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Mocking the Draft

Posted on: July 3, 2008 11:08 am
I just completed yet another fantasy football mock draft and was very pleased with the results. I finally followed my own advice of waiting for a QB and it proved very effective. I had the fifth overall pick in a twelve team league; check out my picks.

Round 1 - Steven Jackson - I really lucked out with this pick. There's no way Jackson should make it to the fifth pick, he could end up being the best player this year. I think the fifth and sixth picks are the swing picks of the draft. The top 4 RB's (LT, Jackson, Peterson, and Westbrook) should go first, but someone might take Brady somewhere in there. At the fifth pick, you have the choice between Brady, Addai, and Gore.

Round 2 - Braylon Edwards - He kind of fell into my lap at pick 8 in the second round. He went after Andre Johnson, which I don't agree with, but it worked out for me. Edwards should go early in the second round in most leagues.

Round 3 - Earnest Graham - This is a solid pick in the third round as my number two running back. I really like my 1-2 punch of Jackson and Graham leading my very strong group of RB's.

Round 4 - Brandon Marshall - He has some question marks that will drop him in drafts, but he is a great receiver. Here's what Sportsline says about him: "Surely, someone will spend the late third-round/early fourth-round pick on Marshall because of his upside, but you wouldn't be reaching for him if you got him in the end of Round 4 instead." I would have to agree.

Round 5 - Santonio Holmes - He's a solid number 2 WR and I got him as my number 3. Expect big things from him this year.

Round 6 - Edgerrin James - I have been taking James as my 3rd RB in a lot of drafts. He could be a number 2 RB this year, but is no worse than a high-end number three.

Round 7 - Bernard Berrian - He should post good numbers this year. He will be drafted as a third WR and have the potential to do much better. I got him as my #4 WR, a reserve.

Round 8 - Aaron Rodgers - He will be my starting QB this year. He is a slight risk, but has tremendous upside. I just missed out on Garrard who went the pick before me, but I still like my QB's.

Round 9 - Jason Campbell - If you get someone like Aaron Rodgers as your starter, you need a decent backup. I may end up playing the match-ups with my two quarterbacks. The Redskins brought in a lot of offensive talent in rookies in rookies Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis, not to mention Santanna Moss and Chris Cooley. Campbell also has great potential.

Round 10 - Ahman Green - He is a good value this late in the draft, but looking back, I probably should have taken someone with a higher ceiling. Green is a good player with a good opportunity in Houston, but he has little upside.

Round 11 - Jaguars defense - They should be great. There were quality units available late in this draft.

Round 12 - Jeremy Shockey - I really wanted to take Bryant Johnson with this pick, but my computer went crazy and it wouldn't let me make a selection. Johnson is in a great situation in SF where he could be the number one WR on the team.

Round 13 - Vincent Jackson - He's a good sleeper and performed well in the playoffs last year. He's a big target and should get his fair share of TD's.

Round 14 - Mason Crosby - The top scorer last year on a young strong offense with my last pick.


QB - Aaron Rodgers, Jason Campbell
RB - Steven Jackson, Earnest Graham, Edgerrin James, Ahman Green
WR - Braylon Edwards, Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, Bernard Berrian, Vincent Jackson
TE - Jeremy Shockey
K - Mason Crosby
DST - Jacksonville Jaguars

I would take this team in any league (I would probably pick up a different TE).
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