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Posted on: July 9, 2010 2:08 pm
Such a bizarre reaction to one man's career move that I could not resist commenting on the story. LeBron is 25 years old. Mature for an NBA player with 7 years of wear and tear on his knees. Cleveland would not have given him a chance for the ring. Miami does.It is like working for Motel 6 for years and getting an offer from the Ritz Carlton. Forget leaving the light on. It is evident LeBron is a great player and one who is constantly being compared to MJ and Kobe. He is a different player who has earned the right to grab for the ring. Loyalty to Cleveland? Get serious. Cleveland would deal him in a heartbeat for the next Lebron. MJ, Kobe, Magic, Larry all had very good players around them to win championships and could not have won any alone. Staying in Cleveland for loyalty reasons when your playing career is half over is crazy. This is high income entertainment and not about loyalty. It is about winning. Sad but true. I will tune in to watch the Heat because those 3 players give them a chance to be special.
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