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RFG's Eliminator THE CHASE Week 1

Posted on: September 13, 2012 2:11 pm

Well, we are now in the chase, with a surprise winner with Clint Bowyer to finally get MWR recognized in the winner's circle, still though, its a longshot to see either of them winning the chase, but anything is possible, so don't forget about these guys. Anyways, lets get to the standings... and oh yeah, that guy that was in last, Bradman, he actually picked Clint Bowyer, so he got a much needed safety net there:


1.) Tenacfan-                               136 (54)

2.) Floridawhite-                           134 (59)

3.) Beardawg-                              128 (61)


Roushfenwayguy (ghost picks)-      113 (58)

4.) ILL55INI-                                113 (75)

River Rat-                                    113 (55)


6.) Fsu1dogs-                               107 (62)

7.) Bradman-                                 95 (77) (Comes with a winner in order to stay in the chase hunt.


8.) Sfrye-                                      74 (56) (Well, it took us until the very last week for the save to come into play.)

Here is the final WINNING DRIVERS CHOSEN LIST. I will not be putting up another one, as well as the avg. finish list, as both of these are now null and void for any use in this game:

Winning Drivers List:

Beardawg-               6

Floridawhite-             4

Tenacfan-                4 (tie-breaker segment wins (2))

ILL55INI-                 4

Sfrye-                      4 (tie-breaker segment wins (2))
Bradman-                 3

Fsu1dogs-                2

River Rat-                1

So the bonuses are set. But I also decided to break some of the tie-breaker situation based upon segment wins, because the bonuses should be all about winning, drivers and segments taken into consideration. Still though, Tenacfan fresh off his win and Sfrye are tied with two segment wins, so both of them will only receive a +3 bonus for the first segment of the chase. Beardawg, on the other hand, will receive +3 throughout each segment of the chase, should he survive each segment.

Here are the rules to the chase, as my decisions on the chase rules, as in how many will be eliminated each segment, have been decided (remember that we currently have 8 people in the chase (not including myself)):

Ties in the chase during any segment no longer follow the normal rules of tie-breaking, instead, the person that uses the least amount of bonus points (bonuses for picking one driver over the other, the +3 bonus if you have a most winning drivers bonus, and the new bonuses apply) will win the tie-breaker. If a tie still consists, then whoever got the most points on the most previous race, going back to the first one of that segment will win the tie-breaker (I.E. if Bradman and Fsu tie during segment 3, but Bradman scored 80 at Homestead while Fsu scored 65 during the same race.) If there is still a tie, then least bonus points of actual drivers will win the tie-breaker (I.E. if Denny leads the most laps one race, but Jimmie finishes one position ahead of him and still has the same point value, the person that picked Jimmie would win). If there is still a tie, then both of you picked the same exact picks during all the races that segment, and I'll just take who had the most segment wins, followed by best avg. finish BEFORE the chase began... but don't do this please...

In addition, there will be new BONUS opportunities throughout the chase, you will see what I mean, and I may recycle one or two for the final races. I will attempt not to copy another game with my bonuses, but no promises (I.E. I can't do the choose the worst finishing chaser bonus anymore). The bonus points will vary and will be described each week during the chase as they appear.

Segment 1: Make any choices you want as far as drivers go, you can choose the same drivers for both races if you really want to. Segment one is during weeks 1-2 of the chase, just as long as a regular segment in the game. HOWEVER, the bottom 2 will be eliminated this segment, not just one.

Segment 2: You are allowed to keep one driver from week 3-4 or 4-5, but not both. If you recycle a driver, you can't reuse them (Virtually this means that if you choose a driver week 3 and get rid of them week 4, you can't use them week 5). In addition, you are not allowed to keep the same driver during all 3 races. These are similar rules to weeks 3-14, but different since there are 3 weeks here instead of two. Just like segment 1, the bottom 2 will be eliminated this segment.

Segment 3: This is the final stretch, and the hardest as far as picks go. You must change your drivers each and every week, and you may not use a driver more than once. In other words, you must choose 10 unique drivers, so choose wisely, and plan ahead, I will keep a tally of the drivers each person still alive used. The champion will be decided after the final race from the final group of only four people.
And yes, this means that only the last 5 races matter for getting first in the standings.

Handicap lists are revamped, and will stick for segments 1 and 2 of the chase (I doubt much will chase for segment 3 though). The lists have also been increased to include one more driver in each bracket, which means that the top 13 are taken into considering, or in other words all non-chase drivers.

+2 Handicap: 13th-20st
Kyle Busch (new to handicap list)

Brian Vickers (new to handicap list, avg. finish puts him at 14th)

Mark Martin (new to handicap list, avg. finish puts him at 15th)

Carl Edwards (new to handicap list)

Marcos Ambrose

Ryan Newman (new to handicap list)

Paul Menard

Joey Logano

+4 Handicap: 21rd- 28th

Jeff Burton (+2 to +4 handicap)

Jamie McMurray (+2 to +4 handicap)

Juan Pablo Montoya (+2 to +4 handicap)

Aric Almirola

Regan Smith

Bobby LaBonte

Kurt Busch

Casey Mears

+6 Handicap: 29th- 35th

David Gilliland

David Ragan (+4 to +6 handicap)

Travis Kvapil

David Reutimann (32nd by avg finish)

Landon Cassill

Dave Blaney

Sam Hornish Jr. (takes over A.J.'s spot)

+8 handicap: Anyone Below 35th

The bonus for this week is a one I have done many times during this contest. Your goal is to pick a driver (in the top 20) and you need to pinpoint where that driver will finish in the race. You can't choose a driver that you chose for this race.

I.E. Picking Jeff Gordon to finish 10th.

If your pick lands exactly on that driver, you get +5 bonus points.

If your pick lands within 2 positions of where that driver finishes, you get +3 bonus points.

If your pick lands within 5 positions of where that driver finishes, you get +2 bonus points.

If your pick lands within 10 positions of where that driver finishes, you get +1 bonus point.

Any more than 10, and no bonus points for you.

I trust in Brad Keselowski to make a mark here, and my other driver, why not that +2 in Kyle Busch? Also I will pick Jimmie Johnson to finish 5th.

Roushfenwayguy (GHOST PICKS)- Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch (+2 handicap)

Beardawg- (+3 bonus)


River Rat-


Sfrye- (+3 bonus)

Tenacfan- (+3 bonus)


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