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How to divide bigger pie becomes focus of BCS g..

Posted on: April 17, 2012 7:21 pm

How to divide bigger pie becomes focus of BCS g...

April 17, 2012 6:05 pm

So . . . the Conferences want a BIGGER piece of the pie . . .

Well to be honest, the BCS Conferences do get the biggest part of the pie . . . and if they want MORE PIE, then make more pies!

It is pretty well know that most of the Bowls feature schools/teams from the BCS conferences. Yeah, a Boise State or Utah gets in there once in a while, and frankly, they did EARN the BCS placement they received, and should not be berated for having achieved this goal.

Now you all know about my book, December Dream . . . Qualifying for the Final BCS Rankings [ or just go back and read all the blogs on my profile].

In my book I set it up to be a three pie situation, rather than the current two pie situation that we currently have. More pie = more dollars! Money mouth

My proposal has a standard 11 [yes eleven game schedule] games against preset opponets. And YES, in my scenario there is a 12th game of the regular season, but this game is, and again the litney of #1 hosts #2, #3 hosts #4, #5 hosts #6, etc. all the way down to #119 hosting #120, or at least as many scvhools/teams as there are Bowl Breths to fill.

This 12th Game IS THE THIRD PIE!!!! Surprised

Perhaps it should be organized and run by the NCAA, just like the basketball March Madness. Let the NCAA distribute these monetary treasures as determined by the best Television and Radio contract they can negotiate.

And of course, the other PIE is the BCS Bowl, and the other bowls as well.

And don't forget . . . the reason the Rose Bowl is always touted so highly in all of the discussions is the mear fact that before the BCS Bowls being established, the Rose Bowl always had the Highest payout to the schools/teams that played in that game. That's why the SEC always eyeball the Rose Bowl as the treasure it has always been.


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Posted on: April 18, 2012 9:25 am

How to divide bigger pie becomes focus of BCS g..

Ah yes, the good old days. I understand and even sympathize with youe feelings here. The Rose Bowl was the grandest of all the bowl games. Teams with six wins never had a chance to go to a bowl game because their records just weren't good enough. But to return to those days would require that we eliminate over half of the current bowls in order to make the remaining bowl more meaningful. But doing this would probably be viewed as an interference in free enterprise and economically harmful to cities that lost those bowl games and in today's struggling economy this is just not going to happen. And yes, students are in college for an education but those who go to college on a football scholarship know what's up and what will be expected of their time.  I'm not saying I agree with this (I'm a retired teacher), I'm just saying this is a reality. So the days that you are pining for were better, but, like the milk man, are gone forever.

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