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Does Texas have a chance to rise from the ashes?

Posted on: January 8, 2010 3:42 pm
By now, everyone and their grandmother knows what happened in yesterdays's BCS Title Game. College Football's own Ironman, Colt McCoy, went down with an injury seven plays into the game. True Freshman Garrett Gilbert came in and by halftime, the Crimson Tide had built what seemed like an insurmountable lead. What we saw in the second half of the game was both Magical and Heartbreaking. For a while, we actually thought he would lead the Texas Longhorns to victory. Those hopes were dashed by two desperation passes that became touchdowns. But going forward, the score doesn't matter. The game is already over. What Longhorn fans need to realize is that in Garrett Gilbert, they have a Quarterback worthy of succeeding Colt McCoy. Game Experience and practice will fix Gilbert's miscues from the title game. It would be unreasonable to expect a freshman with little game experience to be able to lead his team to victory in the National Title game. What can't be taught, and what Gilbert has, is a laundry list of superlatives: Determination, Willpower, Guts, whatever you want to call it. Leadership. Those things cannot be taught. Garrett Gilbert has it, he proved it. As far as make-up goes, he seems about as good as you could hope for. When asked about the game, he responded that it was something to build upon. And with three years of time to do just that, I think we just might see him back here again before he graduates. Is it to early in a career to call a Heisman? Cause I think he'll win one.
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Posted on: January 10, 2010 1:42 pm

Does Texas have a chance to rise from the ashes?

Oh, I probably should have mentioned that I am a Notre Dame fan. The Longhorns aren't my team, I just appreciate good football. 

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Posted on: January 9, 2010 8:10 am

Does Texas have a chance to rise from the ashes?

You wouldn't happen to be Gilbert's dad by any chance?

You write so glowingly of him that at first glance I'm inclined to think so!

As a SEC fan, I was pulling for Bama out of respect for the rival (my team is the Gators) and out of loyalty to our conference.  Like you, I was genuinely saddened at the loss of starting QB McCoy.  Indeed, he is a very special  student athlete who will excel in the pro ranks if he chooses that career path.  And while it was clear that young Gilbert was not prepared for the challenging situation he found himself in, he should not be faulted for not winning the game.  But what I saw of him convinces me he is a genuine future super star. 

I believe he has the innate skills to be a leader and winning QB. He has a strong arm and a very accurate release.  Unfortunately, he was unprepared -- and for this I blame his coach who should have put him through all the drills that a starter would have gone through.  He had no expecation of a blindside blitz and lost the ball as a consequence.  In the near future (the VERY near future, I guarantee) he will be preparaed.  And he will lead the team to victory.

I am not a fan of the Texas Longhorns.  But I respect the program because it has produced so many excellent student-athletes who excel in this great game of football.  With better luck you could well have won the BCS championship this year.  But with the determination the school has always shown in the past, it's a good bet (no, a sure bet!) that you will win that championship in the near future more than once.

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