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Controversy of the 2012 BCS NCG Bowl . . .

Posted on: December 23, 2011 7:15 pm
Let's take a moment to go back in history and see what happened when Ohio State was #1 and Michigan was #2.
A lot of people thought that after the last game of the regular season, Ohio State beat Michigan, and since Michigan had their opportunity to beat Ohio State and lost, that they should not be given another opportunity to play in the National Championship game.

Here it is, a few years later, and we have similar circumstances, with LSU #1, having beat Alabama in the regular season, and because it's SEC, then there must be a rematch. If you look at the final Coaches poll in USA Today, 5 dec 2011 edition, you can see that the Coaches of the SEC did put their conference rankings slighly higher than the other Coaches rankings. And you can see that the Computers, which have no distinctive biase, put Oklahoma State in the #2 position. And Alabama bearly beat out Oklahoma State for the #2 position.

Call it what you want . . . but I have proposed such a pre bowl selection Qualifying Round [as the 12th game of the regular season], which would have made this an easire solution as to who should play who in each of the Bowls. Having #1 host #2, #3 hosts #4, etc up to #69 hosting #70, as there are 35 bowls. [see my blogs for more info, or buy my book at December Dream . . . Qualifying for the Final BCS Rankings.]

Who put Alabama at #2? It was the HUMAN POLLSTERS. It was their OPINIONS.
My system throws away opinions and let's the teams battle it out on the field. Isn't that why you want playoffs?
My system pits schools/team of perceived equal strength play it out, and the winners go on to a better bowl than the losers.

As we have seen, LSU can put up 35 to 45 points, as they have done in many of their games this year. Oklahoma State has put up 30 to 60 points in most of their games [6 above 50 points]. We have seen Alabama put up points slightly less than LSU. LSU beat Alabama 9 to 6 in OT.

The question I have is if LSU played Oklahoma State, could we see a high scoring game by both? I believe we would, and that is the #1 reason why I would have favored this matchup. Like Michigan, Alabama had their chance.

And lastly, if we see another 9 to 6 type of game with Alabama just bearly beating LSU, then we see Oklahoma State sufficiently put away Stanford with their typical 30 to 60 points, we just may see the Associated Press vote to have Oklahoma State as their National Champion. . . and if this happens . . . AGAIN . . . then I blame the HUMAN POLLSTERS as the culprit who paired LSU and Alabama in the NC Game.

My system let's the schools/teams of perceived equal strength play to prove their biased human pollsters were correct, or not so correct in their ranking of the schools/teams; and THEN we can have schools/teams assigned to the proper bowl.

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