’s that winning football teams typically avoid.  I know this is the AFC
West and we’re notorious for being bad at stopping the run, but for the love of all things holy (more like hole-Y), given
the success of Thomas Jones on the ground, I’m surprised  that the Jets didn’t put more points on the board……..Happy, but
surprised none the less.  Now onto………

The Ugly:
Kwame Harris.  Good Lord my man, how many procedure penalties do you need to get before you screw your head on straight. 
It’s not like you were routinely getting beat off the corner so you were “jumpy”.  1st and 10 is hard enough…….1st and 15
is just all the much harder.  Mistakes happen, but you’ve got to learn and adjust.  Mike Huff.  I know it’s a cliche to
say “if DB’s could catch, they’d be receivers”, but seriously……..That play would have saved at least 10 grey hairs from
forming on my head today.  You’re a first round pick, you HAVE to make that play.  And today, in light of a couple things
that really pissed me off, I’m opening the group…….

The Shameful:
First off, the “icing” at the last second.  I really, REALLY hate this tactic.  Not just because I fail to see anything
positive that can come out of it, but because I think it’s a cheap ploy of trying to make some cerebral impact on the
other team.  While the classic “icing” was in my opinion a bit suspect, this last second variety is just a bunch of crap.
 I fail to see a purpose for it.  I’ll use the situation from today.  That kick was supposed to be at the edge of Feelys
range.  If you call the time out and he makes that kick, you just boosted his confidence for the re-try.  If he misses,
you’re a goat, because you could have cost your team the game, and if for what ever reason he did come up 5 yards short,
it gives the Jets the opportunity to put the offense back on the field to try to get a few more yards.  There were still
8 seconds left, so there was time.  Nothing good can come from pulling that stunt and I don’t like seeing it in any game,
but I DESPISE it when I see Oakland do it.  Please get the memo Tom, there’s no need for that. 
My second beef is with Mr. #4.  I was very critical of Brett Favres actions earlier this off season trying to force the
hands of the Packers.  I condemned his actions as putting himself ahead of the Packers organization.  I questioned him
then and now that he’s dimed out his old offense to the Lions in a move not unlike that of a jilted lover, I want to hear
from all the FARVE supporters in Green Bay.  I want to hear you try to justify what your hero did.  You guys all too
blindly took his side in the Favre vs. Ted Thompson argument because Brett is Mr. Can’t Be Wrong out there, but what
about now?  I have the utmost respect for the career that #4 had in Lambeau, but his actions this year (and the ones this
week in particular) really diminish my respect for him.  It may be too late, but jeez Brett, still bitter much? 
Last but not least I’d like to hand out a couple game balls.  First for the Oakland game, Mr. Lechler, here’s yours.  Ray
Guy may forever be the icon, but Shane Lechler (and Mike Scifres as honorable mention) are really artists in the kicking
game.  In a game like the one today where field position was such a crucial aspect in the win, the clutch kicking may
have made all the difference.
My second ball goes to Mr. Jim Haslett.  This is 2 weeks in a row the lack-luster Rams have come out against good opposition and have found a way to put a win on the board……the way that Scott Linehan couldn’t.  Kudos.
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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Shameful

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