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Conference playoffs may no longer be necessary

Posted on: November 15, 2010 1:33 pm

Thank you BBWVFAN for the lead in "Did every game count?" 

I want to say that one of the points of the system I have divised in my book, December Dream . . . Qualifying for the Final BCS Rankings does address this point by pointing out that Conference playoffs may no longer be necessary.

Conference playoffs are becomming a part of the mix, but in my opinion if we were to have a Qualifying Round with the 12th game of the season, we just may see that there is no need for a conference playoff game. As you may or may not recall, my system has #1 hosting #2, #3 hosting #4, #5 hosting #6, etc all the way down to #119 hosting #120, or at least as many teams as there are Bowl berths.

In my system, every game does count as the teams with the least amount of losses will be ranked higher in the BCS Rankings. The #6, #7,#8, #9 and #10 teams would all be in a position of 'must' win or they could be replaced with the winners from #11, #12, #13 , #14 and maybe even #15, who could advance in the BCS Rankings and secure a spot in the BCS Bowls. As it stands right now, just getting into one of the five BCS Bowls is a major plus for the Schools regardless of the results, because it assures they will receive the same paycheck, win or lose. Remember, the Goals of the School Presidents and Board of Directors is to get the paycheck, and if we win, that's the gravy. That seems to me to be the one reason why the School Presidents and Board of Directors allowed these six conferences to band together to assure that at least one of their Schools WILL be an automatic qualifier.

This could in effect have teams from the same conferene playing for a second time, but if you go back and check this formula, you will see that there are less than a handful of games where this happens. The beauty is that this does put a challenging contest of teams of PERCEIVED near equal strength playing one another. Whereas, the arguement of "well who did they play?" will be muted, because we will see the results of these games. . . and if both teams from a conference do win their games, we could possibly see these teams playing in a BCS Bowl that could be the justification of the 'former' conference playoff game.

Reality is, we will continue to see the Conference playoff games, and here it goes again, because of the MONEY and additional income for the Schools, Teams, and Conferences.

And regardless of what Dodd says, we could still see Ohio State and that School up North playing in a Conference Championship game. That School up North could lose to Ohio State and STILL be the winner of their division.

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