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Prediction for Talladega, the Big One

Posted on: September 30, 2008 4:58 pm
Edited on: September 30, 2008 9:56 pm

Jimmie, Carl and Greg are the 3 to beat, but how well do they fare at such a track as this?

1.) Jimmie Johnson  This guy, if he can avoid trouble, is gold at Talladega, leading at least 1 lap at every race he has ran here expect one, back in 2002, and he won here, with 2 great team members for this track, and his worst finish with a clean race was 15th, but he led 65 laps that time, if Jimmie avoids trouble, he will be one of the few to beat.

2.) Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon 6 wins, swept in 2007, pitiful 19th in 2008, but he is Jimmie's main competition, expect these 2 to help eachother stay at the front, at the end, it is a brawl.

3.) Tony Stewart Tony Stewart It is true, he has never won here, but 6 1sts, and he may have won last years, condisering he led the most laps, just to get his worst finish, Tony and Jeff can gain their momentum right here, if Jimmie goes out of the picture, expect Tony to possibly get his first win.

4.) Denny Hamlin Denny Hamlin He is figuring this track out, getting a 3rd and 4th recently, with Tony Stewart, these two could make a nasty team.

5.) Kurt Busch Kurt Busch Take out 4 finishes, and this guy has never finished below 7th here, take into consideration that he has gotten 2nd and 4th at Daytona this year, and he is top 5 material. He also never finished above 3rd though, but he has the best record here, he is almost unphased at superspeedways by his horrible season this season. He did crash in the spring, but he was pretty good there. He just needs to find a partner.

6.) Carl Edwards Carl Edwards Usually a top 10 guy if he avoids trouble, and with him being him this season, expect a top 5 if he doesn't crash. (Since at least 1 above him will probably crash)

7.) Brian Vickers Brian Vickers Don't include a crash, and he has a 1,3,5,6 in his last 4 races here, still he has a lot of competition, and is declining this season, still at one of the few tracks that he won on, expect a top 10.


8.) Greg Biffle Greg Biffle No finish ever better than 13th, but he is godly this season, and with Edwards to rely on, I think he could ride with him for his best finish yet, this guy is a big risk though, as he could finish much lower than this, and the big one could hit him this time.

9.) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Jr. From 2001 to 2004, pure gold, getting 2nds and 1sts left and right, but after that, only 2 top 10s, one was last time, and with him at regular pace now this season, I honestly can't say he will do much better, we can only hope, before I saw this info. I thought he was top 3 material too.

10.) Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick This guy is as consistent as he is right now on this season, considering Talladega's reputation, expect a top 10.

 11.) Matt Kenseth Matt Kenseth This guy is a top 15 guy here, but hey, look at this, 5th, 2nd in last 2 stops this season, and works well with Kurt Busch and Roush, it is true that with Greg and Carl up there, he probably won't get as much love, but if we say that every driver will crash once, Kenseth has already does it, and if all of them crash here, Kenseth will be right up with them with 2 top 5 finishes, he is under the radar in the championship right now, but if I was all of you, I would tell you that he is still in contention.

12.) Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Has a top 10 in last 3 races, and before that a 13th, still not as good as he used to be, looking forward to Stewart/Haas, if he works with someone like Kurt, he could stand a good chance, especially since they linked up early in the season for their 1,2 where he won, I might be underrating this guy, but with the chase here, competiton will be tough.

13.) Clint BowyerClint Bowyer 9th and 11th in last 2 races, but 3 crashes, also 7th to 12th  in last 6 races,he just needs to stay out of trouble.

14.) David Gilliland 2 15s and a 4th here, top 15 is in his alley, also take into account that he is a bit better this season, and he deserves this spot.

15.) Kasey Kahne Kasey Kahne last 4 are 23,16,12 and 2, that 2 looks so nice, now since he's not in the chase, I won't count him there, but I think he can do stuff.

16.) Jaun Pablo Montoya Juan Pablo Montoya 2nd, 15th and 31st, should be right around this area, but that 2nd was earlier this season, that could give him more threat.

17.) Travis Kvapil Travis Kvapil 6, 19,16 and 18, also keep in mind that he got the 6th this season, could he be a threat, who knows? We will find out won't we, but the avg. shows that he will finish right around here.


18.) Kyle Busch Kyle Busch Well I can't hide him forever can I? It's just amazing to see him drop so much in rankings, it is true, he won earlier this year, and i give him props, but he has 5 of 7 bad races, his only other good one was an 11th, and with such a loss of momentum, depression of not being in the chase anymore, I don't think he will do so good, I predict a crash ready to happen.


19.) David Ragan David Ragan 4th, which might i mention this season, also a 17th and 34th, better this season, and RoushFenway to work with, I might be underrating this guy, but a lot of chase competition to compete with.

20.) Jeff Burton Jeff Burton Struggled here recently and all in all here, he is mr. consistency again, but at Talladega nothing is like it should be, expect a top 15 at best.


Other Drivers of Note


Martin Truex Jr. - He has a 5th and 10th here, but that's it, other than that, 21, and crash, crash, crash, CRASH!!!! He can't avoid the big one here, if it happens, he's as good as out, he needs to get to that top 5 fast if he want to do good I think, and with the competition this season, it will be very tough.

Bobby LaBonte- He has been bad here recently, but a good driver here who got a win, with Petty Enterprises he has been bad here, but you never know what he will do.

Jaime McMurray- good here, just not in the last 2 races, before that a few 5ths though, but with his worse season, and with the chase here, you can't expect too much, if he can avoid the big one though, he will probably get a top 20, since some of the others will likely get hit.

Aric Almirola- 30th and 33rd, but hemight be better at a superspeedway with some experience now.

A.J. Allmendinger- Always a threat recently, last race, Brian Vickers to work with, 9th for his last finish, only a 30th here, but I believe due to some problem, he could go for top 20 again, watch him.

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Since: May 12, 2008
Posted on: October 1, 2008 8:35 pm

Prediction for Talladega, the Big One

is Allmendinger in the car this week? I'm pretty sure, he goes off next week.

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Posted on: October 1, 2008 3:36 pm

Prediction for Talladega, the Big One

Also one thing to keep an eye on is, is Allmendinger in the car this week? Everything I've seen has Skinner in the 84 this then Skinner and Speed splitting time the rest of the way. I agree that Allmendinger is a better pick than most right now, but that would help out a lot of other drivers too.

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Posted on: October 1, 2008 2:31 pm

Prediction for Talladega, the Big One

Well, I only put 5 in the other drivers, Michael could do something, but he doesn't have anyone to work with.

Reutimann has been doing good, but Allmendinger tops him.

Sam Hornish could work with Penske, he was going to be my next position if i could have fit another one.

And of course, all these drivers will probably get top 20 if they avoid the big one.

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Posted on: September 30, 2008 10:51 pm

Prediction for Talladega, the Big One

Looks pretty good. I'll give 3 long shots on top of what you have.

1 Michael Waltrip. He's been running better lately and we all know that plate tracks are his specialty. He could be a threat for a top 10.

2 David Reutimann. If he can get with his car owner, they can both go to the front.

3 Sam Hornish. The finishes don't show it, but he's run great in all 3 plate races so far. Top 5 for part of the day and top 10 most of the day in the 500 before fading to 15th, up as high as 6th at Talladega before a couple of cut tires and an engine problem dropped him 8 laps down, and top 10 for part of the night and top 15 on the last lap in the 400 before getting caught up in the big one on the last lap.

The problem with Hornish this week is that the Penske cars just aren't fast in qualifying at plate tracks. It's iffy if he'll get in, but if he does he could make a little noise.

And of course, the key for anyone is staying out of the Big One.

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