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Qualifier and the distribution of the Money . . .

Posted on: June 27, 2010 4:28 pm
Let me clearify. . . the plan I have proposed is NOT a playoff system. It is a Qualifier round that will be played before the final BCS Rankings.

Frankly, I am only interested in my plan because it will have teams play teams that are perceived to be of equal stature. Everytime one team has a terrific season, they seem to schedule another team that could be a good match. Of course these games are scheduled another 3 or 4 or even 5 years down the line.  My plan puts them together RIGHT NOW!

Last game of the regular season could be a real eye opener if we had #1 hosting #2, #3 hosting #4, etc.

As for the Bowls. . . If they still have to play the bowls to determine Champions, then let it be. Frankly, if my team doesn't win their bowl game, it is very ok with me. They are kids, and the trips to these bowls are adventures in their lives, and yes, they can be distracted by Disneyworld, side trips, and all the events that take place.

Keep the Bowls as they are, and reward the teams for a well played season!

If you feel as I do, then read my book. . . December Dream . . . Qualifying for the BCS Rankings  Thank you.

[and then someone suggested that the schools divide all the money from all the Bowls . . }

You actually said that they should DIVIDE ALL THE MONEY ?!?!?!  lol ROFLOL  Surprised

Don't hold your breath!   Yes the Big 10[11][12] did double dip a few times, as you put it, and so did the SEC and Big 12[10], and Pac 10[12], and maybe the ACC and Big East, but that is what it is all about. . . THE MONEY !

That is the very reason I suggested that they do the 12th Game unscheduled. It has #1 hosting #2, #3 hosting #4, etc all the way down the line. The home teams have the advantage for receiving monies from the gate, parking, concessions, etc. and they would be expected to pay the visitor the "going rate". Like last season, Ohio State had Navy in for a game and paid $2.5 mil for Navy to come and play. That is typical for a one team visit with no return game. With a home and home situation, there is No dollars spent for the visitor. Ohio State did not pay USC last year as they made the trip to USC the previous year.

The Teams, in my scenario, would split the Broadcasting rights, as the networks would pay a premium to broadcast these 12th unscheduled games, at least as I suggested in my book. I have a four day marathon featuring games every day for 70 teams. 35 games overall. #69 hosting #70 may not be a great viewership, but when your with teams in the top 20 or 30, you will get very high viewership, and the Broadcasting package would pay equally to all the teams that participate. Remember this is additional to broadcasting the 11 game regularly scheduled games.  I have purposly created a new profit center.

In essence, I have provided the "showdown" that will actually send the teams that win their 12th game to a higher level, eliminating or at least repositioning the losers to a lower BCS ranking [The teams that lose to a top 10 ranked team will have these noted as quality losses, and will not hurt their ranking as much as it would if they lost to a #30 ranked team.] and we just might have a #2 playing a #6 for the National Championship, depending who wins! [or it could be a #1 playing #4, or #2 playing #3, or whatever other combinnations that are possible among the top 6 or so teams, going into the 12th unscheduled game.]

Remember the top 5 Bowls all pay the same, and if a #1 loses, they may still get in the BCS bowl mix.

Just a side note here. . . one team did get an invite to a low paying bowl and they actually had to pull monies from their school to assist with the expenses incurred for the Bowl trip, as the amount paid was not enough. Don't forget, your not just brining the team. . . how about the Band, Cheerleaders, Trainers, Doctors, other personnel you see on the sidelines at your typical away game, and of course there will be some members from the administration that will be included in the total tab paid by the school for the trip.
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