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Prediction for Charolette

Posted on: October 7, 2008 7:48 pm
Edited on: October 9, 2008 8:00 pm

Couldn't think of a classy nickname for this one, lets just go to the pwr rankings

1.) Carl Edwards Carl Edwards This guy won't want to pay a penny to get a top 10 finish, after all, he has only not finished there once, with a 7.6 avg. finish, and a few 3rds, I think it is finally his time to win here.

2.) Jimmie Johnson Jimmie Johnson Now, normally I would give Johnson the numero uno spot, but in his last 3 races, 39, 10, 14, hasn't been up to par with his usual performance, now, with leading every race, and at least 20 in all but 2 races, you can tell he has only had bad luck, though Edwards is a big obstacle here, as well as another, we will have to wait and see if he can get around them.

3.) Kasey Kahne  Ya, can you say, amazing here! last 5 starts are 1,8,23,1 and 1. 3 wins in the last 5! And the all star race where he got in from a wild card, this guy has been falling in the Sprint Cup, but he could make it all up here.

4.) Jeff Burton Jeff Burton 6,4,24,3,6 for last 5 here, he is amazing here, and he has been getting top 10s during this whole chase, expect another one at the least.

5.) Tony Stewart  Tony Stewart He will get momentum, but trust me, he won't win, 18, 7, 6, 13, 42, he is on and off here, with momentum, you can think top 5, but only one here once, back in 2003, I might be overrating this guy.

6.) Matt Kenseth  Matt Kenseth 2 top 10s recently, he will probably do it again, but he only won back in 2000, and in an all star race here in 2004, Kenseth should get a top 10, he is reliable here.

7.) Greg Biffle Greg Biffle This guy has been getting better here, just a lot of bad luck to show, with his spark in the Sprint Cup, no reason to not think top 10, but that crash might prevent him from top 5 momentum, I could be wrong, watch him.

8.) Dale Earnhart Jr.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Been racey at this track, with a team that has been great here recently, top 5 might be up his alley, but he usually has a nice Talladega to look back on, this time he doesn't, but with Johnson and Gordon, and only 1 finish outside the top 10 from 2006 to now, but 2005 sweep of crashes hurt his rating here, let's see if he can make some back up, give a name for himself before the chase is over now that he is all but done.

9.) Mark Martin Mark Martin Top 15s all around recently, and all over this track period, with a win in 2004, this is a great track for him on the circuit, he is under the radar being on part time, but with the 4th rated avg. finish, expect something from him, he does trail Edwards, Johnson, and the next guy down, Kasey has some bad luck here...

10.) Bobby LaBonte Bobby Labonte Hey RFG, you forgot to add 10... no I did not, why? Because 11,12,13,5,17, true they have all been below 10th, but he has the 2nd to best avg. finish here, in addition, top 5 recently, and 6th at Talladega, now I might be overrating him, but this is a great track of his, and he can do something here given the chance.

11.) Kyle Busch Kyle Busch his bad luck has to stop somewhere right? 5th at Talladega, he is 31st in avg. here, but got a nice 3rd in the spring for his best finish, now he probably won't go to prime form, but a top 10 with his season is not out of the question.

11.)  Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon 4 and 1 for last 2 finishes, don't expect that good with his season, but those were the last 2, so 4th in the last race, the crash in Talladega had to bring him down, but if he can avoid trouble, he might even be top 10 material.

12.) Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick Finally! A 9 race top 10 run, and he finally stopped, so he is not immortal, and I think non top 10 is coming again, about 3 top 10s here, I might be overrating Harvick thats how mediocre he is here, but he is good this season, you never know.


13.) Clint Bowyer Clint Bowyer Last year finished 2nd here, other than that, just some top 20-30s, he can do something, since he does have all top 15s in the chase, but he has to step it up to get into the chase, he is still a contender however.

14.) Casey Mears Casey Mears This guy is crash crazy here, and only 2 top 10s... until 2007, where he came out of nowhere where nobody would have predicted him to win, but he did it! With being able to ride with HMS and the great Jimmie here, its possible that he could do something, and has 3 top 15s in his last 3 races, still, his season is much worse, don't expect another win or anything...

15.) Monster Muffin Man Jamie McMurray He had a win in debut, he led for a bit in a recent race, this one last year, just had bad luck to end 3 laps down, but if he can avoid bad luck here, he could be a surprise, still, has to show me that he can improve from the season's badness.

16.) Brian Vickers Brian Vickers Got a 5th here, but with a 42nd after a crash last race, we don't know his potential for this season, it could be great at this track, and he won the pit crew challenge here, you never know... but just expect a top 15... since one above him will likely crash

17.) Denny Hamlin Denny Hamlin He has 50% chance of top 10, and 50% of top 30, with a 5th place, but him not being too good recently, and seeming like a 20-30 won't come this time, it seems that he will finally get a top 15... if the injury doesn't get to him, and I think it will, expect a top 20 still though, but he could do even worse, don't bet on him at a bad track and with an injury, its not a good idea.

18.)  Martin Truex Jr. Martin Truex Jr. He is usually top 20, with his season, don't expect one of his top 10s, the top 20s should fit him nicely

19+20.) The Penske Blues Kurt Busch Ryan Newman With Kurt 18th and Ryan 19th, they both got a 2nd here, but both struggle a bit here, and with their seasons and Penske in general, expect them in the top 20, in fact, I will put another friend with them.


Other Drivers of Note

Sam Hornish Jr.- He got a 13th here... once, don't expect too much from him now, but he could be a surprise, would be neat if Penske had all 3 right next to eachother, and it could happen.

A.J. Allmendinger- Will driver the 00 this week, watch him... he can always be a surprise.

David Reutimann- Another MWR driver, top 10 in the spring, he could go for a top 20 again!

Regan Smith- 1 finish, a 19th, it is possible for yet another top 20, maybe even better with the momentum from Talladega where he very well could have won or at least got 2nd.

David Ragan- After a top 5, he could pull something off,and got his best 12th in the spring, but don't bank on anything specacular.



Since: Dec 31, 2007
Posted on: October 8, 2008 9:48 pm

Prediction for Charolette

Considering that the last time that Tony got a top 5 was back in 2003, I'll take my chances with Carl,


You must have missed the first race there this season where Tony had a great car and a shot to win until he had a flat tire. 

Since: May 12, 2008
Posted on: October 8, 2008 2:43 pm

Prediction for Charolette

He has a better chance then your number 1 ranked driver.  Why isnt Casey Mears in your rankings?  He has won a race there!Considering that the last time that Tony got a top 5 was back in 2003, I'll take my chances with Carl, as for Casey Mears, thank you, I missed that he won in 2007, I think I can fit him in...

Since: Nov 9, 2006
Posted on: October 7, 2008 9:30 pm

Prediction for Charolette

Sorry for the 4 CF. You said what I was thinking. Damn RFG I understand why but it does not suprise me that you have him there. And damn wasnt it this race last year that we would have won if not for a tire??? Yeah Cousin Carl could win if the Roids dont go to his head and he doesnt wreck any body out there this weekend. And by the way just giving ya a lil hell. Blog really looks good, think ya got too much time on your hands.

Since: Dec 31, 2007
Posted on: October 7, 2008 8:55 pm

Prediction for Charolette

He will get momentum, but trust me, he won't win


  He has a better chance then your number 1 ranked driver.  Why isnt Casey Mears in your rankings?  He has won a race there!

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