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Posted on: July 15, 2011 4:17 pm

What a strange culture this society has evolved into. Suddenly through the miracle of blogs the making of genius takes place. Just read the dumb responses to one person's opinion. The purpose of a blog is to state an opinion. These bozos take it seriously and feel the need to response in defense as though it really matters. If you express an opinion contrary to these intellectual icons the war is on. It is really reminding me of the futility in Washington where an opinion is taken as a challenge. With all the issues in this country the people least likely to contribute to their solutions have all the answers. Most of the respondents cannot even spell and their writings are similar to what you would expect from 6 year olds. This country was founded on men exchanging ideas with reasonable discourse and the eventual choosing of the best ideas or thoughts. Somewhere along the way we have lost our way. Intellectual pigmies have found a conduit for inane and thoughtless dialogue that clearly reflects the evolutionary state we are in. If you want to see evidence of our species hurdling toward extinction visit the blogs and see what I mean. Its probably for the best anyhow.

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