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My Midway Fantasy Awards

Posted on: November 3, 2008 1:56 pm
Fantasy MvP RB:  Matt Forte

-Forte has been nothing if not consistent throughout the entire season as it pertains to fantasy scoring.  Personally, I've only sat him once and that was the one week he scored less than 10 points.  I have given him the MvP so far because he has not only done well for his owners but he has also surprised people by doing so.  Clinton Portis is a close runner-up but he was generally drafted in the first round and his success should have come as no surprise.

MvP WR: Anquan Boldin

-We all knew that Boldin is a great receiver but there was definitely a large question mark going into this season.  The Cardinals were lacking a starting quarterback going into the season and Larry Fitzgerald was there to potentially leach value from the younger Boldin.  Despite the week off due to the head injury, Boldin has put up not only consistent numbers, but has also had many a huge day over 20 points.  This has been a guy I haven't wanted to go against, considering I don't have a team with him on it.  That was my bad for sure.  Coming in close, for me, is Greg Jennings; the guy was a big gamble, considering he over achieved last year, but now he has shown he can do that job every week.

MvP QB: Kurt Warner

-I give Warner this honor because who saw this coming?  I certainly didn't and I can pretty much rest-assured that the guy was on most peoples benches at the beginning of the season, if he was drafted at all.  Since then he seems to put up more than 200 yards a game and multiple scores.  Warner's value is even higher because he came out at a time when he was needed most, as many top tier QBs went down because of injuries, or under-performed.  I am personally suffering huge because of Tony Romo, and that isn't nearly as bad as Tom Brady.  If you were lucky enough to have Warner as a back-up, you definitely didn't miss a step.  Kyle Orton was a close runner-up in his own right, but it seems like he might be out for awhile now as well.  That certainly decreases his value.

MvP TE: Jason Witten

-This wasn't even a race really.  Personally, I have Chris Cooley in a couple of leagues, mostly because he helped me out so much last year.  I can't complain because the guy has been fairly consistent but he hasn't had nearly as much fantasy impact as Witten.  Even with a broken rib the guy played, though he definitely shouldn't have as the Cowboys put up a miserable offensive showing.  Witten's value will rise even more when Tony Romo returns, but even with Brad Johnson out there, Witten has been a very reliable option.  What makes this more impressive is that he puts up numbers even with other weapons on the team like Terrell Owens and Roy Williams, not to mention Patrick Crayton and Marion Barber.  I am still looking for Dallas Clark to have a good second half of the season but I don't see this award changing.

The Overall MvP: Drew Brees

-I couldn't do this without mentioning Brees.  For those lucky enough to pick this guy up, they were rewarded with some serious fantasy points.  The guy doesn't seem to throw less than 3 TDs a game and has some serious weapons to throw to.  Now that Marques Colston is back, look for Brees to gain even more value.   It has seemed like no matter how many injuries this team takes, someone always steps in and makes big plays.  It's been a great year for Brees owners and I'm sad that I missed out on this one for sure.  I thought for sure this would be Tony Romo's year, and he was doing alright before the injury, but nothing compared to Brees.

Now for the ugly ---

Most Disappointing RB:  Joseph Addai

-This one was a close one between Addai and Justin Fargas, but I had to go with Addai.  No one saw Fargas coming last year, so I can't blame the guy for being a let down this year.  It was fairly predictable, and I think defenses have figured him out.  Addai on the other hand has nothing going for him right now.  He was one of those guys that was drafted early, and so he should be able to go out there and tear it up every week.  Instead, the only thing he is doing well is getting injured.  There are definitely some other RBs that have underachieved, but most have turned it around for the most part.  I can't fault Darren McFadden, because I saw this coming.  I also think that Ryan Grant will still be fairly productive in a RB2 role.  Larry Johnson is a close call too, but he would be fine if he'd stay out of trouble.

Most Disappointing WR:  T.O.

-This one is fairly easy for me, considering I expected huge things from T.O. and drafted him in the first round.  I was definitely let down after a few games.  It also hasn't helped that Romo has been out, but even before that his numbers were going down every week.  I had so much hope the first couple games too, but they were more of a flash in the pan before opposing defenses learned to cover him better.  I don't think the year is done for this guy, but he isn't a must-start every week now.  Other guys in this category are fellow teammate Roy Williams, Randy Moss, Donald Driver and slowly Brandon Marshall is looking the same way.

Most Disappointing QB:  Tom Brady

-This one is so easy and so I won't waste too much time on it.  He went down so early, and the guy was generally drafted exceptionally high.  I am not going to shed a tear either.  It was so hard to root for the guy last year as he led my team to victory week after week, but now I can laugh at others that wasted their first round pick.  If it weren't for Brady, I'd consider talking about guys like J.T. O'Sullivan, Carson Palmer and even Peyton Manning, although I think he'll have a better second half still.

Most Disappointing TE: Dallas Clark

This guy hasn't really done much considering how high a pick he was for most.  I think he should pick things up, he'll definitely end the season as a disappointment.  You can't blame him too much with how the Colts have played for most of the season, but he's still there.  Tony Gonzalez is in this category as well.

Overall Most Disappointing Player:  Can I just say that the entire Raiders team has been a huge disappointment.  They have way too many quality draft picks to be this awful.  Darren McFadden was no good even when he was healthy, Justin Fargas has slowed down and their QB situation is pitiful.  I would stay away from anyone on this team, and I'm sorry if you picked up any of these guys in the draft.
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