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From Bad to WorsT

Posted on: November 3, 2008 11:14 pm
In a weekend where I watched the Lions come within one play of beating Chicago, KC finding a way to hand a victory to the Bucs and Cinci placed their first notch in the win column, I also watched the Silver and Black get dominated in every sense of the word.  Admittedly I did switch away from the game a few......well more than a few times after the 24-0 run, but being the typical superstitious fan, every time I switched back to the game I was greeted with Gallery false starting or a late hit penalty or an interception in the endzone, so I pretty much quit watching so I could actually keep my lunch down.  What I saw was a sickening display that reaffirmed in my mind that the Raiders are the worst team in football this year.  Their offense is anemic.  Their defense is porous.  Their "big money" guys are not even coming close to living up to the expectations we have hoped for.  In an earlier blog, I mentioned that maybe what Tom Cable needed to do was get back to fundamentals.  Focus on the small victories.  Stop looking at the season and just win one play (one battle) at a time.  I think this might have been setting my sights a bit too high.  Watching J.R. having another ball slip out of his GIANT hands in his throwing motion.  Seeing all the "discipline" penalties (false start - Gallery, encroachment - Edwards.....etc.).  250 yard given up on the ground and another 220 in the air.  30 first downs given up.  I guess what I should have hoped for was some (ANY) pride shown on the field.  Too bad there isn't someone in the organization willing to step up and remind these players that they should be playing for something other than a fat paycheck.  I'd dream that in this off season Bill Cowher would come into the organization and bring his "winning attitude" with him, but the handling of Kiffin has pretty much assured that NO legitimate coach will even look at Oakland.  From the top on down this organization is in chaos and outside of Detroit going 0-16 I can't wait to overpay another rookie Top 1 (probably another "skill postition guy") instead of coming to grips with the real weaknesses on the field.......THE LINES.  Here's to another LOOOOONG season my fellow Raider fans.  Keep your spirits up.
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Posted on: November 4, 2008 5:25 pm

From Bad to WorsT

There is only one way to keep your head up through this, ignore it.  The Raiders are validating every nasty and snide post from AFC rivals that I've came across this year, even as I defend the un-defendable.  I have lost faith that JRuss will pan out (he won't), or that any players on this roster play with heart, and honestly I can't defend that ....although with Al at the helm I guess I 'understand' it, but still cannot condone being so apathetic with that size of a paycheck.

The cure?  The NBA, and the hope of next season.

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