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Top ten greatest Athlete of All Time round 3

Posted on: September 19, 2008 10:56 pm
So here it is, the top twenty as voted by you. This is the final round to arrive at the top ten of all time. When this round ends I will re-seed the top ten and we will then find the TOP ATHLETE of ALL TIME. Thank you to every one who is voting and taking part. I have really enjoyed reading the reasons for the votes. This will last two weeks and then we will round the list out.

Babe Zaharias VS Lance Armstrong

Jim Thorpe VS Willie Mays

Bo Jackson VS Hershel Walker

Jim Brown VS Walter Payton

Jackie Robinson VS Hank Aaron

Wilt Chamberlain VS Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Jackie Joyner-Kersey VS Jesse Owens

Joe DiMaggio VS Babe Ruth

John Elway VS Deion Sanders

Dave Winfield VS Rocky Marciano

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Posted on: September 20, 2008 12:44 am

Top ten greatest Athlete of All Time round 3

Lance Armstrong
Jim Thorpe
Bo Jackson
Walter Payton
Hank Aaron
Wilt Chamberlain
Jesse Owens
Babe Ruth
Deion Sanders
Dave Winfield

Nice job with this sadur...Keep up the good work.

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Posted on: September 20, 2008 12:01 am

Top ten greatest Athlete of All Time round 3

What up !?!
Well, here goes:
Rocky - undefeated
Elway - Winner
Joe D. - played against better competition.
JJ Kersey - weren't her times similar or better than his ?
Kareem - had a better 'jazz record' collection.
Jackie R. - multiple scholar athlete.
Jim Brown - there'd be no 'sweetness' without him.
Bo - knows best
Thorpe - indigenous superiority
Babe - while Lance has one left; she had none !

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 11:47 pm

Top ten greatest Athlete of All Time round 3

1. Babe Zaharias- I didn't vote for her in the last round but she gets my vote here.  Lance is a great cyclist.  Babe was great at everything.
2.  Jim Thorpe- The Say Hay Kid is my favorite athlete of all time, but Thorpe's multi-sport prowess is legendary.
3. Bo jackson- Very similar athletes, but Bo had more success in spite of the injuries.
4. Jim Brown- Possibly the best athlete of all time. 
5. Jackie Robinson- Jackie was a great multi-sport athlete at UCLA
6. Wilt Chamberlain-  If this were just about hoops, I'd still pick wilt, but add volleyball and track to his resume and you have one of the most under-rated athletes of all time.
7.  Jackie Joyner-Kersey-  Toughest choice this round.  Jessie was a great track star, but Jackie was more versatile.
8. Babe Ruth- Pitching and hitting (and drinking and eating).
9. Deion Sanders- Another tough choice.  Elway was tough and was a pro baseball prospect, but Deion was actually a serviceable pro baseball player, and he also ran track in college (I think).
10- Dave Winfield- This is one fight that Rocky won't win.

Great job Sadur.

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 11:26 pm

Top ten greatest Athlete of All Time round 3

Babe Zaharias VS Lance Armstrong  Close one, but Lance is tougher

Jim Thorpe VS Willie Mays  No Brainer, Jim Thorpe the Greatest of all time.

Bo Jackson VS Hershel Walker  Bo Jackson was faster and mo better and his commercials were better too.

Jim Brown VS Walter Payton Sweetness has a special place but notas special as Jim Brown.

Jackie Robinson VS Hank Aaron Jackie lettered in four sports and took on the US Army and won.

Wilt Chamberlain VS Kareem Abdul Jabbar  Kareem did it longer and scored more over his career.

Jackie Joyner-Kersey VS Jesse Owens  Jesse kicked Hitler in the pffffffflttt bloody nutttttttttttttttttttttts.

Joe DiMaggio VS Babe Ruth  Babe did it all, hit pitch and ran.

John Elway VS Deion Sanders   Elway 5 Super Bowls, won the last two.   That is like Reagan vs Kennedy, Reagan hands down.

Dave Winfield VS Rocky Marciano  Dave could have gone pro in the NFL but played over 20 seasons in the Majors. 

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