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Why the BCS will continue to be strong . . .

Posted on: September 1, 2010 9:38 pm
As a point of the original question, I picked the 16 team playoff as the bigger joke. . .

First of all, you all have seemed to miss the number one point, it's all about the MONEY!

I do not have the numbers, but maybe one of you proponets who desire the playoff can find out how much the teams/schools make with a playoff in Division II and Division III. I would also like you to check the ATTENDANCE to all of the playoff games. I'll bet dimes to donuts the attendance and dollars don't amount to many.

The Bowl system was NOT created to judge who is the best team, and NO ONE REALLY CARED! The Bowls were created to host an EXHIBITION Game between a powerhouse of a team from another area of the country to come to our town and play our best local team, and while were at it, let's raise some bucks for the economic and social development of our areas. Most, if not all the Bowls are NON_PROFIT Organizations. They raise money that is used to fund Boys and Girls clubs so they can have activities that they would never have been able to do without the support from these Bowls, or other organizations which support the economically disadvantaged people in their areas, just like the United Way, and similar organizations.

The Bowls are truly UNIQUE. . . NO OTHER SPORT HAS THEM! Cool  A playoff is fine with me, as long as it is completed before the 35 or 36 scheduled Bowls. . . but that just AIN"T GONNA" HAPPEN!

Yes there are a few blunders and miscues with the BCs system as we have seen in the past. A few teams/schools were not justifiably treated to the games they may have been or should have been invited to play, but that has established the BCS's learning curve. The one I believe that has been hurt most was Kansas State, and that is why the BCS has the "Kansas State" rule.

The BCS needs to progress, and with the further re-development of the Conferences, and the better quality of players and teams from the NON-BCS conferences, we will see an occasional rule change and maybe the admittance of other conferences, or maybe, and this is my best change is to eliminate the Automatic Qualifier.

Another fact of why the BCS was created was to get some of that 'Rose Bowl' money. I know your saying, "what?", and that is fine. The Rose Bowl was not the 'grandaddy' because they were the first bowl, but they were the Highest Paying Bowl as well. . . and it was a closed bowl to only the Pac 10 and Big 10. The other conferences wanted to play in the Rose Bowl because of the scheduled payout.

With the creation of the BCS there were four bowls, and all had the same scheduled payout. Now the Rose Bowl was not the highest paying bowl, and now the other bowls of the BCS also paid the premium top dollars once only enjoyed by the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl, who were the top paying bowls in that order.

I have only one innovation that I would like implemented, and I put together a strong arguement for my proposal in my book, December Dream . . . Qualifying for the Final BCS Rankings Infinity Publishing.

My methodology is to allow teams of perceived equal strength play each other. #1 hosting #2, #3 hosting #4, #5 hosting #6, etc. all the way down to #119 hosting #120, or at least as many teams as there are Bowl berths. Let's face it, the regular season IS the playoff. By the time we get down the last game of the season, we know who are the best teams, we just quibble a bit of the order of who is the best. This system will vindicate a few of these arguements, and maybe provide a bit of discovery along the way.

And the BOTTOM LINE is simply this. . . there are 10 BCS Bowl berths. Each one is the same scheduled payout per team/school. [currently $18mil]. Do you think any of the Presidents or Board of Directors of the Schools of these six conferences really care IF their School wins? HELL  NO, just as long as they play in the game. Win or lose, the pay is the same.

Rather than counting Who was the winner, start counting which school/conference has made the most dollars from the teams in their conference by appearing in these BCS Bowls. . . As 'deepthroat' said . . . "follow the money".

The BCS will be around for a long time. . .
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