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Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Posted on: August 13, 2008 2:54 pm
Edited on: August 14, 2008 9:36 am
Sports Appreciation Day!

  As a child growing up in the care of the C.H.S. I had very few opportunities to play organized sports and even fewer chances to see the games live. I do however remember the day I fell in love with sports and to be more exact, Baseball. Every year just after Thanksgiving the children in the home would get together to make out the list of things they would like to receive for Christmas. As a "lifer", the term for the older kids deemed unadoptable, i would sit back in wonderment. Each child would go to task writing the list. You would even see some verifying with Webster as to make sure they spelled each item correctly. The joy this brought to the faces of those kids was my gift. I enjoyed the hope they showed.

  For me and my little brother who had also been in the system for many years it was always the same thing, another waste of time but at some point we would cave in and make our list. He was 5 at the time and I 13 so this was always for me an effort in futility and yet I tried to be positive as not to cause him any more unnecessary pain. Every year he would put the same thing on the list. Parents. That was the list. The first few years he would be specific but as time passed the list became one word. For me it was always a grand gesture that I would put knowing that no matter how big or small I made the list I would get the staples, socks and underwear. Well this year I thought it would be really funny to put an unattainable gift, my attempt to appease my sense of doubt I would guess. I put down three words. Live sporting event.

  I had seen a few games on TV and was a fan of the teams all my peers hated. Being from NYC I chose the Dallas Cowboys in football simply because the team and I have the same birthday. I chose the NY Rangers for hockey because the left over jerseys we had for our street games were the Islanders and I despised them for that reason. I chose the SA Spurs in basketball because the only game I had ever seen was one with the Red, White and Blue ball and that was cool. As for Baseball I had chosen the Yankees. I had read a story about the great Thurman Munson and so I chose his team. I did not care that they were from New York or that they had won a bunch of games just that his story had so touched me has a young boy.

  So now that the background is set up I can finish the tail of Christmas. When the day rolled around we all come running down our respective hallways to see what we have. Everyone skips past the dining hall, which is amazing in and of itself but that is another tale, and head right to the large group hall. There it stood for all to see, THE TREE. All the kids smiled and when they noticed all the gifts wrapped under the tree they screamed for joy.I casually leaned on the wall and waited to see my little brother emerge from the pile.

  He had a little box and a very large card with his name printed in large letters on the envelope. I have to admit I was shocked. I was also perplexed as we had never seen this before and I was on my tenth Christmas in the system. He came over to me with a look on his face as to say what do I do now. I sat him down and told him to open the box. As he ripped it open it was a very unique gift, it was from a set of parents and it was a picture of his new room. The card was next and it simply read "We would like you to come and live with us" and had a picture of a young couple included. He was so over joyed he could not contain his reaction and vegan to jump and scream and thank Santa Claus and anyone else that would listen. When he finally calmed down he sat next to me and began to cry. "Will you be coming with me?" he asked. I had no way to answer him, I had no words to say. I was just about to try and put a sentence together when the young couple in the photograph touched me on the shoulder, almost as if on cue. The young lady grabbed my brothers hand and the young man help me to my feet. They guided us to the House mothers office and told us the news. Within in days he was gone.

  The only promise that was made to me was that we would stay in touch. When my brothers new father came around the following April i was , to say the least, shocked. I was in the courtyard playing chess. He walked up to me with the house "parent" and asked if I would like to go for a visit. I of course said yes. We got into a car and were driven into the City. We arrived and took a series of subway trains and when we emerged there it was. Yankee Stadium. I saw my little brother running towards me and tried in vain to hold back the tears. I had not seem him in nearly four months and now we are going to our first baseball game together. It was the greatest day of my childhood. He had gotten his Christmas wish and now I had received mine. I watched him and the game and to this day love the game.

  No matter what is happening around me I can always take myself back to that day , to that very second when the world was right, if only for a moment. It was baseball. I have since changed the train I take to the game as the Mets play in Queens but I still love baseball and I still remember the very second I fell in love with Sports.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 12:37 pm

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Thank u sadur, that was a touching reminder of how blessed someone born without the silver spoon in his/her mouth gets the little things in life snd it in even more GOLDEN then GOLD.

I as a kid came from a broken home and I too hold dearly to my 1st sporting event, it was a S.F. Giant game and it was a bleacher seat in centerfield, My neighbor took me along with his adopted son (this wasnt know at the time) to see the Alou brothers and Willie Mays and Willie McCovey, Juan Marchial was the pitcher and it was bat day. It was the single most important event that made me appreciate what it means to believe in DREAMS. This day has being in my memory forever thank u for sharing yours and bringing mine back to the forefront,    

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 11:33 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Bradley thank you for responding in kind. i am left speechless by you abbreviated response. My memories serve to remind me of what can be.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 11:26 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D. is runs the gamet from the seemingly minor "verifying with Webster" type of creative thoughts that in truth represent the high level type creative, many would have written - checked in the dictionary - looked it up in the dictionary and other endless ways which would have gotten the thought across but that would have been ordinary and your word pallet is not based on ordinary.

In an effort to not be my usual "lengthy" post, my description of your Sports Appreciation Day would be:  it is more than worthy of being in the Superbowl of compositions and creations.  Even though my knowledge of football is limited there is one word that I associate with your blog and that is TOUCHDOWN!

Tho thru my  tears your images crystalize clear in their meaning and your ability to recreate the moments (some of which are not lovely) are lovely, really lovely.

Thank you for "having the curse" of not forgetting!

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 11:06 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Thanks Sad. The funny thing is that as I got older I ended up following the Boys as much as the Niners. Especially now with Romo and T.O. playing at such a high caliber. Of course I follwed T.O. from San Fran. but the Boys are a great team, I can't say the same about my Niners unfortunatley with their Q.B. situation but that conversation is for another blog. I still wear my Niners T.O. jersey and now I have a Cowboys T.O. jersey that I wear only when the Cowboys play. I know its kinda crazy to root for two teams but thats what happens when you love sports as much as I do. I still remember how devastated I was when "Bo" had his career ending injury. When Barry Sanders retired I wanted to cry. I followed the best reciever of all time (J.Rice) when his tenure ended in San Fran and he went to play for the Raiders. I guess I am like that with Basketball too. I follow players and watch their stats and I try to watch all the games. I guess its called a true fan of the sport. Not just the individual teams. 

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 10:59 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Thank you KT, I have so many great memories of the two of us, this is just a grain of sand on the beach that was our lives together.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 10:43 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

OMG Sadur!!! I had everything I could to to hold back the tears when reading your story. Especially after you mentioned that your little brother passed away just last week. Wow, I hope that you hold onto this memory for the rest of your life and pass it on to your kids so the story will last until time stops. I know I will think about you every time I see the Yankees on TV, my prayers are with you always.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 10:15 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Colts the way the world turns is a strange and mysterious thing. I thank you for your thoughts and I hope that this story touches peoples lives and shows them that the smallest part of their day may later become one of their fondest memories.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 10:13 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Blues those are some great memories you have there. I enjoyed that a Cowboy fan made you delve more into your own team and really start to become a part of their history. It is truly wonderful how something as simple as sports can alter our lives. Thank you for the comment and I will look forward to more.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 9:57 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Well Sad growing up in the projects for most of my childhood we palyed alot of basketball and football. Every day after school we would head straight to the courts for a pick up game or we would walk past to the empty lot behind the building. Thats where we would all gather to play football. Almost all of my cousins were Cowboy fans except my oldest cousin who was anything but a Cowboys fan and he was the guy I followed around. He rooted for the Niners and naturally I did too. The cousin closest to me in age knew every player on the Cowboy roster all the way down to the college and yds per. I of course would get hassled for not bieng a Cowboy fan and get labeled as a bandwagoner. So I learned everything there was to know about the Niners and the great Joe Montana. Thats when I really grew a passion for football. It wasn't until junior high when I could play for the school that I really understood the game. I gained a new respect for the players and for the condition they had to stay in to perform with such greatness. We would take alot of road trips for football games. I remember sitting in the bus heading to a game we would share candy and someone always had a portable radio with a cassette player and we would RAP along with Eric B or Run DMC. Watching the sun go down and seeing the lights of the stadium shine thru the orange glow of the evening sky is still one of my fondest memories of the game.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 9:14 am

Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Sad, I'm at a loss for words. I had no idea. I'm so sorry for your loss. I am the oldest of 6 and have been lucky over the years. I guess. My prayers are with you.

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