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100 Greatest Player, 91-100

Posted on: August 19, 2008 2:23 pm

This is my tenth, and final entry in my list of my 100 greatest baseball players. A few notes. I am not going to include players who primarily played before 1903, since the rules were so different back then. I also will not include Negro League players who did not play in the Majors. I know this seems unfair, but it is hard to rank someone who does not have credible statistics. I'm also leaving out some good players who just have begun their careers, like Pujols and Ichiro, but I'm sure they will rank here eventually, its just too early to determine where. I also deduct a few points for accused steroid users, but hopefully I can know for certain about the drug use in baseball, so my rankings can be more justified. So I hope you enjoy my list.

91. Robin Roberts- A real workhorse with great control.  Won 286 games, and finished in the top 3 in WHIP 9 times.  Led the league in wins 4 years, in innings 5 years, in complete games 5 years, and in strikeout to walk ratio 5 years.  Had the Cy Young award been around in his day, he could have won 4 of them.

92. Chipper Jones- Not much of a fielder, but a heck of a hitter.  Owns a .300/.400/.500 career mark, and 405 home runs.  49th alltime in runs created, with time to add some more.

93. Harry Heilmann- Won 4 batting titles, with averages of .394, .403, .393, .398.  Slow runner with little fielding range.  One of the best hitters of the 20s, with a .342 career batting average.

94. Mickey Cochrane- 2 time MVP, was a good hitting catcher, batting .320 in his short career.  3 time World Champion, part of many great teams.

95. Brooks Robinson- Spectacular fielder.  Won 16 Gold Gloves, an MVP award, and a WS MVP award.  Made many unbelievable plays at third.

96. Jim Thome- Eagle eyed power hitter.  532 career homers, and 1530 career walks.  Owns the 4th best AB per home runs ratio in history.

97. 3 Finger Brown- Has an awesome nickname, and the 6th best ERA ever.  May have been the first closer in histroy, leading the league in saves 4 times.  Won 239 games and lost only 130.

98. Dick Allen- Bill James painted an unfair pitcure of Allen, saying he was a clubhouse cancer.  Many of Allens teammates and coaches said all of the stuff James said was a lie.  I will believe them.  Has a career 156 OPS+, and won a ROY and MVP.  His numbers dont look too impressive into todays world, but back then they were amazing.

99. Ron Santo- Great fielder, and a good hitter.  Had a terrific arm at third, and overall good range.  Won 2 OBP titles, 4 BB titles, and 3 times on base titles.  Hit 342 homers in his career, and should be in the Hall of Fame.

100. George Sisler- Sisler is not one of the 100 greatest players of alltime.  I am only including him because a certain poster, who will remain nameless, harrassed me everday to include Sisler.  But lets be honest, Sisler has the lowest OBP of any player that batted over .340.  Gene Tenance has a better OBP.  Sisler fielded below average in his career, and had little power.  Had good speed, but there are plenty of better players, like Barry Larkin, who deserve the 100 spot other than George "Singlesfest" Sisler.

So that includes my list.  I thank everyone who has read my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I will to continue to write some more baseball blog stuff, but this 100 list is the main point.

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Posted on: September 27, 2008 6:53 pm

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

Thanks for taking the time to read it cordog!  I plan on updating it after the season ends.  I was wondering who you thought shouldnt be in the 100, because I really feel Larkin needs to be in the 100.  Im just looking for views on who I shouldnt have, or who I left out.  My list is in no way perfect, and I will change it as I see fit, so any criticism/advice is much appreciated.

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Posted on: September 26, 2008 7:23 pm

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

Well, this is the first time I've looked at this Baller and I must say Im impressed.  You did a fine job putting this together, very in depth.  Just to add my "2 cents" to you and 14's debate, I have to say you both make good points.  Sisler should be in the top 100 but at the very bottom like you have him, he is no better than 95-100.  On the other point though, there are a few omissions that coulda been made in order to get Barry Larkin in.  I won't say any names because it's just my opinion but he is better than a few that made the cut.  Anyways just wanted to say nice work, again.

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Posted on: August 21, 2008 11:53 pm

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

I agree with your opinions of Ron Santo.  1963 thru 1971 he was the best third baseman in baseball.  I guess the HOF voters are holding it against Santo that he retired at 34.  Its hard to imagine why the Cubs never won a pennant with Santo and Banks. 

Now that this endeavor is done, got something new planned Baller?

Thanks for visiting and posting on my first blog entry.  I've done two since then.  There's alot of songs to cover.  If you got the time....

I thought that would give you a chuckle.  I've seen you advertise your blogs that way and kiddude does the same with his.

Looking forward to your new creations.


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Posted on: August 21, 2008 4:52 pm

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

I'll give you some credit, you thought this claim through. It's untrue, but since your account got banned, I can't go find the relavent quote. But for the record, you are being misleading, because that's not what you said. And I'm not having this arguement again, I wrote about 20 posts already on the topic, and I don't like to repeat myself, which is all I'd be doing.

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Posted on: August 21, 2008 11:09 am

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

14 u are in denial.  I specifically told u that I would include George Sisler, since u would not leave the issue alone.  I never said he deserved.  You cant even prove he is better than any of these 1B men  

Thome, Thomas, McCovey, Bagwell, McGwire, Mattingly, Perez, Allen, Berkman, Killebrew, Gerhig, Greenberg, Hernandez, Mize, Foxx, or Pujol

Just prove he beats one.  Then u have to prove another, then another.  But u cant.  Barry LArkin is better than Sisler.  Alan Trammell is better than Sisler.  Ted Simmons is better than Sisler.  Orlando Cepeda is better than Sisler.  Jimmy Wynn is bettter than Sisler.  Dwight Evans is better than Sisler.  Alberte Bell is better than Sisler.  Just give it up dude.  I dont know why u dont understand how Sisler was not really that great of a player.  A HOFer, sure just based on his BA.  But not one of the 150 best players

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Posted on: August 20, 2008 5:37 pm

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

I am only including him because a certain poster, who will remain nameless, harrassed me everday to include Sisler. LOL. The fact that you clearly lost the debate does not make it "harassment". This is classic. Truly.

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Posted on: August 19, 2008 4:10 pm

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

3 reasons really

1. Intimidation.  McCovey was the most feared batter when he played.  Yes he has less home runs, but in his time, all of the pitcher feared McCovey more than anyone else

2. Park.  McCovey playd in San Fran, where the wind blows in and takes away a considerable amount of homers.  thome has always played in hitters parks

3. Era.  I dont want to give hitters from this era too much credit.  The amount of homers being hit nowadays is ridiculous.  I dont think it is fair to rate a guy who played his whole career in a pitchers era, where 35 home runs could lead the league behind a guy who plays in the long ball era, where 35 homers might not get you in the top 15.  McCovey also led the league in homers and OPS 3 times, Thome once.  I think that indicates how each player did compared to their era.

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Posted on: August 19, 2008 3:03 pm

100 Greatest Player, 91-100

Nice work.  Taking a vacation now Baller?   Not Nitpicking, just a question.  McCovey #64, Thome #96.  Thome is still playing and probably has a few decent years in him.  He's already passed McCovey in homers and walks too, I believe.  Thome also spent a few years at third base and then played 1st before becoming a DH.  I believe McCovey only played 1st base.  I know Thome strikes out much more frequently than McCovey, but I think I'd bump Thome ahead of McCovey.   Just curious why you have McCovey rated higher.

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